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Varsha Dixit
Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!
Gayatri and Viraj both are products of childhood trauma. Yet they were able to survive, one because of her shrewdness and the other because of his genius. Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right, the final part in the best selling ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy is the story of these two damaged souls.
Gayatri Dutta, the poster child for rich spoiled diva is fighting to escape a life of servitude her tyrant father is hell bent on pushing her into. Her past string of failures have her backed against a wall. Lonely and desperate!
Viraj is a con who uses his genius to perpetuate his isolation. His life once of violence and abuse has left him cynical and cold. He shuns the society and its hypocrisies. 
And then Gayatri and Viraj cross paths. She needs him and he despises her.
To Viraj, Gayatri, is the epitome of all that he despises, shallow, manipulative and the kind who uses her beauty as a weapon. Or is she?
Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. She is sure that Viraj with his nerdy demeanor, owlish glasses and crude behavior will be easy to manipulate and walk over. Only he isn’t!
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Excerpt from #RWWR
‘I can do this, I can do this, I can…’ Gayatri wound her fingers tightly around her cellphone as she made her way to the cubbyhole Viraj called his office. I did not expect a freaking hug, but a polite ‘how are you’ wouldn’t kill that man. She rapped her knuckles on the door.
Viraj swung the door open. ‘What?’ His brows were furrowed and his lips, pursed.
Gayatri remembered what Nikhil had said to her once. DrVirajowns and runs this lab. He was the only one you needed to impress! ‘It’s my first day here!’ Gayatri could hear her voice shake. ‘Could you tell me
Gayatri scuttled out of Viraj’s way as he leaned out. ‘Find an empty room, do your work there. You are free to leave any time you want. You are free to come or to not come.’ The door shut on her face.
Flabbergasted, Gayatri kept staring at the door. What just happened? She cleared her throat. I should not piss him off anymore. ‘Thank you for this…this job.’ Her voice was as uncertain as the look on her face.
Viraj tugged the door open again. Gayatri flashed a smile at him and opened her mouth to speak but he stopped her short. ‘I don’t like talking. Find a room and stay there.’ He shut the door on her again.
Asshole!Gayatri fisted her hands and retreated. I can do this! I am doing this! Bigger picture, please!Gayatri paused and peeped inside the first lab that she stumbled upon. The place was quiet except for a low hum of machines. Gayatri pushed the doors open and walked inside the lab. It was empty. ‘Does anyone else work here besides the mad scientist?’ She leaned against one of the steel racks. The door flew open behind her. With a big grin she turned to greet the person coming in. ‘Hi! I’ she froze. It was the mad scientist with a bunch of papers in his hand.
Viraj noticed Gayatri at the same time. A familiar irritation flashed in his eyes. ‘Not this room. Not my lab! Find another room!’ He spoke with cool authority.
‘I was just looking!’ Gayatri smoothed her ponytail trying to mask her nervousness. He had her in knots.
Giving an indifferent shrug, Viraj walked past her. Gayatri got a whiff of his aftershave; it smelled clean and crisp, like water with a twist of lemon. At least he doesn’t stink like his manners! Gayatri stood there quiet and confused.
A loose paper slipped from Viraj’s hand and landed on the floor.
‘You dropped some paper!’ Gayatrisaid, her voice friendly.
‘Ignore it. Like you, it is not going anywhere.’ Viraj pulled a portable stool and took a seat in front of an electronic panel fixed to a bigger panel.
Gayatri gritted her teeth and grinned with the ferocity of a wild animal that could pounce any moment.
Unknown to her, Viraj gave a similar smile except his was more like the wild animal that had pounced and won.
‘I’ll go and find a room. Thank you!’ Swiveling on her heel, Gayatri headed for the door.
Something stopped herher father’s face and the realization that two weeks ago she had physically fought for herself, and now she had to fight again but with her mind instead of hands. I have to win over Mr Madness. Maybe I could wear a beaker over my head and tattoo the periodic table on my arms!
‘If you are trying to open the door telepathically, let me be the first to tell you it is not working!’
Gayatri exhaled noisily. Scathing and sarcastic, what more could a woman ask for? Taking a few calming breaths, she slowly pivoted to face Viraj, specifically his back as he sat hunched fiddling with the panel in front of him.
 ‘I’m sorry if I have offended you somehow. I really need this job. And also, I’m qualified for it. I can show you my degrees. I can really make a difference here.’
Hearing Gayatri’s words and her apologetic tone, something melted inside Viraj…again. But to keep up appearances, he turned rude. ‘I’m busy!’ he barked.
 ‘PleaseMrViraj, give me’ Just then, without warning, someone swung the door open. Gayatri wasn’t prepared for the push. ‘Ouch!’ She toppled. Her desperate hands grabbed the first thing in the vicinitya steel rack. The rack shuddered violently and some of its contents landed on the floor.
‘What the hell!’ Viraj bellowed jumping to his feet.
Gayatri winced. A large electrical component had crashed into her hand ‘The door just opened, pushing me in,’ she said shaking her arm in pain.
 Viraj glared at the door. He instantly lost the frown and his mouth eased at the ends. ‘Oh it’s you! Come inside!’
Huh, Hyde turns Jekyll!Gayatri spun around.
A timid, bespectacled, five-foot-nothing girl, her long hair in a tight braid, clad in a pastel-colouredsalwaarkameez, stood at the door. Her skin was smooth and her hands kept tugging at the dupatta around her neck ‘Sorry to interrupt! DrKalra wanted to show you some tests he is about to run in lab 2.’ She then glanced at Gayatri. ‘I’m sorry if I hurt you. It was an accident.’
Gayatri was about to speak but Viraj cut her off. ‘She’s fine. Let’s go!’
Viraj went out with the girl, not even sparing a glance at Gayatri.
Astounded, Gayatri watched them leave.


