Version of Departing Soul…

Hello Readers,

I guess I have never written this kind of writeup since the day I started writing. I hope I do some justice to it. Do give me your honest feedbacks.





A shayari popped up in my head :

ankahe dhaagon mei baandh gya koi

ki vo saath bhi nhi

or hum azaad bhi nahi


P.S- I lost a loved one and maybe that made me write what I never wrote before. I miss you Madhu Aunty. I know you will never be back but you are around us and giving us all those hints in those forms. I can feel you and yes, we all are trying to be okay. We miss you badly. Love you so much.. May your soul Rest in Peace!

Author’s Note: This story got published by Book Array in their book Frozen Emotions. Due to copyright issues, this story has been removed. To read the story Pre- order the Book:


18 thoughts on “Version of Departing Soul…

  1. Sayan Basak says:

    It’s just beautiful:-)
    No vocabulary is there to describe the of the incident.Those killing words,’ may your soul rest in peace’ will force you to read the story again after you complete it.
    The screen playing of the characters, the originality of the plot and the way how death and life are contrasted is just brilliant.
    Kudos to you surbhi sarren:-)


  2. Mona says:

    Very well written n that too from d depth of heart. But there cn be another version of it too. Madhu ji might be highly peaceful at d time of her death…she perhaps was relaxed as she was sure that her job on earth is accomplished..she has nurtured n nourished her near n extended family to d best of her abilities. She is sure that d family will always be bound by d values that she has taught them. She finished her journey on earth but has gone on another journey which perhaps is better than d present one. Perhaps she is so close to d almighty that she has attained eternal bliss….which is d ultimate aim of any soul

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    • tasavur18 says:

      I am glad that you dropped by and gave your version about it.. but what I interpreted is the real life story that happened in my life.. and what I could feel I wrote that n it was not a story for me but a tribute where I can make her alive and this post has made her alive again..


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