Book Review of DNA…Dad’s Not Adopted

DNA… Dad’s Not Adopted by Shikha Kaul is a murder mystery blended with crime, emotions, thriller, romance. The book is a page turner as every page has a new set of story to tell.


Cover- The cover of book has fantastic colour scheme and has a girl who is seen relaxing near a sea shore with a message in the bottle in her hand. This makes the readers excited to go through the contents of the book.

Title- The title is unusual as nobody can come up with this except Shikha Kaul. I feel she is born to come up with this title only. The literal meaning gets cleared only we reach the end of the story.

Blurb- When the past that never existed comes to haunt you, there’s only one thing that persists in your mind – It is definitely a lie!

Sometimes life is not just a mystery, but withal a discovery and cognizance of facts and people around, people who have lived on this planet every moment of your life, as a part of your life, have breathed through the times you have spent. Yet they remain anonymous to you like aliens from a different world. Their existence is non-extant. Yet they influence you without your knowledge. Sometimes they too are oblivious to the reality, like the railway tracks which run parallel to each other but never meet. The moment the tracks meet, there is bound to be a disaster.

She is a simple girl from Thailand and he is one of the top business magnates of India. She claims to be his daughter and a year later she is found killed.

A Managing Editor of a leading newspaper and a CBI Investigating Officer team up to unearth the truth. How far do they go to uncover the mystery?

Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end….without a blink!

PLot- The plot is well knit and gripping till the end. The story is all about a well known indutrialist Rishabh Shenoy. Life takes a halt when Nisa Yuen claims that he is her father and her murder adds more misery to it. This is a story of little romance, tangled relationships, full of suspense elements and many unsaid truths.

Themes- The novel has varied themes including romance, mystery, social status, tangled relations and adds lots of drama to it.

Characterisation- The author has taken a risk of adding too many characters in the novel and to my surprise, this risk proved out to be n asset. It has added flavour to the book. The way the characters have their own background stories is enthralling. Actually, even the readers are unable to predict the things which turns out to be the biggest highlight. The author has given proper space to each and every character by giving them cerain role to perform in plot construction. The Major characters are just perfect with minor characters being their backbones. My personal favourites are Rishabh Shenoy, Ghazal, Pranab. I would say, the antagonists add more spice instead of the protagonists.

Style- The story is written in third person narrative and some flashback technique is being used in the book. The descriptions are apt and the way the story is delineated is mind blowing. The use of epistolary techniques is an icing on the cake. The book keeps you hooked and is well edited.

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About the Author


Shikha Kaul is an Indian who was born in Amritsar, Punjab in 1981. Her family moved to Gurgaon in 1992 and she has seen the city grow from a small town to being the Millennium City of India. She completed her schooling from Gurgaon and later Graduated with Honours in Physics from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HR) from Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning.
She got married in 2007 and is living with her husband and in-laws in Gurgaon. She has a daughter and she enjoys her responsibilities as a wife, mother and a daughter-in-law.

She works with a Telecom Company in the Staffing division. She is passionate about writing her thoughts and creating stories from nowhere, loves to dance and spend time with her kid. She manages her 24 hours perfectly, balancing her personal and professional lives.

She found her passion for writing not too long ago. Her debut fiction novel ‘Hidden Husband’ is a contemporary love story with a touch of realities prevailing in Indian society that form the foundation of the biases against women for centuries. It’s based on the concept of hidden marriages which is common in urban India these days.

The novel has been receiving commendable responses from readers and reviewers.



Book Review of And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is the most difficult novel she wrote till now and is considered to be her masterpiece. I got this book as a birthday gift from my friend, Kavipriya Moorthy who herself a die hard fan of Agatha Christie.


Agatha always wanted to write about a poem like this,  so she wrote about it in this book. We don’t see Mr. POirot here but their is an investigating officer for sure.

The story is setup in a lonely island where 10 people are found dead. These people are not aquainted with each other and the way they stay in a house gives us wierd vibes. But all are connected to each other. THey are invited by a person and they without thinking much just reach this island. But when one by one dies, an eerie and spooky atmosphere is created.

The author has given many twists and turns. When we think that this the criminal, he dies the very next moment. This story remains a mystery till the end and is revealed to the readers only when the writer plans to add a twist where the criminal confesses his sins on paper wrapped in a bottle.

The cover is fantastic along with the title. The title is perfect as the story revolves around this. The characterisation is marvalous and the style of writing is marvalous. The author has used amazing descriptions that gives us an insight about the novel. The book is an easy read but sometimes its twisting and turning confuses the readers. The officers also could not trace the culprit. Everything seems confused but the end clears everything after the confession especially.

I personally loved all the characters. They were all round and were hiding something or the other. But all were connected to each other because either they were cheats or liars somewhere or the other. FRom my analysation, I can make out that the author has elucidated a high range of drama in this book.

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About the Author


Agatha Christie was one of the most well-known novelist, playwright and short story writers of all time. She is thought to have revolutionized the mystery genre. Her forte had been the genre of crime fiction, detective, murder mystery and thriller. Still, she had penned 6 romantic novels as well under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. Her carefully crafted plots and the twist and turn in the plot keep the reader engaged from first page till the last. She is often referred to as Queen of Crime. The Last séance, The Witness for prosecution, Murder for Christmas and Then There Were None are some of her best novel . She is has been called the highest selling author of all time. She was awarded the title of Dame in 1971 for her significant contribution in the field of literature.

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