Urghh…the shit-faced scientist actually smiled and that too at that girl!Gayatri kicked the steel rack. It shuddered again! Shoot! Before anything else would fall on her, Gayatri went after the scientist and the simpleton.
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About the author
Varsha Dixit
Varsha Dixit, the bestselling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.
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P.S. also read her book review of the Wrong Means, Right End : https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/wrong-means-right-end-by-varsha-dixit/


Friendship Diaries: Happy to you Alps!

As we all know Friendships Day is coming, so I was planning something for my special friends for whom I haven’t written and this day is the best to start with her as its her birthday today. Yeah you got it right Abla NAri 😉 its you : Alpa

ALPA( Alps, Alpu)


Look What I found 😛

I can’t say when I met you, may be the day I was born you were there too. I can’t even express as while writing about you, I always get emotional and those memories of separation come to my mind. Today is your birthday and  I am dedicating this post to you. The other surprise is that, I have some of our pictures and yes, they are really old but they say, OLD iS GolD. For me, you are a gem and I love you like anything. I still remember that CRocodile game, that Tippi Tippi Tap, that Stepu, that Hide n Seek, that Cricket. The way we used to hit Sahil, Nandu. Ghosh, we had the best childhood memories.


HUm KItne Pagal the 😛

I feel all those moments are coming in my mind just like a flashback. Remember our jealoused times! When you used to spend time with Palak and I used to get so much angry at you. And when I used to spend time with Sal, you used to get angry. Those mad vali fights and then again it was you, who used to come to my place with those SOrry CArds stating those crazy lines :

“Dibbe Mei Dibba Dibbe Mei Cake,

Meri Saheli Lakhon mei Ek.”


This was your Last day in India..:(

Well, there is no doubt, Your Saheli is still Lakhon mei Ek..:P

And then the time came when you had to leave me. When I came to know about it, I was super angry at you. I gave you a very tough time. I used to avoid you in your last days and you were yearning for me. I used to refuse your gifts and you used to say, I am helpless. We both were helpless. Maybe life had something for us. You went and I was left alone. But did that affect our friendship? No, Never! Even after 22 years, we are still best friends and this bond is till eternity. I still want to meet you badly and I ll pray that this happen soon. When I cross by your house and I always wish that one day you will come out of that house and call me,

” Surbhi, come to my house,we are playing here today!”


TRansformation Time..:)

I badly want those days back. I wish to go back to those innocent days and we just unite again.I miss your hug, your stupid crazy Maggie, your all time nonsense blabbers. I am jealoused of your memory okay, you remember more than me..LOl


Look at this breathtaking beautiful girl..wooo!!

Now when I look at your fb pictures, Ghosh you have gone so preety and hot( la la la), you are no longer that Jhalli Alpa. You have come out to be an independent and bold woman. I am proud of who you are and will always be. You never stop to surprise me with your amazing aura. You are special and will always be. I love you so much and my Jaan- e Bahar, you can’t even imagine how much. Remember the promise? I will find a Prince Charming for you;)

Happy BIrthday to you Jaane- E-Bahar! Stay blessed and come to India soon!

This is your Jhalli Subbi, signing off!Will be back with more such stories..:)



What a Book Sir Ji! – The Seventh Cup

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain is one of the thought provoking novel that can bring a lot of controversy in the field of Science, Religion. The genre of the book is difficult to decide as it falls under multiple categories so anyone can give the category according to their choice. I got this book from Kalmos Literary Agency in return of an honest review. I was not planning to read this book so early but I feel Law of Attraction and destiny worked. I was asked to complete it soon and I don’t regret this early read infact, I thank the person who asked me to read it before. I guess I have created enough buzz so let me go in detail about it..


Cover- The cover is simple and I feel the author was more interested in conveying the story rather than cover. The black and white texture was good for me and the way those keywords were written was an eye catcher. One can notice a pattern of keywords and if checked carefully they signify the number 7. It is thoughtful.

Title- The title do gives us frantic thoughts like to what could be this seventh cup, is it related to sports or something else. But the guesses are entirely wrong the title has a significant meaning. After reading the novel we can get back to the title and it will surely feel perfect as if it was made for this novel only.’The Seventh Cup’

Blurb-  A student of history in Switzerland goes missing; a man drinks exactly seven cups of coffee everyday in the same restaurant and believes in Mind Transportation. Two newly married Swiss detective agents arrive and begin a shocking tale of love, friendship, betrayal and death. From the colorful coasts of Goa, India to the enchanting backdrop of Zurich,Switzerland, the mystery of Verona Schmidt baffles everyone. With shocking twits and turns in every chapter, The Seventh Cup might just have the addictive flavor to stir the readers mind…may be forever !!

Setting- The setting and the aura of the novel is peaceful and unique. The scenes are set up in Goa, Zurich, Switzerland, Basel. The name of the places are beautiful. One can feel the scenic beauty. There are mention of other places as well like Mumbai, Manila and many more that adds flavour to the novel.

