Internship-A journey from naivety to maturity

The day I entered the Strategic Initiatives and External Relations (SIER) Room no. C3-04, I was hell scared. I saw Shelly and Jess sitting at the table. They were busy doing something. The moment they saw me, they stood up and welcomed me with there real smiles which made me comfortable. Then came, Charlene, followed by Carolyn (my supervisor). Carolyn and Charlene heartily greeted me, and they walked me through the work. The first day included meetings with Carolyn, Charlene, and Shelly.


Within a week I got adjusted in this environment as it was friendly, energetic and full of life. The morning started with greetings, followed by meetings, discussions and brainstorming sections. Apart from these, I got a chance to meet Manjeet, Tas, Andrew, and Samantha. Mondays used to start with a discussion about the weekend, health tips n tricks and then with the work.

SIER Centennial Nov 1514523

We used to have traffic meetings bi-weekly and every other Thursday we had salad lunches. This post will be incomplete without introducing you guys my mentors who added another level of confidence in me and made me a stronger person.

Meet the Director of SIER Department: Andrew Petrou 

Andrew 1514323_edit

I met Andrew during my third week of Internship as he was away with his family for vacation. When I met him, I never felt like I was meeting him for the first time. His smile and the never-ending energy to handle back to back meetings inspired me all the time. He has always appreciated my presence and made me feel like home. Andrew loves Davids Tea and making coffee for everyone. He takes health seriously, and because of him, I could learn some of the stretches.

Meet my Supervisor: Carolyn Ritchie 

Carolyn 1514283_edit copy

If Andrew is energetic, then Carolyn is the vibe behind that energy. She is a perfect epitome of ‘Beauty with Brains.’ She has given her heart and soul to this office, and I have been lucky to have her as my mentor. She helped me achieve my learning plan objectives. She made me feel comfortable and taught me how I can channelize my energy and excitement. She is a staunch follower of diet, and she never compromises with that, even though the Naan tempts her nerves out. She has exceptional presentation skills, and she can handle meetings the whole day. I admire her hairstyles the most.

Meet my Savior: Charlene D’ Costa

Charlene 1514239_edit

Charlene is a ‘Salad Queen,’ ‘Yoga Enthusiast’ and my savior. She is an alumnus of PR course, and she walked me through everything, be it Hootsuite, scheduling of posts, editing them or guiding me for my personal growth, social media plans or the Brandbook. She always listened and respected my thoughts. She made learn how can I put forward my thoughts. I learned to be organized from her and honestly speaking, her diary and bag make me admire her. She loves to give cards, and she gave me a fantastic card on birthday which brought a big smile on my face. Charlene became my confidante in this 8-week journey.

Meet the voice of SIER: Shelly Gupta

Shelly 1514212_edit

Shelly is the mouthpiece of Solv. service where we act as a catalyst between the industry and the college to bring the best out of them. She handles the internal as well as external relations. Since she is the mouthpiece, henceforth, she is always busy over the phone. I learned how to sell yourself in front of the internal and external team. She walked me through the entire partnership process. She gave me feedback on my social media plan as she was the one who could tell about the partners which I recommended to work with.

Meet the SIER Nightingale: Jessica Vella

Jess 1514103_edit

Jess seems to be an inspirational figure who makes the office environment musical and exciting with her humming, and her hunger pangs can make anyone laugh. She is the first person who comes to the office. She is cute, sweet and adorable. She loved my pasta salad, and for the first time, I felt proud of cooking. She is excellent with multi-tasking, be it admin work, writing minutes during meetings or handling excel sheet during traffic meetings. You say, and she will do it. She is a go-getter, and I will surely miss her Indian food stories. I had never seen anyone so proud of the fact that she looks like an Indian. I feel super pumped up around her.

