Book Review of Arjun Without A Doubt by Dr. Shinde Sweety

Well, I got this book from Authors Paradise. Arjun Without A Doubt is a mythology that has tinge of suspense and spirituality in it. This book takes us back to Mahabharata times where the characters do the talking and killing. We all are acquainted with Mahabharata which is the biggest known epic and many other versions have been written about it. This book is one such version which highlights the struggles of Arjun. For this book, the main protagonist is Arjun.

Cover- The cover of the b0ok has colourful schemes which makes it look fascinating. Actually speaking, The cover has Lord Krishna’s Mor Pankh which makes the readers interested in reading the book.


Title- Arjun Without A Doubt is the title of the book which clearly tells us that the story would highlight Arjun and his struggles.


‘I knew there was nothing poetic about death. I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield.’

Arjun: The idealist in a non-ideal world, the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience. History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence.

‘My self esteem originates from me and ends in me. Why does your honor depend on me? Find your own.’

Draupadi: The untamed tigress, the fragrant flame, the unbridled spirit.

‘Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue. Virtue is that which lasts in spite of power.’

Krishn: The enigma whose unique ideology churned the battlefield into a quest for truth.

The Missile… The Trajectory… The Vision…
The trio that makes for the core of the Mahabharata.
This is their saga. Insightful, visceral and candid.
Plot- The plot construction by the author is amazing as it highlights the two protagonists Arjun and Draupadi who have enough to handle on their plates still they stand together. Though Draupadi is married to Arjun’s other brother yet there is a special bond between the two. Draupadi always had a special corner for Arjun. It also gives us an insight about their dear friend, Krishn who guides them at every step. Krishn is the almighty who is the mouthpiece of author.
The greatest epic ‘ Mahabharta’ – This book is inspired by Mahabharta which is the largest epic just like Ramayana. Very few people know the hidden story behind it. It is said Maharishi Ved Vyas wrote it but the truth is, he was blind so took help of Ganesha who agreed to write it only if he recited it continuously. The saga records the facts and events of the 12 day war between Kauravas and PAndavas in Kurukshetra. The saga is written in poetic form and has used blank verse. There shlokas which are written in Sanskrit and is known as the longest poem ever written.
Characterization- It is hard to decide who was the protagonist in Mahabharta as all have their own stories to tell. All were bounded by their own issues and curses. But when we read this book we can clearly make out that in this book Arjun is the mouthpiece of the author. The story is written in his context hence, his point of view is highlighted. He is a warrior and has all the traits of an ideal soldier.
On the other hand, Draupadi is a princess who is born out of fire and is a flat character. She is beautiful and the counterpart of Arjun. The author has beautifully delineated their characters and the pain, suffering is shown fantastically.
Style-The book is mixture of third person narrative and a dialogic form. The author has used varieties of sentences. The emotions and descriptions are perfectly written. There are no digressions in between. The name of the chapters are intriguing. for instance : The Cacophony of the Dead, The Womb of a Butterfly and my favourite, Tears Reversed. The author has used rich vocabulary which serves as an icing on the cake.  the chapters are short which becomes a quick read inspite of the length of the novel. There is use of italiced words or sentences to grab our attention. I really loved the Whys and Whys not : Exploring Myths.
Lows- There were not spoilers as such, just the minors which my eyes got hold of them. There were some typo errors, mismatch of dialogue or rather positioning of dialogues and the spacing issues which could have been avoided. But for me, The book stands out. It is worth reading and I am falling in love with Mythology again.
About the Author
The heart can be dissected, the brain can be spliced open, but I love to unravel the mind and emotions.

Dr. Shinde Sweety holds a Doctorate in Medicine.
Avid Mahabharata fan. Voracious reader.
Yoga enthusiast, Student of Spanish and yearns to learn Sanskrit.
Skilled at pencil sketch. Loves to daydream and swim – but preferably not together!
Curious about the Mystic & Mystique. Insane about soulful music.
Content to be cocooned in a dream world.

Book Review of Hidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne

Summerita Rhayne’s Hidden Passion is a historical romance. It highlights the romance of princess Rukmini and King Devesh. This ebook talks about the passion that arises in both their hearts which they struggle to control and end up losing at that passion. The author has done a fabulous job in writing this ebook. While I was reading this piece I instantly fell in love with princess Rukmini, her boldness, her desires and the way she is fearless is remarkable. Further Devesh’s sophisticated attitude and his ability to control his heart is appreciable. The author has beautifully woven her tale around these two characters. The character portrayal is the strongest point in this ebook.