Plot- The plot of the novel is neatly woven. There are no loops in it. There are multiple plots which are linked in the last chapter. The main plot focusses the life of Avinash Roy, a student from Goa who comes to work in Zurich and Verona Schmidt, a student of history. Things take a different turn when Verona goes missing for eight months and the CID officers Thomas and Susanne are asked to solve the case.

There is a sub plot about Thomas and Susanne who are officers and how they get married and make appearance in the main plot. Susanne is seem connected to her grandfather who was a great Archaeologist. She writes about his discoveries and her experiences on a blog which gives peace to her soul and through she revives her grandfather’s memories.

The other plot is about Ria Pratap who has a tragic past about her mother and comes to Switzerland for a program in Archaeology. Nobody knows the truth behind her mysterious death and she comes to picture when Thomas’s bag gets exchanged.

The minor plot is about Alexander Victor1 who goes missing and his case is given to Thomas. Thus, This plot also meets the main plot when he solves the mystery and later on join Susanne in finding Verona’s mysterious disappearance.

Themes- This book is full of intriguing themes and they have deeper reasons. The theme of love is significant. We notice Thomas and Susanne are madly in love who support each other at every step. The other theme is of one sided love of Avinash Roy for Verona Schmidt. He develops an instant liking for VErona and even gets obsessed with her. HE tries every possible thing to win her but she seems to be in love with KEvin Smith. The story takes a turn when he begins to hallucinate about her. This surely takes us to other theme , i.e transportation of memories. It is a unique concept where these two are transported to memories of Avinash. The other theme is of law of attraction which is a theory given by Professor Shantanu and Ria’s keen desire to find Verona and the other one where she wants Susanne to handle Verona’s Case.

Characterisation- The author masters the art of charcterisation. He has beautifully portrayed the sketches of the characters. My favourite charcters are Avinash, Ria and Susanne.

Avinash Roy is the most complex character I have come across in my life and I am sure that such charcters don’t exist in real of life. He is an amazing writer who has connected his story to his real life. He has different concepts of life. He is a coffee addict. He is madly in love or rather say obsessed with Verona Schmidt. He has issues with acceptance of truth. He has beautifully written a thought provoking  play ‘In Search of Truth’. He is mouthpiece of author. Why I said this? This is because if we read the bio of the author we come to know that the author himself see as Avinash Roy, not exactly him but the background is autobiographical. He is a master mind who plays with the minds of almost all the charcters and the most played is Susanne.

Ria Pratap, popularly known as Chashmish in her college days is the most interesting charcter made by the author. The way she presents herself is impressive. She has a dark past and the memories of her past haunts her. Her mother was murdered brutally and which left a deep mark on her. Soon, she befriends Verona Schmidt who is an exchange student from Switzerland. They share the same room and have so much to talk about. When she suddenly disappears this leaves her tormented and she tries everything to find her. She joins an Archaeology programme just to find her someday. When she is in Switzerland she comes across detective Susanne and develops an instant liking for her. Like an enthusiast, she invites her to visit Augusta Raurica, an archaeological site. But her sudden demise makes the readers stunned. Yes, a hidden truth is there about her death but that is to be read not told here.

Susanne is a detective who falls for Thomas and the two gets married and plans to settle in Switzerland. She is asked to handle the case of Verona Schmidt who is missing from last eight months. She is a great admirer of Archaeology because her grandfather was a great archaeologist. She is an active blogger. She even develops a liking for Ria Pratap and her sudden death shakes her.She tries to understand the psychology of Avinash and starts believing in him. She even using his manuscript to solve the mystery of Verona’s disappearance and Ria’s death.The truth shocks her and the way she uncovers that truth is impeccable.

Style- The author has beautifully written this book and his research hard work can be seen through the crisp dialogues. The used of epistolar technique followed by impersonal descriptions and third person narrative is mind blowing. The novel has larger traces of Shakepearean tragedy, stream of consciousness theory and many more such loveable facts. The one liners are the best he could write about.

Highlighters- Starting from the Editor’s note, The author is admirer of talent and thats why he gave a proper space to the editor, Dr. Rosa MAria DelVecchio. She has nicely appreciated the author. This act of kindness actually won my heart.

Mind Transporation- This is one of the unique concept I have come across in my life. I never knew that this theme exists. So, yes readers this part is real and not fictional. This technique involves thinking about the memories and including the other person in it. This happens in story telling. Well, I did some research and even the author helped me in it. He asked me watch The Secret movie and even you read the novel The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. And my little bit of research includes some links which can give you better analysis about it..: http://www.sparringmind.com/story-psychology/

The related concept to this includes Mind uploading and this may also interest you : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading

LAw of Attraction- The law of attraction is the one in which something attracts the other. For instance, in this novel, Avinash’s mind attracts Verona Schmidt and that is why he is able to see her inspite of the fact thar the others can’t see her. If you want to know more just go through this link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_attraction_(New_Thought)

Play- The play ‘In Search of Truth’ is the most powerful play I have read so far and can challenge so many sects and entities. I would request the readers to thoroughly read this play. It has a lot of depth and essence in it.

