100th POst: Inspiration Regained!

Hello fellow readers,

I am happy to announce that the post you are reading today is my 100th post. I never knew I would reach here so soon. It is an amazing feeling and an urge to share so much. To be honest, I have a poetry exam day after tomorrow and I am hear scribbling my thoughts as I couldn’t get over the thought of writing, maybe I am too much addicted to writing. When I started this blog, I didn’t know that people would love me here also. I was happy with my blogger posts until I realised I need to categorise my posts and the themes. I was following Kavipriya Moorthy’s blog( https://kavipriyamoorthy.wordpress.com/)religiously and she was the person behind my joining wordpress. She told me to shift here and asked me to move all my previous reviews here. After that I was so engrossed in creating new posts, new categories that I almost forgot to shift the things. I felt, they have a place and I should make them stay there only. But what about that blog now? It kept on bugging me until yesterday I decided to make it live by posting some enteratining stuff like health related issues, food recipies, relationships, movie reviews(www.reviewswithsur.blogspot.in). By this way, I can use both the blogs. Okay,I am digressing here. This post would be different as it is a pure non- fiction where I would talk about my journey of blogging. And this is totally different from my regular posts. I keep on adding new sections to my blog to make it look lively.


Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. The idea of blogging bloomed when my first story was published. I wanted to share my thoughts. I used to write on other’s sites but I wanted my own space for writing. I felt my writing was confined to my diaries only. Till now I have written 60 diaries and out of them 20 are safe as others, I had lost it when construction was going on. It was a big shock for me when I came to know about it. At that time I decided that I need some other way where I can write, maybe online. I had known about this blogging thing and many times I have discussed about it with my friends. They used to tell me that :

“Surbhi you have to be regular with the posts as if you don’t give time to your readers, you won’t get any followers.”

I was in grade 12 and I had my boards to handle so I couldn’t have given time but that thing just got fixed in my head that I couldn’t give time. When I started reading certain blogs, a desire to be read took birth in my mind. I just wanted to be read. I used to update things on fb, my poems and many things and people used to appreciate me too but still I wanted those people to appreciate my works who were completely stranger to me. The reason being, they would give me their honest feedbacks as compared to the people I know.


They always say( I literally don’t know who? :P) that sharing your thoughts with strangers is better than sharing with your loved ones as they don’t judge you. With this point, I remember Hazlitt’s words, who always said that one should travel alone because during that journey you can be a different person. For me, blogging is like travelling and witnessing a new side of me. When I start writing, I really don’t know what I would end up writing. I never plan things when it comes to writing a short story, writeup, snippet or anything.


My first trial was Inspirational Diaries. They are in the Writeups(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/writeups/) section and those who haven’t read must read it. I am sure you will get inspired by reading those short stories about people. I feel everyone in our life plays a significant role and teach us something or the other. I wanted those people to know that what impact they have left in my life. I wrote about them like how they inspired me and the diaries are still going on as the list is too long. Then the other thing I started was Tagged Diaries(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/tagged-diaries-mysterious-u/). Here, I wrote about those people whom I have given some tags and how they justify those tags. It was entirely different and people really loved these concepts and everytime they used to ask me, when are you writing about the next person? It actually boosted me.


Convent Diaries

My other attempt was Convent Diaries(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/slam-books-in-convent/). Being a Conventee, I wanted to show my attachment so I wrote a writeup where I had talked about Slam books. There are many things which are to be covered so will update that soon. Convent is my solace and I consider it Heaven for me. I am so much attached to it that I can’t express. I am always in a state of tabula rasa when I have to express my thoughts about Convent. I can go on hours writing about Convent.


Friendship Diaries

The other was Friendship Diaries(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/friendship-diaries/). For me friends come before relations, yes I go dictionary wise. So, they do deserve a special corner in my blog. I have made a separate section for them as I am updating about my majors on their birthdays and yes, I make them feel like Prince and Princess. There is alot to add about my friends, I am waiting for their birthdays.