HP cover final attempt - redoing.jpg

The plot construction is amazing as it has no loops in it. The author has done full justice to the plot. The cover picture is enthralling and title is apt for the plot development.

The style is simple yet it complicates the language. There are some complicated words which are in typical Hindi and might confuse the readers like ‘Uttariya’, ‘Antariya’, ‘Kanchuki’ and many more. The negative pointer is, there were some syntactical errors which can be corrected easily.

Behind the Book-

Rukmani, the youngest of the Kamboj royal family, has always had her way and she thinks she would too when the question of her marriage arises. But when she expresses her wishes, her world comes crumbling down because it seems aristocratic affairs matter more than her heart. Who can she run to but the strongest ruler of the region, Deveshwaraya?
Devesh finds himself torn between duty and desire. He is drawn to her yet being with her jeopardizes everything he has worked for. When even protecting her invites trouble, how can he let his heart become involved?
When the walls of monarchical politics rise high between them, will her passion prevail?
Hidden Passion – the story of a princess daring to reach out for her heart’s desire.
Availability of the book-  The book is an ebook and is available on amazon.
About the Author
Summerita Rhayne loves to read fiction in all genres but especially romance. When she’s absorbed in writing and reading romance, she becomes temporarily deaf! She loves to write hot, sensual heroes who are sometimes masterful and have to be tamed by sassy but sweet heroines. She loves characters who learn and grow and carve their way out of their troubles and emotional hang-ups. She also believes that a touch of humor never goes amiss in a book. She divides her time between family, job and writing – and loves music, movies and internet!
You can reach her on Website | Twitter | Facebook

Book Review of Dancing with Demons by Nidhie Sharma


Nidhie Sharma

Dancing with Demons is a unique book with a different concept. Lets have a look at it thoroughly :

Cover- The color scheme of the book is blue and black. It has a boxing field and down there is couple who seems to be standing on the road. The cover of the book gives us the glimpse of the novel.

Title- Dancing with Demons is the title and I feel it perfectly suits the book as the characters fight with their inner demons and the way they struggle to overcome them is being shown here.

Blurb-Karan Pratap Singh is on the brink of winning the Amateur Boxing Championship, when in a moment, he loses it all. His fall from glory seems fuelled by ruthless arrogance and an out-of-control anger management problem. That, however is just symptomatic of a deeper issue. Buried under layers of his fractured subconscious lies a childhood secret he cannot come to terms with.

Sonia Kapoor is a beautiful, volatile young woman with a secret that torments her at night but a secret that she feels no guilt for.

When fate throws Karan and Sonia together in Mumbai, their personal demons and pasts collide and stir up trouble in their fragile and uncertain present. But, is redemption possible without forgiveness?

Dancing with Demons is a fast-paced action drama of love, loss and resurrection.

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Tagged Diaries : Amazing Photographer

Hello everyone! I am starting this tagged diaries as I have kept this category for some different set of people whom I want to give some tag so that whenever I look down the memory lane those tags come in my mind. The first person whom I want to tag here is Aman.



Amazing Photographer( Amandeep Singh Chabhal)



Amandeep, popularly known as selfie addict and an amazing photographer is my dear friend who knows the knack of clicking pictures from different angles. I met him three years ago at my class, so he happens to be my classmate. The aura of meeting a different person could be seen. So, I call him selfie addict  as well because this guy is fond of cell phones and the way he click pictures be it of others or himself is impeccable. And to add more his super sexy cool cell phone which everyone wants to have helps him to capture amazing photographs. He even has an amazing professional camera and is a vivacious Photographer. I am amazed by his talent.


Stylo ..:P


Gurudwara Pic

Amandeep hails from a town named Chabhal which is near Amritsar. Beside being an amazing photographer he is a fantastic human being and a friend of friends. He can go to any extend to help you and this quality makes him special. He will never leave you at your worst times and would do anything to make you smile after you have cried.



freshers reloaded


Aman’s religious attitude can impress most of the people. The way he handles the issues related to Gurudwara collection is highly appreciable. He is a jolly person and has a heart of gold. I am glad to have him as my friend. Furthermore, the way he says ‘BATMEEJ’ in a different style can make anyone laugh. Not to forget his, announcement speech ‘ BAHUT KHOOBSURAT ITEM  PESH KARAN JA RAHE HAI SADE FANKAR AMANDEEP SINGH..’


reading pose


pagalon vali selfie


This is Surbhi signing off… will be back with more tagged people and stories behind them 🙂


Guest POst by Maisha

Hello Fellow readers! Its been a while since I have posted guest post so here I would like to talk about the youngest guest whose work speak more than her. Lets read together what she has to say :

Fall in Love…with your heart!

