Imperfectly Perfect Valentine’s Day

Hello lovelies,

I hope you guys are having a great time and ofcourse its Valentines Day so you all must be in your good spirits. It is the most celebrated day as all the lovers get a chance to flatter each other. Lovers give gifts and it starts from Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day and then the great Valentine’s Day.


People run business out of this. The normal things like chocolates, flowers, teddy bears suddenly become expensive these days. These so called lovers actually spend or say waste their money on this thing. I am not against love and gifts so don’t hate me while reading this post. My friends know I am a typical romantic person who loves to be flattered but by poetry, not gifts. I believe that poetry, a small video, spending time with your loved one, holding hands, dinner date, long drives, cuddles, romantic songs and a perfect ambience is the best for celebrating your perfectly built Valentines Day. I staunchly hate those who pluck flowers especially rose. If you want to give something to your beloved then give something that she will remember forever.



Flowers are temporary which indicates that your love is also temporary. Chocolates you eat and the essence is gone. Hug, Kiss, Promise, Propose and Teddy is just beyond perfect. They make sense and have some meaning. I am not saying that don’t go for these things. It is a matter of choice afterol. Will I be not accepted in society if I don’t do this drama? Still my loved ones will talk to me, simple as that.


I am just saying my thoughts. There is no definition to love and most probably not a perfect definition to the best Valentine’s Day. It is not about lovers I believe. It is about all those whom we love and we can do something for them. Well, my roommates gave teddy bears to their friends. Don’t ask like how is my day going as I am just sitting in a silent room of my college library and typing all this. I didn’t even got ready, applied any makeup as I was so dead to do all this. My kind starts and ends with assignments. Well, that is life. Half of my friends were cursing like why the hell this Valentine’s Day is not on weekend as we all are having a long weekend because of Family Day holiday. Nothing is perfect.


The best answer to all this is be realistic and live in reality. I am out of those Mills and Boons fairy tale life. Neither I have any Prince Charming nor I want any. I want a realistic person who lives on Earth with no promises to die for me and bring a moon to me.


Moral of this rant is, Everyday is a Valentine’s Day. You can make your loved one feel special everyday and you dont probably need this Valentine’s Day tag. Be realistic, logical, the merrier you will get in future.

Is it Writer’s Block?

Hello beautiful readers,


I recently realised that I am hardly writing anything. I am not even reviewing books. It is not that I am too busy, it is just that my mind is not working. My mind is running in the Corporate Sector these days but my heart still bleeds for Literature. I still cry when Saint Joan was killed. I still feel loved at John Donne’s poetry. I still wonder about my purpose of life when I think about Waiting for Godot. I want to read so many classics and other latest books but still I am unable to. Although the Canadians teach me the habit of reading everyday still its not happening. When I travel in bus or a train, I see some book Nazis who are glued towards their kindles, ipads or books. They surely inspire me to read while I am commuting and I have started a book too. Soon I replaced that reading time with sleeping as in this country we all undergo lack of sleep.


There are so many things which I want to do but I am unable to. I write small shayaris, snippets, quotes and micro writeups but when I start writing a short story my mind just blocks my way. Everyone just ask me about my stories, and most importantly when I will publish my own book. The question just hovers over my mind every day and night. Still my mind is blocked.

writers-block (1)

Everything is going positive now and ofcourse, I am not in any type of Depression but still when it comes to writing something fictional, I am unable to. Maybe now my mind has taken the attraction towards Non Fictional writing where we just express our thoughts in the plain way. I am learning copy editing, Canadian Style of writing and practising which is used by  journalists, Content Writers, PR Professionals.

writers-block (2)

The course inspire me to write but.. yes now this but has taken over the place and I really dont know what should I do to get my short story writing thing back. Any exercise that I should do? I am just clueless these days. Sometimes you feel directionless I guess. I know this much that I am not meant for 9 to 5 job. I know this much that I cannot live without writing henceforth, I write something or the other, either on my yourquote page or on whatsapp status. I need to overcome this writer’s block and I badly need suggestions.