Availability- http://www.amazon.in/Seventh-Cup-Nitesh-Kumar-Jain/dp/8182534488


About the Author


Nitesh Kumar Jain (1987) spent his childhood days in the beautiful state of Assam in India and pursued his schooling at Carmel School, Jorhat. Later he went to BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer in the year 2010 and worked as a trainee at Aditya Birla Chemicals inThailand for six months. He did his post-graduate work in Chemical and Bioengineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and later worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel. During his two-year stay in Switzerland, he conceptualized his debut novel, The Seventh Cup. Currently he is in India working on a start up venture. Apart from writing he loves photography and travelling to new countries to explore different cultures. Nitesh has visited several countries during the past few years such as Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Germany,France, Austria,The Netherlands. He wish to visit Turkey, Australia and the Nordic countries in the coming years. He believes in the saying by Paulo Coelho: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!



Revival of Comedy : Go Clown

Go Clown # AccheDin for Comedy is written by Shatrugna Vadwlas. By the name only one can make out that this falls under Humor category. I got this book from Author’s Paradise in return of an honest review. To add more, this is my first ever humor read and I am glad that I picked up this book.


Cover- The cover has a boy whose smoking and the colour scheme looks fascinating.

Title- The title of the Go Clown suggests its main purpose that is to make the readers laugh and its sub title ‘ Acche Din for Comedy’ suggests us that Comedy which was long lost is back in action now.

Blurb- When Baby Kiriti arrived in this world, he was like a lost butterfly in a sea of white. A baby who is born and thrust into the huge sea of humanity called India, rides and steers his destiny ship, as he constantly grapples with the Clown inside him, who meanwhile brings out his own set of funny oars in these troubled waters.

The Clown’s journey continues on from a Karma-Guru to a trader of special water from Europe (thanks to his Made-in-China friend!), and from a music director (the Bad-Boy theme!) to the founder of a school, and a dirty sock to a sex-crazed, horny bunch of young fellas. The colors of the Clown’s comedy are different but he always plays to the circus of life. As Kiriti encounters a wide array of characters from the length and breadth of India, a land as rich as its flavours, the carefree years full of joy and young hopes come to an end, with the sweet smell of Ganja still lingering under the starry nights. The philosophy of Meaning is preached, after a session of holy smokes, on the sides of a dusty highway which sees blood and grime daily.

And finally with the Mystical Game which casts a shadow on Kiriti’s life having been won, everything is laid to rest under a blanket of white, only to be stumbled upon by a Sherpa on the peaks of the mighty Himalayas that wakes up something inside of his adorable son!

Is it a Thief, his Dream or the Clown?

Plot- The plot is well constructed and artistically woven. Kiriti is the protagonist whose life has been showcased in a sarcastic manner. This is a story of humor, sarcasm, relationships, friendships, religious aspects and many more segments are included in it.

Revival of Comedy- Since the day I have started reading, I don’t remember I have read any novel that is entirely based on Comedy. Though there were plays written especially those Romantic or Tragicomedy by Shakespeare and many more. Yes, we do have some stories based on humor or mild humor but there is not a single book written entirely to justify this genre. Go Clown is the first Indian book that showcases Comedy with blending of sarcasm. This book makes you laugh and refreshens your mind.

Style- I am impressed by the typical hindi words and some different vocab as it grabs the attention of the readers and the English translation in brackets gives us a lot of help and knowledge about the things. The twists and turns were simply amazing. The epilogue can puzzle you as this sounds like a typical psychological novel where one realises that all that happened was an illusion not reality. Many readers have there own notions about the end and I will not disclose it. Infact you have to read it to know more about it. The subject matter was thoroughly researched. Even there is a game in the end and the rules have been explained beautifully and readers should surely try it. There were no typical jargons and the language was easy to absorb.

Negatives- As we know, ‘Every Coin has a Flip side’, this novel too has another side. Though the author tried to take up a different genre which not many dare to try but still at some point the author could not do full justice to it. I would say it was a good attempt but its not perfect. There was no hidden message. I could just find some psychological gaming. But still I would like to appreciate the author who tried this genre which makes him a hero in my eyes. So, Kuddos to you ..:)

Others review- https://thereandtheir.com/2016/06/08/book-review-go-clown/



Availability- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30289588-go-clown—the-bad-boy-novel



Interview Salsa:Falguni Kothari

Hey fellas, today I am introducing interview session to make my blog more lively. So, my first author whom I interacted is Falguni KOthari who wrote My Last Love Story. I must say she has beautifully answered all my questions. Lets start then:

What was the thought process behind this book?

My Last Love Story was inspired by different events that made an impression on me. One, I’ve known many cancer patients and survivors. I’ve seen the strength it takes for them and their families to deal with such a leeching disease and I wanted to pay tribute to these people, who in my mind are no less heroic than battle-scarred warriors.

The other event is related to a book: Tempted by Megan Hart. The plot is about an affair between three people, beautifully written and explained, but I hate the way it ends, even now. Back then, I’d only begun to write my first novel, and I guess the need to rewrite the climax of Tempted stayed with me and culminated in MLLS.

What all struggles you went through while writing this book?

The only plot point I struggled with was Simeen’s rape. I’d originally planned to write in only a threat to rape and not have her actually suffer that trauma, but the scene just wouldn’t flow well. And the aftermath of the scene also did not feel as urgent or logical. So, I brainstormed with a friend or two and came up with a muted version of the rape scene.

Do you usually write Romance genres or any other also?