“It wasn’t long ago when he decided to give up on me, he didn’t have enough words to justify his deeds neither do I think that he wanted to, but he simply preferred to walk out of my life, just as quick as the snap of my fingers.”

 What I do not understand is, why have people stopped confronting their own deeds. They prefer walking in and out of your life as if you’re a doormat at their service, as if they never thought of you to be anything more than a lifeless entity which will never question them no matter what you may do and so is why they think that walking out is okay, and walking out without an explanation is perfectly alright as it will not matter much to you.

For what they aren’t aware of is the fact that you aren’t them. It might not matter to them, but it does matter to you as you witness sleepless nights, late mornings and a non existent lifestyle for months to go from there. What they do not know is the fact that there are things you keep on asking your soul, lost in those unanswerable questions for it’s only them who could answer them. Questions which land up being a question mark on your personality.

“Was it you who could not make them stay? Was it all your fault? Did you do something which made them walk away? Or was it that they find someone to be better than you could ever be?”
Such questions gift you these nights where a million thoughts cross your mind where you think you’re unworthy of anyone, or anything which surrounds you, but what you should know is the fact that nobody has the right to make you feel unworthy.

A betrayal shouldn’t make you question your existence, for the someone who left doesn’t define you. Your soul, your heart and your personality does so. A person can never be in control of another, and one should not hold out their control to someone for you may never know when they might think that it’s unnecessary for you to be there with them and they walk away with your control, do not let that happen for it’s then when you have no clue why things change in you, your stay a lot less happier and chirpy. Nobody seems to set things straight for you as you made that one mistake to give up on your control over yourself, smile through the waves of betrayal for what’ll reach the shore later will be a stronger version of you who’ll know how to set sail in the storms and fall in love with the hurricane which might visit you soon after.

A simple thing which has to be looked over is the fact that you must rule your own heart, you must fall for yourself in order to love another and you must know how it is to walk away for you may not walk over someone, specially without an explanation. Hurting someone does not lend in peace, it only devastates the remains of the peace you thing exists in you.

About the GUest


Manvi Singh is a 17 years old, passionate soul who’s one and only dream is to make this society a better place to live in. Being a wordsmith, she believes that her words will definitely change the mindset of the people someday.
Apart from being a creator of a dreamworld, she’s also an avid reader, from Sudeep Nagarkar, Novoneel Chakraborty, Sachin Garg to Paulo Coelho, Roald Dahl, and Jhumpa Lahiri everything resides in her and her bookshelf.
She loves to dance, paint colors in her life and also, in between all these things she often tries her hands in culinary arts.
She visualises that she owns the spark of achieving the impossible and she believes that someday, she definitely will. She has penned herself with the name ‘Maisha’ on her blog Maisha “A Voice Within” and many other such platforms.

A Perfect Crime thriller

Ganga Bharani’s A Minute to Death is a perfect murder mystery which keeps you stunned throughout the reading. I read this book when I was travelling and trust me guys, this was a perfect read and I completed it till I reached the destination. Lets analyse it together:

Cover- The cover of the book is simple and colour scheme was light. But I would say,” Never judge a book by its cover.”


Title- A Minute to Death is an apt title as the whole story revolves around it. Nothing could have been better than this.

Plot- The plot of the story is simple yet complex. The story opens at the death of a teenage girl and series of events takes place. There is also a sub plot of the investigation officer, Rohan and his girl friend, Riya who seeks his permission to be with him throughout the case so that she can write a book on it. Both the plots have great connection and meet in the end where the subplot overpowers the main plot. Ganga has done a tremendous job in her plot development. It is one of the crisp plots that I have read so far.

Characterisation- The character portrayal is the most applauding point of the book. Ganga has beautifully portrayed her characters especially Riya’s character who comes out to be the round character.

Style- I would like to highlight this point as I have read all her books and I have found out that Ganga always surprises her readers with variety of techniques. And this time, the impersonal description and third person narrative  with lots of twists and turns makes the readers admire her more. The sentences are simple and do have some poetic touch. She has carefully chosen the words to show the progress of her story.