126th birthday of Agatha Christie


Book Review of This love that Feels Right by Ravinder Singh


Guest Post by Usha Narayanan



With change in time, I have added Guest Posts(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/guest-posts/), Interviews( https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/interviews/)and Spotlights(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/spotlights/), Book Reviews(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/book-reviews/), Short stories(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/short-stories/), Poems(https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/category/poems/). The best way to know about others is guest posts where I invite people who talk about their fields. The best part was when Vipul Madhani, CEO of Pustakmandi launched the site Authorsdock on this blog. The next best moment was when I had interviewed Sudeep Nagarkar on my blog. Soon, I will be updating the interview of Novoneel Chakroborty and Preeti Shenoy. Spotlights are the sneak peaks of upcoming novels which might interest the audience. This was completely a new experience for me. My main work here is updating book reviews and I enjoy doing it. Next, I wrote heart warming short stories and all were related to me somehwere or the other. I wrote just one poem and will adding more soon. Yes, shayaris section is still empty but will soon fill it.


Launch of Authorsdock


Interview Session with Sudeep Nagarkar

My journey of blogging is still going on and I am sure, I will surprise you all with many more new sections. I have shared my personal and professional thoughts here. This blog is like my baby and I will nurture it with my beautiful words. I would like to thank my regular readers and followers  as without them, my posts are nothing. Sometimes my net plays ping pong with me so please bare with me if I ever post late.



This is yours only Surbhi Sareen, signing off with her 100th post. I hope you like it and any suggestions for the improvement of the blog are highly appreciable.

Pre- release interview of Aditti Gaur

Hello lovelies,

I have never done pre- release interviews and this is the first one.. I have invited Aditti Gaur whose book Adhira is going to hit the stores soon. Lets start with the interview :


Sur : As we know your book is going to hit the market, so tell us how you are feeling about it?

Aditti: I am as nervous as I was last time. I can’t wait to hear or read the first review about Adhira.

Sur: You recently released the cover of the book, we would love to hear your heartfelt emotions?

Aditti: It was an amazing experience to have someone inspirational like Santosh Ma’am by your side to reveal the first look of Adhira. My heartfelt gratitude to her for gracing that event with her presence.


Sur: Adhira is re released, so are we getting something new or its just the new cover?

Aditti:Surbhi, this time we worked on everything, story – characterizations – loopholes & grammar mistakes. We tried hard to correct every possible mistakes by keeping our reviewers point in mind. So, this time people will get a whole new experience of Adhira.

Sur: What all troubles you went through while finalising the cover of the book?

Aditti :I faced a lot of criticism for the previous book cover of Adhira. Though, it was attractive but it didn’t connect with the story. Even few people told me that it looked like an erotic novel cover. So, this time I was clear about what I want to show through my cover. We tried many designers, all of them were brilliant in their field, they designed the perfect covers but somehow they didn’t attract me.Then finally I called up to Ajitabha Sir and describe him the whole concept I had in my mind. He took 2 days and the result is infront of you. Nothing can be better than this cover for Adhira.

Sur: As now we can see, the book is published under Author Paradise, tell us about them?How their paths matched yours?

Aditti :Tushti is the person who took my first ever interview when I stepped in this field.Since then we shared a good bonding. After the debacle of my debut novel, whom now I pronounced as 1st edition of Adhira, I was heartbroken and decided to quit.One fine day she called me and I shared my agony with her, she motivated me and instantly came up with the idea of re-publishing Adhira. She convinced me to take a second chance because she found Adhira’s story interesting.They both, Tushti & Sandeep, stood by my side and supported me every time. This is how our journey started.

Grab your copies from : http://amzn.to/2bXgpVZ

About the Author


An Indian by nationality and a Hindu by religion. Aditti Gaur was born in New Delhi, but her complete upbringing was done in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Years later, she moved to Gurgaon in 2011, post her marriage. She worked for the leading DTH Company for almost 5 to 6 years. She holds a respectable past experience working there, but, she quit that 9 to 6 profile job, because somewhere deep inside her heart she knew that job is not meant for her. When she completely realized this fact she silently surrendered herself to her passion – writing. She started her writing experience through her blog. She used to write her thoughts, views about everything and short stories. A die-heart music lover and almost crazy for her favorite musicians, she also loves reading. She takes a step ahead in pursuing her passion by writing her debut book ‘Adhira…Love: Lost & Found’. By this, she tried to explain the life of a girl. It is a story about a girl and her life journey of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion & love of her life. The journey, where, she realized that sometimes… silence is the most powerful scream and indication of something being terribly wrong. A journey, where she loses her love somewhere and then finds it again.

P.S – Also check the spotlight : https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/spotlight-of-adhira-love-lost-found/