I like writing about love and relationships in my books, so all my stories, even if they’re not categorized as romance, will have romantic elements in them.

Does this novel relate to you in any way?

Not directly, no. But, it relates to most households as most households witness death and disease in their lifetime.
Would you like to write more of Romance novels in future?

Absolutely. As I said, I love writing about love. J I especially love writing flirty scenes.








Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes’s, Me Before You, My Last Love Story is a heartbreaking and poignant tale about the complexities of trauma and whether love can right a wrong. 


I, Simeen Desai, am tired of making lemonade with the lemons life has handed me. 
Love is meant to heal wounds. 
Love was meant to make my world sparkle and spin. 
Love has ripped my life apart and shattered my soul. 
I love my husband, and he loves me. 
But Nirvaan is dying. 
I love my husband. I want to make him happy. 
But he is asking for the impossible. 
I don’t want a baby. 
I don’t want to make nice with Zayaan. 


I don’t want another chance at another love story. 
Weepers, keep tissues handy.
Grab your copy @


About the author






Falguni Kothari is a New York-based hybrid author, and an amateur Latin and Ballroom dance silver medalist with a semi-professional background in Indian Classical dance. She writes in a variety of genres sewn together by the colorful and cultural threads of her South Asian heritage and expat experiences. When not writing or dancing, she fools around on all manner of social media and loves to connect with readers.




My Last Love Story is her fourth novel.



You can stalk her @


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Tagged Diaries: Mysterious U

It took me almost 16 years to come up with this title for this man. This man is my saviour and the reason because of whom I am alive again. I have written many facebook posts about him just in a hope that one day I will find him. But to my bad luck, I will never be able to find him. So, I want to share my heart out about this person who is so special and I have blurred memories about him still I feel connected. He is Dr. Rishi, my mysterious man ‘The MYSTERIOUS U’!

Dr. Rishi (Mysterious U)

I met him on 1 September, 2001. I was taken to Satyam Hospital as I had met with a deadly accident. I was almost dead and everyone had lost the hopes of my survival even my parents were in a fear that anytime the news of my death would come. My dad was in a shock, my mom and others were praying to God for my survival. I could unclearly remember when I reached the hospital, in a semi conscious state I saw a lean face. He was there in the OPD. He assisted the other doctors. I underwent 6 operations, 2head, 1upper and lower jaws, 2 stomach operations and an operation to deal with my spleen rupture. Yes, after that I was shifted to ICU and yes, I was not dead. Had I been dead I would not have been here writing about it. Okay, its not a joke. I was under machines and loads of pipes were attached to me. I was just 8 years old child and so much to handle. I could see him as he used to come for my head dressing.

I was half asleep when I heard someone talking to me.

“Hey Surbhi! How are you doing?”

I didn’t speak,just looked at him. A familiar face called me. Oh! He is the same guy who operated me. I heard him following the instructions. I thought that he was there to give me injections. Oh! I hate Injections. I looked at him and didn’t say anything. It was the first time in 4 days I had gained my full consciousness. I just nodded stating that I was fine. He said he was there to do my dressing. I pointed at the injection to inquire. He smiled gently and said he was not there to give me any injection. I was relieved. I gave him a wry smile. He told me his name was Dr. Rishi and he was handling my case. He looked lean, a black moustache and yes, not to forget his doctor’s coat and that stethoscope. He did my dressing and I felt safe around him. I told him I hate the smell around me. He quickly asked the attendants to clean the place around me. I said thankyou and he went.


After three hours another operation was scheduled as some stones entered my body( I don’t know the medical terms). I was again taken to the OPD. He was there and he gave me a smile. I was super scared after seeing those dangerous devices used during the operation. His eyes met mine and he said,” It will pain you a little, just look at me.” I don’t know why I felt safe around him. I looked at him. I was in pain , crying but when I looked at him that pain felt like a healing to me. After that torture ,I slept for God knows how many hours.

Slowly I became addicted to him. I was an arrogant, adamant, stubborn soul and when my wishes were not fulfilled I used to refuse everything, doesn’t matter that harmed me only. One day he didn’t come for my dressing and another doctor came to do my dressing. I bluntly told him to call Dr. Rishi. He had another patient to attend to. I shouted and screamed when that doctor tried to touch my head.Yes, by this I made him clear that I am a tough nut to crack. He tried to bribe me with good words and chocolates but all I wanted was him. After 2 hours he came and he did my dressing. I was angry at him. I told him that I won’t let anyone touch my head other than him. He smiled. We were getting used to each other. He used to come in his free time and play ludo, snake n ladders with me. He used to take me for hospital rounds and we used to comment on various nurses around us. I used to throw those sticky lizards on them and make them irritated like hell and yes, I always had Dr. Rishi at my rescue.