Others Reviews-

Availability of the book-

ABout the Author

ganga bharani

Ganga Bharani can be reached at :

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Book Review of Maya’s New Husband

Well this is my first horror thriller which actually brought goose bumps to me while reading it. I completely read this book in one go and I had a detailed discussion with the author Mr. Neil D’ Silva who enlightened me about this concept of Aghoris. So, before writing my review I would like to throw light on Aghoris. Aghoris are the people who are devotees of Lord Shiva with a different concept of pleasing the God. They eat humans to satisfy their almighty. They think its a way of worshipping God and are celebates. They live on this purpose. It might confuse you, I know but such practise exists. If you want to know more about them then just google ‘The practises of Aghoris or simply type Aghoris’. To add more check here :

A special warning: If you can’t handle such horror then don’t read it, it might disturb the hell out of you. Heart patients, asthma patients, pregnant ladies should avoid reading this book as it might affect their health. Now I will tell you about the book.


Cover- The cover of the book gives us a glimpse of thriller and horror segment in it as it has a woman whose mang is filled with blood instead of a sindoor.

Title- The title of the book is apt as it perfect suits the theme, Maya’s  New Husband and the whole story revolves around Bhaskar, Maya’s New Husband.

unnamed (2).png

Plot- The plot is crisp and well constructed. This is a story of Maya who happens to be a science teacher and how she deals with her life after she lose her husband, Samar. Things began to change when she comes across Bhaskar Sadachari, fine arts teacher. There is something wierd about him wish makes others hate him. When these began to spend time, they fall for each other and ends up marrying her. The story proceeds when Bhaskar’s intentions come forward in the chapters.

Theme- There is a theme of love and passion between Bhaskar and Maya. At some point it makes the readers think that one should just love a person and not look at their physical appearance.

The major theme is of Aghoris who eat flesh of humans which is the turning point of the novel and how others become the victims of this practise.

The other theme is of a Matriachal society. Maya lived with her sister and her mother. They were typical Maharashtrians and her mother was the woman of the house, all the decisions depended on her approval.

A minor theme of friendship could be noticed between Padma and Maya. They were inseparable and Juno swans. They used to gossip, shared food and many things. They both adored each other and could go to any extend to help each other. Padma was a confidante to Maya and was very much concerned about her. She even sacrficed her life for her sake whereas Maya could go to any extend to find the culprit behind her abduction and death.

Characterisation- The author’s characters are his best part of his creativity. The way the author has crafted Maya’s character is enthralling. I feel it was difficult to depict Bhaskar’s character who is the antagonist of this book. Its hard to show such an evil and heartless character. I salute Neil sir for bringing such character in light which we all wish to never see again and coming to Maya, all fell in love with her instantly.

Style- The author has used impersonal description and third person narrative. The language of the novel was not so complicated. It was understandable. It even had some typical hindi Indian words like ‘sindoor’ while the mention of their meanings could be seen at the end of the book. Even a non Indian could understand these terms after looking at the glossary. Not only this, but the author has used variety of sentences which makes the book attractive. Yes, there were so many new words and even there were no typing or editing errors which actually brought a broad smile on my face.

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About the Author


Just visit this site to know more about him..

Inspirational Diaries: She is a roller coaster ride

Hello lovelies! I am back to my Inspirational Diaries. Today I would tell you about this cute catty Punjaban. Her name is Gurpreet Kaur.

Gurpreet Kaur( Nainpreet Kaur)


Haye Ni.. Punjabi Mutiyaar!!

I met her exactly three years and she was the second person whom I met in the college. She looked sweet with coloured blue top, white jagging, her hair tied up in a pony tail and her hazel eyes was an icing on the cake. She looked amazing. She was a blabbermouth to be honest. I was not used to such people but when I came across her I started liking her. Her daring and casual could be noticed on the very first day as she bunked the most important class, without knowing about it actually. When she came to know she promised that she won’t miss the class. But slowly and steadily or very quickly she became regular in bunking the class. The result was that she became almost out of touch with us and we were just like that there was a girl named Gurpreet who never attended the lectures. We didn’t get the chance to come close. Was it the end of this story of friendship? Umhhh.. this was just one side of her and we were yet to see the other side.