Meet our Heartthrob: Manjeet Kang

Manjeet 1514162_edit

If you ever need to know Funding Opportunities, then you should go to Manjeet. She is just like that matchmaker who will make you meet your soulmate. But in technical words, she finds the funding opportunity for your firm and suggests you apply for it. While I was working on the Brandbook, she was the one who came to my rescue. She gave me a brief tutorial about her work and the way she explained, she nailed it. She is meant to a career coach, guide. She gave me so many pieces of advice which have been carved in my heart, and I have started implementing them already. She adds lots of Indian touch with her food, and I love the way she makes you feel loved by her Shahi Paneer. You say you miss home, she will bring food for you and pamper you like a kid.

Meet our SIER mom: Samantha Corway

Sam 1514421_edit.jpg

I guess most of the people these days know her because of her super adorable daughter, Delia, who is a star. She is classy, cute and has all the British features one could ever ask for. I met her during my last 2 weeks of internship. I never felt that I was meeting her for the first time. She has that aura in her which makes you intrigued to know her. Our mornings used to start asking about Delia, her picture on the camera. She is a fancy person who brings her super awesome bowls, cutlery and I have been inspired by her teal water bottle. She has given me mesmerizing gifts on my farewell.

Meet the SIER magical cook: Tasnuva Hasan


Tas is known for her khus khus and super fantastic Chicken. She loves to cook and can make any dish out of the given ingredients. I love the way she handles her work and life. When she is around, you always feel elated.


The last day of my internship reminded me of all the sweet memories that we guys shared, be it laughing at jokes, getting sad at my sickness, cheering me up on birthday, appreciating me for juggling internship and security job, making teas, birthday lunch, or potluck. I cannot forget the time I had spent with them, and I am going to miss them a lot.



Love you SIER family (my second home)


Surbhi Sareen 

(Social Media Intern at SIER)




Escapade- A Private Affair


Life gets shitty with her scandalous talks. Nobody wants to go with her on long walks. Sarcasm is her cup of tea, which makes her tormented heart care free. She is not a bird but a caged sparrow, that has made her way shallow. Everyone laughs at her self- mockery, but little do they realise about her jeopardised crockery. She has a heart of gold which gets sold because of her black mole. Her eyelashes have a story which talks about her hidden glory. She cannot be anyone’s history because she carries a darkness of mystery. She is a mistress to that Prince whose wife calls her a pimp. She lives the life of luxury with caged ornaments of judiciary and boundary. She wants to be that runaway bride who wants to feel the ambience of air. She wants to live for her future is to die. She doesn’t want bondage and tacky tags but a respected name. She wants to show everyone that she is not a matter of shame but a name, used for fame. She lives in a palace where the walls are too strong for her own voice to reach her. She is never bounded by customs for they are meant for princesses.

She was once a princess who got defeated by a chivalrous warrior. He was a warrior in name and had nothing to give her in name. She loved him with her whole heart, but he made her the toy of every man’s hard rock. She lives the life of misery painted with a smile and a tear drop of glycerine. She cannot fight for the world will never grant her this right. She wants an escapade which can set her free from this jingled bondage life.

P.S : This is neither a poem nor a verse and not even a prose.. So I am confused what I ended up into. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed

Imperfectly Perfect Valentine’s Day

Hello lovelies,

I hope you guys are having a great time and ofcourse its Valentines Day so you all must be in your good spirits. It is the most celebrated day as all the lovers get a chance to flatter each other. Lovers give gifts and it starts from Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day and then the great Valentine’s Day.


People run business out of this. The normal things like chocolates, flowers, teddy bears suddenly become expensive these days. These so called lovers actually spend or say waste their money on this thing. I am not against love and gifts so don’t hate me while reading this post. My friends know I am a typical romantic person who loves to be flattered but by poetry, not gifts. I believe that poetry, a small video, spending time with your loved one, holding hands, dinner date, long drives, cuddles, romantic songs and a perfect ambience is the best for celebrating your perfectly built Valentines Day. I staunchly hate those who pluck flowers especially rose. If you want to give something to your beloved then give something that she will remember forever.



Flowers are temporary which indicates that your love is also temporary. Chocolates you eat and the essence is gone. Hug, Kiss, Promise, Propose and Teddy is just beyond perfect. They make sense and have some meaning. I am not saying that don’t go for these things. It is a matter of choice afterol. Will I be not accepted in society if I don’t do this drama? Still my loved ones will talk to me, simple as that.


