Kurta is a never fading trend!

Hello beautiful people,

I am back with yet another product review. I bought an amazing kurta from amazon . Mostly, I shop only for books on amazon but this time while scrolling, I cam across this kurta by Fashion Age and I just can’t stop looking at it. Though its winter season yet I decided to buy it.

About the Product


This is black and multi coloured woman’s kurta by Fashion Age. The fibre used is polyester which is strong and can be used in wet and damp environments. Kurta has a round neckline which sounds common but surely suits the personality. It is an amazing piece with classic appeal which has class, style and trend along with unique design.

This kurta can be worn in formal as well as casual wear. The black kurta for women is a beautiful blend of Indian and modern designs.

Anyone can wear this kurta starting from girls to women. It is available in all sizes starting from small to extra large.

I wore this kurta for a college function and got mind blowing comments from my near and dear ones. I paired the kurta with a black sleak legging. I left my jet black hair open and wore some long danglings along with minimum makeup which made me look elegant. I also wore a ring to make it a perfect look.


Originally the cost is 999 INR but I got this kurta from a sale which costed me 299INR. But now it is 349 INR. So, it is a reasonable price for everyone and you can grab this product.


As mentioned before, the seller is Fashion Age. They are easy to interact with. The way they make you feel comfortable is fantastic. Even the reviewers are happy with their products and services. I just had a small problem with packaging thing as the bag they used was too huge but I guess thats all the fault of packaging department, else they are just perfect.

Grab your Kurta from : Amazon

My Rating: 4.5/5

AllExtreme Women Leather Backpack for Girls & Ladies

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are having a good time reading my product reviews. I am mad about exploring things and while in my exploration process I came across this amazing AllExtreme Women Leather Backpack for Girls & Ladies. I was looking for something and I ended up buying that.


About the Bag

The bag proved out to be a perfect choice as it gave me a classy look. Recently, I went on a meeting where I used this bag and it turned out to be amazing for me. The Bag is minimum in length. It is made of leather and is very comfortable to handle. This bag has so many pockets that you can add your girly stuff in it. Furthermore, the outer appearance is black in colour along with silver coloured designing which makes it elegant.


This bag cost me 975 INR. The original cost is 1,025 INR but I got it in a sale. It is affordable when you buy it in a sale.

Who can carry this bag?


Well, since its ladies and women bag, both can use it. When I got this bag, my mom was so curious to use it but she didnt get the chance or a perfect moment so I used it before. But surely, my mom will use it in some of her Kitty Parties. This bag can be used in keeping your Coolpix camera and also you can use it when you have not much to stuff in. Also, you can use in your meetings as well.


ABout the Seller

I got this from amazon and the seller is Bazaar 4 Deals. They are easy to contact with and are very helpful. Moreover, they have got very positive reviews on their products, hence they are reliable and trustworthy.

Ratings: 5/5

Bright Mustard Jacket- A New Trend!

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are having a beautiful time and enjoying the Sunday. I am enjoying my Sunday with a Lemon Tea and yes, I am writing this blog for a product review. I recently bought this jacket from an offseason sale. What appealed me was the bright mustard colour and it just looked dazzling on me and my mom. Yeah, we both have same size..BINGo!


About the Product

I bought the jacket from Sportsking showroom. The colour of the jacket is mind blowing and really bright which makes it a new trend for winters. The inner stuff has brownish coloured fur which protects us from cold. The buttons look classy. The best part is, it serves as a raincoat at times of rain. It is washable. Further, it has so many pockets, two in the front and 4 inside the jacket close to the fur. The cap is attached to it. It has a zip, if you don’t want the cap, you can remove it through that zip.



The original cost of the jacket is 2800 INR, since I got it at off season so it cost me around 1740 INR. If you want such jackets and at reasonable one then you can wait for the off season as many showrooms and brands organise such sales. Trust me the stuff is really cool.


When it comes to drawbacks. The only problem is, you have to be very careful with the jacket as it is a bright colour so when you are in some dusty area then avoid it as it gets dirty very soon. But I feel we are careful for our new clothes. So, from my end, its a must buy jacket.

My ratings: 4.5/5


Doodle Collection!

Hello lovelies,


This is my first ever product review and I am super excited to write about it. While surfing on instagram, I came across a page named doodle collection that had some mind blowing pictures. They surely caught my attention. Then I noticed there is a giveaway named #doodlegiveaway where one has to enter and follow certain steps. By doing this, I reposted the picture. I could not win that giveaway so I decided to visit their site and buy a diary.

About the Site

Screenshot (1).png

I visited their site ( https://www.doodlecollection.com/)  and I must say, I was just in love with the products they displayed. The theme of the site is corporate as it is for business purpose. The site talks about all the products they have starting from planners, mugs, diaries, notepads and even customised diaries with the names. The range of items vary. The best part about the site is that they have categorised their products beautifully. If you want a name based diary, then you can get that too. I bought a diary so I will tell more about it.


ABout the Product

DSCN1977 (2).JPG

Honestly speaking, I am very picky when it comes to buying diaries, notepads, planners. I have a strong liking for diaries so I picked up this light purple pinkish diary. This diary has a beautiful structure. It has a mesmerizing carving of a princess on it. Then you can notice a pink coloured stretchable band and has a silver lock. When you flip the pages you can notice a doodle writeup page in the middle. The pages are fine and you can just spend your whole day admiring it.

Who can Use it?



Well, there is no such boundation. Anyone who loves to jot down the writings can take up. I picked up a personal diary so I love scribble my poems, nanotales and even small descriptions on it. At times I write lyrics too in it. But you can write down anything. If you are a music lover you can pick up a musical theme diary. If you are a traveller then you can pick up the diary theme accordingly. So, it for all.

My Ratings: 5/5