On 17 th September, I told him that the next day was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it. My nani agreed and yes for the first time in my life the venue was the hospital. Sounds wierd eh!He promised me that he would be there in time and before that he has some rounds and regular checkups to attend to. I agreed. The other day was exciting as everyone was wishing me. The hospital room was being decorated with balloons and other accessories. My mom told me that Dr. Rishi got that for me. I was elated. I couldn’t wait to see him in the evening. HE didn’t show up till the birthday celebrations. All the hospital staff and doctors including my friends and relatives were invited. All were enthralled as they had never seen any celebrations in the hospital. My eyes were searching just one person, Dr. Rishi. The party was at 5, he didn’t turn up. Then I waited for him till 6:30. All were compelling me to cut the cake as they had to go and complete there work but I was stuck to one point.” When Dr. Rishi will come, I will cut the cake!” Some waited and while some went. Nobody has that much patience I tell you! He finally came at 7. He had some candies and flowers in his hand. He said he wanted to be on time but it took him time to get the gifts. I had a happident smile on my face. I realised this man is something. We cut the cake and he sang birthday song for me. It was the cutest birthday around him. We together checked the gifts and gave comments on them. Even those nurses whom I always teased gave me gifts.


I was recovering and these interactions were going on and one day after 4 months, the doctor announced that I could go to my home.’HOME’.. this word made me realise I was not there for 4 months. But I started feeling pain in my heart. The feelinf of separation from this new place called HOSPITAL which I started feeling as my home. I no more hated this place. ANd a deep realisation struck me that I won’t be able to see Dr. Rishi. But I was told that I had to come after every 2 days for a dressing. I got some strengths. I used to meet him. I used to tell him all the stories and my favourite one was Hensel and Greatal. We used to invite him on dinners and sometimes I used to visit his hostel with my dad. We even used to exchange gifts on Diwali. After 15 days of my home coming I was hospitalised again. I couldn’t move my legs. And doctor said it was PARTIAL PARALYSIS. He was upset and couldn’t see me in that condition. He tried to console me but something hit my head that I would never be able to walk. My innocent words pained him. I could sense he was trying his best to help me. He knew it would take another 6 months to recover. He linked me with Dr. Panja. I don’t remember his full name. I hated him so much. He was completely stupid and my NAni used to tease me ‘ YOUR PAnja has come :P’

I refused to get myself treated with him. Dr. Rishi came to me and he was damn serious this time and said,” Why are you troubling others? Do you know that your DAD is in depression( I didn’t know this term, I just listened to him) Your mom has taken so many leaves from her school. Your grandparents come to see you everyday. Your relatives are worried, your best friend miss her study time to meet you and you are creating a mess. Do you know how much we all care for you?” His eyes were moist. He was hurt. He wanted to see me walking. He said he will be there with that stupid Panja. Yes, he accompanied him though it was not his field. I recovered from that phase also. Our bond strengthened. I felt happy around him. I had found a friend, a brother, a soul keeper in him. I felt only he could handle me well.

Yes, after an year of mess I again celebrated my birthday and this time at my home. HE was invited for sure. When I saw him, I jumped in his arms like a tiny toddler. He held me in his arms and embraced. My dad clicked that picture. The one and only picture I had with him. He gifted me a teddy bear which I still have it. The next day when I went for checkup, he said he was going to Shimla, his hometown. And that was our last meeting.


He healed me from my pains and left me. After a month, when we went for our last checkup we came to know that he had left the hospital as his work period( internship) was over. I was devastated. It has been 16 years since that incident. I met him just to lose him. Even today I shed fresh tears for him. I know he loved chicken , egg curry, moong dal, chocolates, pineapple juice. We were just perfect companions. I never met a person who made me feel so special. Even today I hug that teddy bear and cry to sleep. I know this much that when he left, he took away my soul too. A friend, a brother, a sould keeper whom I will never meet.

I wish I could meet him once and say that I miss him. I wish I could tell him that I am not that arrogant girl who used to mock at people. I wish I could tell him that I still remember his words. I wish I could tell him that his name still make me smile. I wish I could tell him that I still have that Teddy Bear.I wish I could say Thankyou and SOrry to him.


And now, I don’t visit that hospital because it reminds me of him. I have stopped going to Kalpa Flourists because the flowers there reminds me of him. I don’t go to that hostel where he used to live. I no longer search him on facebook because after so much of efforts I have realised that we were destined to never meet. It was God’s role play that he sent you as an angel who gave me life and I am greatful to you for this life.  I just pray that where ever you are, you just stay happy. But yes, You will always be my MYSTERIOUS U who came in my life and just vanished like a mystery.


This is Sara (yes, you used to call me after you heard it from my dad) signing off! This post will remain close to my heart.




Book Review of Memoirs of Geisha

Memoirs of Geisha is written by Arthur Golden which is a slow paced novel. I bought this novel as a result of my eagerness to know more about the Japanese Culture. I have heard my friends talking about so I thought I should read it. While I was reading it, I fell in the love with Arthur’s style of writing. Lets go in depth about the book:

Cover- The cover is white in color and has a face of girl with a red lipstick. It is believed Geisha’s mostly wear red lipsticks which gives us little sneak peaks of the novel.


Title- The title is Memoirs of Geisha. Usually, Memoir is a writeup where a person himself dies and the work is published post death. Thus, it suggests something like that.

Blurb- This story is a rare and utterly engaging experience. It tells the extraordinary story of a geisha -summoning up a quarter century from 1929 to the post-war years of Japan’s dramatic history, and opening a window into a half-hidden world of eroticism and enchantment, exploitation and degradation.

A young peasant girl is sold as servant and apprentice to a renowned geisha house. She tells her story many years later from the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Her memoirs conjure up the perfection and the ugliness of life behind rice-paper screens, where young girls learn the arts of geisha – dancing and singing, how to wind the kimono, how to walk and pour tea, and how to beguile the land’s most powerful men.