I am just saying my thoughts. There is no definition to love and most probably not a perfect definition to the best Valentine’s Day. It is not about lovers I believe. It is about all those whom we love and we can do something for them. Well, my roommates gave teddy bears to their friends. Don’t ask like how is my day going as I am just sitting in a silent room of my college library and typing all this. I didn’t even got ready, applied any makeup as I was so dead to do all this. My kind starts and ends with assignments. Well, that is life. Half of my friends were cursing like why the hell this Valentine’s Day is not on weekend as we all are having a long weekend because of Family Day holiday. Nothing is perfect.


The best answer to all this is be realistic and live in reality. I am out of those Mills and Boons fairy tale life. Neither I have any Prince Charming nor I want any. I want a realistic person who lives on Earth with no promises to die for me and bring a moon to me.


Moral of this rant is, Everyday is a Valentine’s Day. You can make your loved one feel special everyday and you dont probably need this Valentine’s Day tag. Be realistic, logical, the merrier you will get in future.

Is it Writer’s Block?

Hello beautiful readers,


I recently realised that I am hardly writing anything. I am not even reviewing books. It is not that I am too busy, it is just that my mind is not working. My mind is running in the Corporate Sector these days but my heart still bleeds for Literature. I still cry when Saint Joan was killed. I still feel loved at John Donne’s poetry. I still wonder about my purpose of life when I think about Waiting for Godot. I want to read so many classics and other latest books but still I am unable to. Although the Canadians teach me the habit of reading everyday still its not happening. When I travel in bus or a train, I see some book Nazis who are glued towards their kindles, ipads or books. They surely inspire me to read while I am commuting and I have started a book too. Soon I replaced that reading time with sleeping as in this country we all undergo lack of sleep.


There are so many things which I want to do but I am unable to. I write small shayaris, snippets, quotes and micro writeups but when I start writing a short story my mind just blocks my way. Everyone just ask me about my stories, and most importantly when I will publish my own book. The question just hovers over my mind every day and night. Still my mind is blocked.

writers-block (1)

Everything is going positive now and ofcourse, I am not in any type of Depression but still when it comes to writing something fictional, I am unable to. Maybe now my mind has taken the attraction towards Non Fictional writing where we just express our thoughts in the plain way. I am learning copy editing, Canadian Style of writing and practising which is used by  journalists, Content Writers, PR Professionals.

writers-block (2)

The course inspire me to write but.. yes now this but has taken over the place and I really dont know what should I do to get my short story writing thing back. Any exercise that I should do? I am just clueless these days. Sometimes you feel directionless I guess. I know this much that I am not meant for 9 to 5 job. I know this much that I cannot live without writing henceforth, I write something or the other, either on my yourquote page or on whatsapp status. I need to overcome this writer’s block and I badly need suggestions.

Stop the Strike- A Plea of an International Student!

I entered  this beautiful country almost 6 months back. I was excited and wanted to experience new things. Coming to Canada was my first step towards the type of education I wanted. It is not like that I was not happy with Indian style of Learning but still I wanted to see this Canadian lifestyle. The lifestyle my parents always wanted to give me but due to some reasons couldn’t. I took this big step during the peak of my career. The eagerness to learn always kept me moving. I was happy while I was meeting everyone at the airport. I didn’t shed a single tear because I knew I chose this path and there was no moving back. I quickly habituated myself to this culture of advanced learning.


