Damaged Beyond Any Repair

Life is never perfect though we always wish it to be. People come and go in our lives but we learn to move on. A close one’s death makes us sad, true, but till when is the question. We can’t breathe sadness everyday as one day or the other we must move on. Not all such separations are because of death, some are a result of bad situations or wrong times.


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Author’s Note1 : I wrote this story 8 years ago and sent this for so many competitions but I guess it was meant to be shared here..The title of the short story is inspired by an online novel Damaged Beyond Any Repair by a dear friend, Abstract Kash.. Would appreciate your likes, comments and share..

Author’s Note2 This story got published by Book Array in their book Frozen Emotions. Due to copyright issues, this story has been removed. To read the story Pre- order the Book:


14 thoughts on “Damaged Beyond Any Repair

  1. Aritri says:

    I am always in awe of stories that depict the struggles of women and their empowerment. The world needs more such tales inspired by people’s lives. Thank you for writing!


  2. bhaveshbhimani says:

    That’s a moving story. And also teaches us all something valuable. Never to make decisions in haste. This story – although heartbreaking – reminded me of one of Premachand’s stories. The overall feel that is. Really felt bad for the girl and wanted to punch the guy. Anyways. Nice attempt. Keep writing more. 🙂


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