Plot- The plot is intriguing as it talks about the journey of Chiyo who is a simple girl and the way she goes through trials and tribulations in her life. This book talks about her Geisha times, her training, her love and in this journey how she loses herself and becomes Sayuri. There are no digressions in the plot.

Theme- In this book, we find theme of separation. When young Chiyo and Satsu are separated from their parents, it aches the hearts of the readers. Later on, we notice Chiyo and Satsu’s separation. Then there is separation of Sayuri from Motherin Okiya during the World War 2.

The other theme can be noticed is of War. The destructions led to Geisha’s decline. Americans overtook some of the Geisha properties. Even the well knowns became penniless. There is a long time gap.

The theme of Japanese Culture plays an eminent role in this book. This story is of Geisha which means a Japanese Girl who could dance, sing and entertain men. When they are novice, they are kept under Apprenticeship where an elder sister is given to them who teach them. Further, after being baptised, she is adopted by a teacher or a mother where she lives. And then she is married and her husband is known as Danna.

The theme of love lost and found is noticed. Till the end readers are confused, like who Sayuri loves, whether its Chairman or Nobu. But while studying carefully, we come to know that Sayuri loves Chairman and in the first part they are separated only to meet again in the end of the chapters. They have a tough journey to face.

Characterisation- Arthur Golden is well known for his character portrayal. There are so many characters which adds flavour to the story. Chiyo or Sayuri is the main protagonist whose journey is being delineated. It seems as if she herself is telling her story. When she gets separated by her family, it makes the readers shed tears and afterwards the struggle of becoming a Geisha could be noticed. During this course of journey she comes across Hatsumomo who is the antagonist in the play. She is the popular Geisha who hates Sayuri from the core of her heart. During this time, Mameha comes in picture and helps Sayuri. When Sayuri begins to taste popularity, Hatsumomo is jealoused and soon leaves the site due to some reasons. Nobu is an amazing character who is always ready to support Sayuri but Sayuri feels for chairman. All the characeters are interlinked. Even the Minor characters play a significant role in plot construction.

Style- The author has a different style of writing. His novel is slow paced and has traces of Dickensian style. He has a unique way of storytelling. He adds all the elements starting from the minute details. The novel is written in first and third person narrative with vivid descriptions especially the indirect ones. A lot of Japanese words are being used since it highlights the post war elements and Japanese culture like : kimono, kyoto, danna, gion etc.

Negatives- Arthur Golden’s novel is a part of Vintage collection hence, it has a long length of around 435 pages which becomes difficult to complete in one day. Further, the slow pace of the novel might cause lack of interest in it. There are so many Japanese jargons which we might not know and we need to refer google or dictionaries for that. Moreover, there are too many characters which sometimes causes haush paush and readers might get confused.

Others reviews:

Golden’s storytelling is rich and slow-paced. Like Austen, he lavishes attention on the minute details that regulate and define social distinctions. In the raising of a teacup or an eyebrow there are worlds of implication. The prose style is simple and strangely satisfying, perfectly attuned to its time and place. Golden manages to find the simile for every occasion. “That startling month in which I first came upon the Chairman again…made me feel like a pet cricket that has at last escaped its wicker cage. For the first time in ages I could go to bed at night believing that I might not always draw as little notice in Gion as a drop of tea spilled onto the mats.” Golden deftly makes use of a culture that deflects emotion and makes direct communication taboo to create a world of intrigue and romance. Depression and war remain in the background while Sayuri imbibes wisdom from her mentor, Mameha, battles her rival, Hatsumomo, and yearns for the attentions of the Chairman. Memoirs of a Geisha is an intelligent entertainment.
Dan Cryer – Salon

Cherry-blossom delicate, with images as carefully sculpted as bonsai, this tale of the life of a renowned geisha, one of the last flowers of a kind all but eliminated by WW II, marks an auspicious, unusual debut. Japan is already changing, becoming industrialized and imperialistic, when in 1929 young Chiyo’s fisherman father sells her to a house in Kyoto’s famous Gion district. The girl’s gray-eyed beauty is startling even in childhood, so much so that her training is impeded by the jealousy of her house’s primary geisha, the popular, petty Hatsumomo. Caught trying to run away, Chiyo loses her trainee status until taken under the wing of Mameha, a bitter rival of Hatsumomo.

Chiyo flourishes with Mameha as her guide, soon receiving her geisha name, Sayuri, and having her mentor skillfully arrange the two main events vital to a geisha’s success: the sale of Sayuri’s virginity (for a record price), and the finding of a sugar-daddy to pay her way. Seeing the implications of Japan’s militarism, Mameha pairs Sayuri with the general in charge of army provisions, so that as WW II drags on she and her house have things no one else in Gion can obtain. After the war, with her general dead and others vying for her attention, Sayuri pines anew for the only man she ever loved—an electrical-corporation chairman whose kindness to a crying Chiyo years before altered the course of her future.

Though incomparable in its view of a geisha’s life behind the scenes, the story loses immediacy as it goes along. When modern times eclipse Gion’s sheltered world, the latter part of Sayuri’s life—compared to the incandescent clarity of its first decades—seems increasingly flat.
Kirkus Reviews

Availability- https://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-Geisha-Novel-Arthur-Golden/dp/0679781587









Guest Post by Manveen Kaur

Hey lovelies.. Today I am here to introduce you guys with a dear friend of mine, Manveen Kaur..I hope you will like her poetry..