The college was exactly the way I wanted with some more additional facilities. The fees was high as compared to a Domestic Student but with the amount of education I was getting never pinched me. After sometime when I entered the second semester of Human Resource Management, talks about strike started. I hardly knew the consequence but I never wanted this to happen. The strike took place on October 15, 2017 and is still going on. Today is November 17, 2017. The faculty strike came out as a big blow for International Students. I took up a course for January intake in Centennial College Story Arts Centre. The worst part is, this course is available in Winter and Fall. With the situations going on, it is difficult for us to handle the things. When we students are hired, we are hired for only 20 hours per week and we are given minimum wages. Wage is not the issue, the issue is the time. As now we are free and can work full time. Though some work on cash as well as on sin but cash jobs are considered unjustified. I am not asking for anything here. But I feel my dream to study here is going in vain somewhere. I might have to repeat my semester where I would have completed the course in December. Ontario’s 24 colleges are on strike and not just one student but all the International Students are suffering from this. Our time, money is on stake. We all are worried about out future. Our backup plans are also going in vain. The first thing affects the other. My four months are wasted and after this my another four months will be wasted because the course I have taken is available straight in September now. I don’t know whether we will get compensation or not but still the biggest loss is the time.


Think about those students who might have got their visas. Think about those whose parents have taken loans on student’s education. Everything seems to be going in vain. Many of my friends are going back to India because they feel it is a waste of time here. We don’t just have these expenses. We have to pay our rent too. It will be extended to 4 months more. Earlier GIC was our support but if these four months extended then for the next course we will not have GIC to support us. And in country like Canada, job is temporary. It changes from season to season.


People who say we are having holidays and we are happy then to clear this out, we are more scared. We don’t show anything. We just glitter up and update pictures because we have families back home who will get more worried if we showed them this situation is going on. But for the authorities who are doing their best to resolve the strike, still there is no outcome. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. But it is high time and we are suffering. If we start the semester again, we will feel as if all got failed and have to start again. This is more depressing. I just hope this strike ends soon. Even the students who were doing campus jobs are suffering more.


Students should be refunded with some amount so that they can manage their expenses as in country like Canada 670$ for survival is not sufficient. Moreover, students should come forward and talk about their issues. Yesterday also teachers rejected the offer and the strike is going on.

If you are an International Student and want this strike to end so kindly share this post as much as you can so that some outcome should be taken.

Is it Pisanthrophobia?

Hello beautiful people,


I have been researching on this word from a last couple of days. I came across this from Kavi Akka’s profile. Pisanthrophobia is a term associated with people who have issues with trusting people. After pondering over for good 50 minutes I realised that I have this issue in me. Either I end up trusting people too easily ot I just end up detaching them by not trusting them.

“Every person is not the same Surbhi,” she said.

What happens when people around you are fake? When people around you just know how to hurt you or torment you. When things are never good around you. When people find ways to misuse your thoughts. When people decide to betray you. When you are surrounded with all the negtativity in the world. How can you take a deep breath and relax in this chaos?


Either you need to stop trusting people or you can keep on becoming a fool. Canadian lifestyle has one main mantra. Never ever trust anyone. First confirm the things and then go ahead with the information. Nobody will be happy by your success so you should better stop sharing your happiness. It will be a happiness for you but you will end up giving others the chance to hate you. Keep the things to yourself.

Do you know why people fool you and why some others are difficult to be fooled? Sometimes you end up giving a clue to others that you are an easy nut to crack while others turn out to be a mystery to be solved. If you plan your life and never share your stuff with anyone then you are an unpredictable person. Nobody will get to know about your intentions and your life. Hence, nobody can assume about you. But if you treat everyone as your friend and end up sharing things then anyone can predict about your behavior, reactions and many more. So, you better start focussing on your behavior and try to be an unpredicatable person.

Liebster Awards it is!

Hello lovelies,

I came back to my world after a long time and what comes as a surprise is the Liebstar Awards. I am nominated for this by Zeba Noor who is an ardent follower of my Confessions of an Immigrant series. Thankyou so much love for nominating me for this.

Liebster Awards 


This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend. It follows similar principles as a chain letter, in the sense that it should be passed forward to a certain number of people. It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.
Other awards are a part of the whole “meme“. These include “One Lovely Blog Award”, the “Sunshine Blog Award” and the “Versatile Writer Award”. (source Zeba Noor)


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask 11 new questions for them to answer

Thankyou so much Zeba Noor for this amazing nomination 🙂

As per the rules I will answer the questions one by one:

Why did you choose your blog’s current name?