Phoolon ke saath

In second year fourth semester, she came back to class. Her new side could be seen. She started spending time with us and we became her friends. Yes, it was a new start of friendship again. I came across her the first as she needed notes and even she used to drop me home. I realised she was a nice person who was true to me. She was genuine and an amazing soul. Her zeal to look at life and enjoy the life to the fullest inpired me the most. I did all those things which I hated the most. I can’t forget that I went out for a movie that too three people on one activa. I ate those unhealthy gol gappas for her. I ate that spicy food. I just can’t forget how she used to listen my blabbers, tragic stories about my fights with my psycho scentifc friend during her drives. I had experienced nature with her, yes remember when we used to drop Mannu at the highway. In all these how could I forget your Malai sabji that you made for us in the first semester, the very next day of our first day, those sandwiches and the way you used to bring MADDi or Naddi( God Knows whom :p) samosas. Anyway, all were delicious and just can’t get over them. To add more, when you brought tikkis for me in that scorching heat, I love you for that Preet.


best photo

Preet, I love the way you smile, wink and make others laugh. I always admire your bindass attitude and your love for parties, hangouts. I have seen so much on that activa of yours almost the entire Jalandhar. Yami and I will never forget those movies dates with you, those hangouts, those pajama movie attitude of yours, that taking of tiffin in theatres and not to forget our last movie, Angry Birds and after that you came to my place, the way we laughed, made funny faces and clicked loads of pictures. I just can’t forget how many memories you have given me and all those good and best ones.


Last day

There are two things which I hate the most. One is when you forget to return me notes 😛 and the other is your super crazy number changing attitude. I don’t get why the hell you change your number just like changing clothes. You are complete Jhalli. Hehe..




And now I am going to miss you alot. I can’t forget that you were the one with me when I had to visit some places like DAV college and many more. I am going to cherish all those fun moments in my life.




Prem Bhav..:P

This is Surbhi signing off… I will be back with more such people. Till then, stay blessed and keep rocking..:)

Let the Game Begin – A Book Review

Let The Game Begin by Sandeep Sharma is a mind blowing book that keeps you in thoughts. When I read this book I completed in one go and I called up the author who highlighted me about the book. I came to know about his thoughts and the plans. The story is set up in today’s world which has elements of flashback, historical segments.  It is hard to classify the novel in a particular category so I will telling in detail about those categories. Lets have a glance at the contents of the book.

Cover – Most of the people judge the book by its cover because it has a hint of story in it. This cover has a light colour scheme and a picture related to chess is there which gives us a vague idea about author’s thoughts.

let-the-game-begin (1)

Title- The title of the book is fascinating, LET THE GAME BEGIN. It denotes about a game which has started and the book is related to this.

Blurb-  Two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war with each other since ages. Chaturanga, ruled by King Viratha, is soon bestowed with a dynamic heir, and the whole kingdom is drowned in rituals and festivity. On the other side, Sarprakt is executing a cruel conspiracy. King Viratha, crippled by the conspiracy, urges the mysterious man of the mountain to devise a method to recreate the conspiracy and that gave birth to ‘The Game of Chess’. Serial killings shock the nation as the police are rendered clueless. The killer leaves behind a trail of chess pieces with a strange message. Random people are murdered. Connoisseurs of different fields – History, Chess and the Security forces – have united as the next intended victim is the most powerful person of the country. How is Chess involved in the whole scenario? How will they find a man who died 4000 years ago? Can a person defy the laws of nature? Does history really repeat itself? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Type of Novel-

Murder Mystery- It is a murder mystery for sure as the main thing starts with the murder and then series of events take place which leads to some more murders. The given leads helps the characters to solve this mystery and are shocked to discover a hidden history behind it.

Historical Novel- Since I wrote it has a history behind it, then surely the traits are of a historical novel. This book gives us a clear picture about the game named chess and how it evolved through ages. The two kingdoms play a significant role in completing the historical traits and even include some chronology.

Suspense Novel- It is a suspense novel because this book proves the readers wrong till the end. The author has maintained suspense till the end which is the key point of this novels and readers are ecstatic to know more about it.

Plot- The author has done full justice to the plot as it intrigued the readers. Further, the characters play a vital role in the plot construction of the book. The main plot is the murder mystery whereas the fight of two kingdoms and the flashback narration is the sub plot which goes side by side and meet at the end of the novel.

Characterisation- The characters are too many which is a blessing as well as a drawback. It shows author’s creativity to deal with so many minds but at times he fails to give space to the characters. They are definitely author’s mouthpiece and its beyond any description. Major characters were superbly amazing whereas minor actors also played a vital role in the book and the book was incomplete without them. They compliment each other.There are some round and flat characters who maintained the flow of the novel. Vyapi’s character delineation is the best in my opinion as there were lots of variations in his character. Its hard to find the protagonist as while reading all seems like protagonists.