Let’s barter some things today,
Let the things be replaced by feelings, emotions maybe life,
I am not afraid, not worried,
For a “man helps man” has given me a destined courage,
I allow you to overflow my intactness,
I invite you to barter your life with mine.
Let all my smiles puffing in my cheeks,
and all the glitters i earned by awestruck amazements
be your definition.

your tired, dark-circled dream-carriers,
your subdued mind in the bones and skin container
be my new designation.

About the Guest


Manveen Kaur hails from Ludhiana. She is studying Creative Writing from Langara College, Vancouver. She is also the host of radio show :Vancouver Co-0p radio CFRO. She is an avid reader and a prolific writer. She loves to pen down her thoughts and with her poetic aura mesmerise the minds of her readers. She can be contacted at :




Book Review of 2 Peg Ke Baad

2 Peg Ke Baad is a collection of short stories written by Nikita Lalwani. These collections showcase a different concept of living life. This book is not to support drinking but it surely tells us how one feels after getting drunk. The stories talk about the incidents that take place after having 2 pegs. I got this book through Author Paradise in return of an honest review. Let us know more about the book:

Cover- The cover of the book is fanatastic as it has a glass with alcohol in it. The colours used are vibrant and its appealing.


Title- I felt this is the perfect title for a book like this as it suits the theme 2 Peg Ke bAad. This title has a Hindi name which means after consuming 2 shots.

Structure- There are 14 stories in this book. All are different and have one thing in common i.e. they tell about the incidents that take place after those 2 Peg Ke Baad. The author follows an incidental technique with main headings. Some stories are metaphorical while some are incidental. I have some of my personal favourites:

Papier Blank(The Blank Paper)- This story is really heart touching and gives us a glimpse of Indian idealogy and idealogy of French people. It is a take of relationships, struggle, heart breaks,writing and of amnesia that takes a toll. I especially loved the quote by Ernest Hemingway and the small writeup, french attitude.

Drive- In- Sanity – An amazing story that makes you laugh, smile as it has so many fun elements and the perks of being highly drunk.

Kicking the Butt- A life changing story that gives us a reality check of relations. Further, it gives us a clear picture of those people who are double faced and can harm us. We should always be bold and face them without any fear.

Rosita in the BAr- A story of love and devotion of wife for her husband. Rosita is unable to believe that her husband is dead and it takes years to realise this. Here faith is the major concern.

Its Not a Love Story- A powerful tale of after effects of a breakup. This story is unusual as it doesnt have a new lover instead it has an inspector who comes out to be the solace of Manas.

Epilogue- This is a story with a prime focus on social issues and it throws light on the Hijra community whoare known as eunuchs. This is a heart warming tale of Laxmi who has surrendered herself to LOrd Krishna. We get a new insight about them and we should respect them. It touched my soul.

LOws- The copy I got had 17 pages missing but that can’t be simply ignored. There were some repetitions in the stories and minor editing errors which could have been avoided.

Best STory- Epilogue surpasses the norms of society and has an enthralling story line which fills new vibes and new thoughts about these Hijras. Laxmi is the mouthpiece of the author. SHe has beautifully woven the tale and deserves claps. This story makes me overlook all the flaws the other things have.

Availability- http://www.amazon.in/Peg-Ke-Baad-Nikita-Lalwani/dp/938266565X



About the Author


You can reach her at : https://www.facebook.com/2pegkebaad/




Authorsdock : A Vision

Hello Fellas, I am back with the guest post. Today I would like to introduce Vipul Madhani, CEO of Pustakmandi to share his vision. I am glad to announce that on the eve of his Birthday he is launching a new website named’http://authorsdock.com/‘ and it is my pleasure that he has chosen my blog to start with. Thankyou Vipul Sir, it means a lot.

Authorsdock: A Vision


Authorsdock is the dream of Vipul Madhani who is the CEO of Pustakmandi. He always had a soft corner for books and the authors who wrote them. Pustakmandi was the first step of his aim whereas Authorsdock is the second step.

Authorsdock is specially designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the authors, book reviewers, editors, content writers, bloggers etc. This site serves all the purpose that a person wants in his site. The site has various segments that include profile, role of the person, Activity, community, forums etc.

Profile- The first step is to register your account where you have to mention your details and you can add your role like that of a subscriber, editor or an author.

Role of the person- This site has a unique of feature of assigning role of a person. The role is mentioned above at your profile and you work accordingly.

Activity- This involves your activities while exploring the site. You can message someone, update a status, write a write-up and update your picture.

Community- This involves various groups, which you can join and can help you in knowing things and interacting with the people. The community will focus on the topics related to writing and books.

Forums- This aspect gives us the opportunity to create polls where we can do discussions.

Portfolio- The next best feature is that it offers you to make a portfolio of all your works. You can compile all your works and assemble here. It will remain safe.

Further, we can even buy books as it offers a buy books option, which is directly linked to the Pustakmandi official site.  Moreover, the site offers you to be linked with your other accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Not only this there are some other icons that tells you who are your followers and who are you following. This keeps you updated with the people around you.

If you stuck somewhere and need any help then you can mail us and we will gladly help you. We need your support and appreciation. I am sure we can together make this site a big hit.

Vipul Madhani

(CEO Pustakmandi)