The name Raga is my pen name and when I started the blog on wordpress I thought of this name and it sounded so perfect : Raga’s Voice where Raga is related to Raag in music and Voice is the voice that is from someone’s heart so Raga’s voice is a musical voice of a girl who writes from her heart and wants to share her thoughs with everyone.

What are your blogging aims till the end of 2017?

When the year started I had a lot of aims for the blog as I wanted to do some blogging marathons but after shifting to Canada, things changed and I started with Confessions of an Immigrant series so I would like to finish the Canada chapter by the end of 2017.

If you were asked to get a weird/unusual piercing on your body, where would you get pierced and (optional) why?

I hate piercings as it gives you a lot of pain. My friend had one piercing on her nose so I could guess how much it pains. But if I ever thought of doing so by mistake then I would try it on my nose only.

If you find Rs. 10,000 in a park, what would you do?

Well, first of all I will look around here and there is someone who is looking for it. If not, then I will go to the nearest police station and hand it over to the police.

What is the first thing you do in the morning and why?

This wierd but most of us do it. I switch off the my phone alarm and check the latest updates on my phone.

There is a flood warning and you’re stuck inside with no power. How will you pass the time?

Seriously speaking, my imagination ends here. I have no clue to what I shall do in that situation.

If you could have a super power, what it would be and why?

I would love to be invisible because I don’t want to be seen and found. I want to see others and know what they think about each other behind their backs.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten while traveling?

The basic chips, snacks, mom’s mithi rotis.


How is your handwriting according to you?

According to me, I don;t have a good handwriting when I write very fast but when I am decorating it, then its appreciable.

What is the one technology you can’t live without?

my phone

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Haven’t discovered yet 😉


Now I further ask my set of questions from the nominees:

  1. Your favourite book
  2. Your favourite Author
  3. Your Favourite style of writing
  4. Your favourite reading genre
  5. Your hobbies other than reading and writing
  6. Your favourite destination
  7. If you were given a choice which one you would choose? beach or hill station
  8. Your idea of a true inspiration
  9. Any confession you would love to make while writing answers
  10. Your favourite hangout place
  11. One habit which your best friend hates about you.

I would like to nominate Kavipriya Moorthy, Manvi Singh, Pallavi Sareen, Ruchi Rai, Arish Dhawan, Rubina Ramesh, Helly Chatterjee, Banaja Prakashini, Sandeep Sharma, Manpreet Kaur, Addhya Anil.

Things Changed, Time Taken, Now Back to Action!

Hello Fellas,

You guys must be knowing that I am almost away from the writing world from last one month. Most of you think that I have vanished. But it is not like that. I had taken a break as I have shifted to Canada. Things changed, time taken and now I am back to action! I will try my best to finish the committed reviews. Moreover, as you know I have started Confessions of an Immigrant, which will go on for a long time. I am also working on collection of short stories that will highlight Canadian Culture. Not only this, I have not left anything. I am still working with PustakMandi. We have launched a new site which is a part of PustakMandi. This site is a new ray of hope for all of us and it will include all sort of reviews. Since I am a reviewer, I will come up with reviews be it movies, receipes, college life, books or anything. Also, I will write about some facts about Canadian Culture so that you can explore Canada through me.


Coming to Half Baked Beans, Author Paradise, Kalamos Literary Services, I am still with them. I will catch up with them and resume the work. The Book Club, I am working with them and I will surely be signing up blog tours but that will be ebooks only as paperbacks will take forever to reach Canada. But if someone who has all the patience in the world and want to give me the paperback then they are welcome to do so.

I know time difference is the biggest hurdle but still I am ready to work as I can’t leave reading and writing. I had great time working with Kaffeinated Konversations and YuGen Team. They have been the most inspiring experiences of my life. Due to time issues I couldn’t continue but still I am in touch with them and I get to know what is happening.

Product Reviews have been delayed like super delayed which I will soon catchup. I am not taking up Indian Product Reviews now as shipping the things to Canada will be an uphill task. So, for now either I ll stop or start with Canadian product reviews.