Style- The author has used first person and third person narrative along with impersonal description. There were combination of sentences. Some words and lines were impeccable. The unique point is that the author has given a full page to the editor so that she could express her views and its a very good gesture which adds respect for him in our hearts, especially the editors.

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About the Author

Author Pic

Sandeep Sharma (23), made his debut in the writing industry with ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’, the book which is still a hot topic of discussion amongst readers. He is currently working on his start-up venture named ‘Author Paradise’ that works for the benefit of Authors to provide them well-organized online & offline publicity. By education, he is a civil engineer who graduated from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

He is very passionate about writing and has been writing short stories for his personal blog since 6 years and they were published various times. He has also co-founded ‘The Author’s Blog’, a platform that tries to bridge the gap between authors and readers. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He is a well-known reviewer in the literary world.

He can be contacted through:

P.S. Also read my book review on his first novel Hey Dad, Meet My Mom –

and the guest post –


Guest POst by Ruchi Rai

Hello readers, Today we have a dazzling person with us, Ruchi Rai who is a very dear friend to me. Our journey of writing started together only and when I asked her to write a guest post, she willingly gave me her entry which is a short story. Thanx a tonne Ruchi baby, AMito Bhake Bhalo BHashi..:)

Title: Faded Love

She drank, one peg after another, wondering about the meaning of absurd life. And by the last peg, she had decided what she had to do–give up.
And what other option was she left with? Enough was already enough. It was time for some action or I must say reaction.

She struggled to move, her mascara smudged and kohl streaming down with tears. With her favourite whiskey, she had so many a times tasted the saltiness of her tears. Rubbing her pink nose to cease the irritation due to over crying, she gripped the bottle of the neck and pulled it close. It was one-fifth full, she gulped down the neat whiskey that went down her windpipe burning it; but the burning sensation abated as the whiskey dripped down inside her. It made way through the middle of her lungs, inside her chest where breathes the demon of pain making it hard for her to live. The demon was anaesthetized for few moments by the whiskey. This was the moment that she garnered the courage and got up. She faltered, crawled and reached for the phone. Blinking back tears, she dialled the numbers like she was accustomed to it. She could not even think straight; but she dialled the number easily and made a the decision or may be she always knew what she needed to do and alchohol brought down the barricades of soberness.

Phone rang.
There was no answer.

Tonight she was determined, so, she called again.

“Hello” said he softly.

She gasped for breath and silenced her cries by pressing palm on mouth.

A deep breath.


“See, I’m in office. Cant talk right now. Please understand. Bye! Don’t call me again. Take care”

“Beep beep beep”

He disconnected the call, once again.

Living in the same home, it seemed as if she was in a relationship with voidness, married to the beautiful chandelier, imported furniture, the best paintings of the world, the bungalow that worth crores, the sedans and all other luxuries in life. But, there was no him, and sadly, this is the only thing she wanted. She was tired of being in relationship alone, putting all the efforts to save it when he was already gone.

Once again, she cried out loud with no one to hear her painful howls. She walked down the memory lane of their togetherness, courtship, marriage and swift drift.

She wrapped her arms around herself like hugging own self and rested on the floor near the phone.  she said to herself like always, “I will end it tomorrow” and slowly the tears dried up making way for some sleep.

About the Guest


I believe that there is a depth and beauty in everything and every person and I strive to give words to these. As much as I love to watch infinite stretch of flickering lights from cliff, I love watching sea waves hitting the shore. There’s not a particular type or particular genre I write about, I am a free spirit and exercise the same freedom while writing. An amateur writer at heart, poetry is just a way to articulate my feelings. I have worked as an editor for the anthology- ‘The Turning Point Of Life’ and a novel- ‘Love life & Marriage… In a metro’. As an author, I have contributed short stories in anthologies-‘Strings Of Love’, ‘The Turning Point Of Life’, ‘Love A Sweet Poison’, ‘The Unbreakable You’, and, ‘Dream Castle’. My articles have been published in few websites- Campus Diaries, Caleidoscpoe, Inside Stories, etc. I have have also been published in an international journal- ‘Langlit’ in February’2016. Apart from these, I am working as a freelance content writer in Guwahati, Assam.

Instagram- ruuchiiii
Twitter- @RaiRuchi67