I am looking for some interesting Editing Projects and book reviews are closed for 3 months. I hope I have made myself really transparent and clear so that nobody gets any idea that I am away. I am here to stay so I won’t go away.

There might be availability issues because of the time difference but I am sure if managed properly things will come back on track. Till then stay blessed and stay tuned!

100th POst: Inspiration Regained!

Hello fellow readers,

I am happy to announce that the post you are reading today is my 100th post. I never knew I would reach here so soon. It is an amazing feeling and an urge to share so much. To be honest, I have a poetry exam day after tomorrow and I am hear scribbling my thoughts as I couldn’t get over the thought of writing, maybe I am too much addicted to writing. When I started this blog, I didn’t know that people would love me here also. I was happy with my blogger posts until I realised I need to categorise my posts and the themes. I was following Kavipriya Moorthy’s blog( and she was the person behind my joining wordpress. She told me to shift here and asked me to move all my previous reviews here. After that I was so engrossed in creating new posts, new categories that I almost forgot to shift the things. I felt, they have a place and I should make them stay there only. But what about that blog now? It kept on bugging me until yesterday I decided to make it live by posting some enteratining stuff like health related issues, food recipies, relationships, movie reviews( By this way, I can use both the blogs. Okay,I am digressing here. This post would be different as it is a pure non- fiction where I would talk about my journey of blogging. And this is totally different from my regular posts. I keep on adding new sections to my blog to make it look lively.


Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. The idea of blogging bloomed when my first story was published. I wanted to share my thoughts. I used to write on other’s sites but I wanted my own space for writing. I felt my writing was confined to my diaries only. Till now I have written 60 diaries and out of them 20 are safe as others, I had lost it when construction was going on. It was a big shock for me when I came to know about it. At that time I decided that I need some other way where I can write, maybe online. I had known about this blogging thing and many times I have discussed about it with my friends. They used to tell me that :

“Surbhi you have to be regular with the posts as if you don’t give time to your readers, you won’t get any followers.”

I was in grade 12 and I had my boards to handle so I couldn’t have given time but that thing just got fixed in my head that I couldn’t give time. When I started reading certain blogs, a desire to be read took birth in my mind. I just wanted to be read. I used to update things on fb, my poems and many things and people used to appreciate me too but still I wanted those people to appreciate my works who were completely stranger to me. The reason being, they would give me their honest feedbacks as compared to the people I know.


They always say( I literally don’t know who? :P) that sharing your thoughts with strangers is better than sharing with your loved ones as they don’t judge you. With this point, I remember Hazlitt’s words, who always said that one should travel alone because during that journey you can be a different person. For me, blogging is like travelling and witnessing a new side of me. When I start writing, I really don’t know what I would end up writing. I never plan things when it comes to writing a short story, writeup, snippet or anything.


My first trial was Inspirational Diaries. They are in the Writeups( section and those who haven’t read must read it. I am sure you will get inspired by reading those short stories about people. I feel everyone in our life plays a significant role and teach us something or the other. I wanted those people to know that what impact they have left in my life. I wrote about them like how they inspired me and the diaries are still going on as the list is too long. Then the other thing I started was Tagged Diaries( Here, I wrote about those people whom I have given some tags and how they justify those tags. It was entirely different and people really loved these concepts and everytime they used to ask me, when are you writing about the next person? It actually boosted me.


Convent Diaries

My other attempt was Convent Diaries( Being a Conventee, I wanted to show my attachment so I wrote a writeup where I had talked about Slam books. There are many things which are to be covered so will update that soon. Convent is my solace and I consider it Heaven for me. I am so much attached to it that I can’t express. I am always in a state of tabula rasa when I have to express my thoughts about Convent. I can go on hours writing about Convent.


Friendship Diaries

The other was Friendship Diaries( For me friends come before relations, yes I go dictionary wise. So, they do deserve a special corner in my blog. I have made a separate section for them as I am updating about my majors on their birthdays and yes, I make them feel like Prince and Princess. There is alot to add about my friends, I am waiting for their birthdays.


126th birthday of Agatha Christie


Book Review of This love that Feels Right by Ravinder Singh


Guest Post by Usha Narayanan



With change in time, I have added Guest Posts(, Interviews( Spotlights(, Book Reviews(, Short stories(, Poems( The best way to know about others is guest posts where I invite people who talk about their fields. The best part was when Vipul Madhani, CEO of Pustakmandi launched the site Authorsdock on this blog. The next best moment was when I had interviewed Sudeep Nagarkar on my blog. Soon, I will be updating the interview of Novoneel Chakroborty and Preeti Shenoy. Spotlights are the sneak peaks of upcoming novels which might interest the audience. This was completely a new experience for me. My main work here is updating book reviews and I enjoy doing it. Next, I wrote heart warming short stories and all were related to me somehwere or the other. I wrote just one poem and will adding more soon. Yes, shayaris section is still empty but will soon fill it.


Launch of Authorsdock


Interview Session with Sudeep Nagarkar

My journey of blogging is still going on and I am sure, I will surprise you all with many more new sections. I have shared my personal and professional thoughts here. This blog is like my baby and I will nurture it with my beautiful words. I would like to thank my regular readers and followers  as without them, my posts are nothing. Sometimes my net plays ping pong with me so please bare with me if I ever post late.



This is yours only Surbhi Sareen, signing off with her 100th post. I hope you like it and any suggestions for the improvement of the blog are highly appreciable.

FRiends are Melody of Life!

It is exactly 11:44 and I don’t know why I am writing this exact time. Maybe because after a couple of minutes a new day would start. What is so special about a new day? This new day is no normal day where I would get up and go with the flow. This day is really special to me and I have been celebrating it from last so many years, maybe from the day I learnt about friendship and friends. Am I going to tag anyone in this post? I don’t know. I am just writing what is running in my head and my fingers are quickly typing them. This day is Friendships Day. When we talk of this day, friendship bands come to our mind. I still remember when I was a kid, I used to buy so many friendship bands for my friends and we used to count how many friendship bands one got. But after so many years, I have realised,that that was just formality. Now what matters to me is a true friend and his or her time.


Time changes, isn’t it? How from materialistic world we enter to a world full of emotions. I still don’t know why I am writing it as my day would go just like another day. But still I have some hopes that it would go well. I personally feel we don’t need this day to celebrate friendship but yes, sometimes these days only bring us close to people. For a second or rather say for the sake of doing we do it and this momentry post or status makes us feel good. Physically nobody can be there with us but mentally they can be. We can be connected to our friends in hearts and spiritually.


Today, I am away from my friends. They are my life and I can go to any extend to make them happy. I miss them badly. I divert my mind by working day n night. At times I need to talk to them, but I avoid talking to them. Why? The reason is they have their own lives and I don’t want to bug them with my thoughts. Sometimes, I yearn to hear their voice or at times I cry like anything just because I miss them. I miss those heavenly times that we spent together.


I remember when I was 5 years old, I gave all my toys to my friend just to make her stay with me for some more time. She was ready to take my toys but was not ready to stay with me all the time. I used to cry after she used to leave but one day I realised that if today she is going to her place then the next day she comes back to me. She will never leave me. This is momentary seperation. Years passed and one day she left me, not only she ,all my best friends left me. I was left alone, in that house, in that room, in that heart. Yes, I am in contact with them, I talk to them, but that separation and that feeling can never be replaced. I feel lonesome. I feel if I make friends they will leave me because everyone leaves you, even this body is not permanent.


You might think that why I am updating this on this day only. This is because I am in a pensive state where I have realised that friendship is a spiritual connection and when we need someone and they are not with you, it feels bad. You can fight with the whole world if you have friends. I am glad that I chose certain bunch of people who always stood by my side. But coming to be present in front of me at that time, they were never there. Some were but some weren’t. All I want to say is Happy Friendships Day, Have a great day with your friends and I miss my friends.

Its 12:18.. I am ending my rant. I haven’t mentioned anyone because I don’t want to. I know they know my feelings and have accepted me with my flaws and strengths. I love them and I badly miss them.