Book Review of Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod

Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod is a fast pace novel that has elements of thriller, tragedy and romance in it. It highlights the life of Atul Malhotra and gives us a clear account of the Corporate World. I won this book in a contest organised by the author so here I am telling my views about this book. Lets go through it together :


Cover- The cover of the book grabs the attention of the reader. The colour scheme perfectly suits it followed by a broken line that shows the showcases the purpose of the novel.

Title- ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ is the most suitable title as nothing could have been better than this. The way the protagonist goes through trials and tribulations beautifully serves its title.

Plot- The plot construction is crisp and has no loose ends in it. It is a story of love, lust, relationships, corporate world, dirty politics, corruption and many more issues. The author has done justice to all the aspects. Atul Malhotra is the protagonist who seems to be a tragic hero. He is a successful man with unsuccessful married life and a relationship. He gets drowned in the web of corruption, murder and dirty politics which turns out to be his error of judgement or we can say his tragic flaw. Life takes a turn when harsh reality dawns upon him. It is a roller coaster ride of all the elements that take place in his life.

Themes- There are variety of themes in it. The theme of love, illicit relationships, betrayal, dirty politics and most important the theme of corporate life.

Charcterization- Atul Malhotra is the main character on whom this story is based. He is a failure when it comes to handle relationships be it with his wife Roshini or be it with his girl friend, Aarti.  He is caring towards both of them but situtaions parts him with both of them.Being a witty person he knows the knack of business sense. He takes all types of risks and end up in a pit which takes away everything. In the end he is a sufferer who learns from his mistakes and tries to mend the broken pieces of his life.

The female characters are not that important but they do play a significant role in the plot development. Aarti is a support system for Atul while Roshini is just the baggage for Atul. Both serve as a foil to each other. The other characters also play some role in the progress of the novel.

Style- The language of the author is simple, clear and lucid. It has brevity in it. The use of variety sentences makes it attractive. Whereas the phenomenal poetry with translation is the highlighter in the book. The locations chosen are amazing followed by enthrallling descriptions and mind blowing narrative styles.The texture of the book is appealing.  The only low point is repetition of sentences in the book and tinge of editing error. The other part is the use of corporative jargons which were unique as well as boring and could have been used in a better way.

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ABout the Author


Nilesh Rathod is a businessperson, writer and poet. Co-founder of Ensemble Infrastructure India Limited, Nilesh’s company currently employs over 2000 people and has successfully delivered thousands of contracts including offices, hotels, hospitals and retail spaces for top corporates. Destiny of Shattered Dreams is his debut novel. Nilesh is currently working on his second novel ‘The Emissary’. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Preeti and sons Shloak and Parv.

Twitter: @authornilesh


The Investigator Series- An overview

The Investigator Series  Arya- A New Beginning is a crime thriller written by Arvind Narsimha. In this book the author has used his art of writing magnificently. The way the characters are picturised and woven can leave you spell bound. I am happy to announce that this is the 100th book that I have read and my record to complete 100 books in a year is completed within 7 months. It feels amazing and I am greatful to the author as it was an interesting read. Lets know more about it together :

Cover- The cover of will surely grab your attention and would give a perfect hint that it is story that surely invovles a cop or a detective in it.


Title- This book has a title and a sub title. The title surely says that it is some series which will continue hence its ‘The Investigator Series’ whereas the sub title ‘ Arya- A New Beginning’ tells us that the character involved is surely Arya in it.

Plot- The author has done a tremendous job in the plot construction. The plot has a sub plot where in the middle it gets merged wit the main plot. From the start the sub plot takes over where Abinaya’s life story is being delineated, her struggles and the twists in her life which soons starts with the main plot where Arya’s entry takes place who is a cop and has a dark past which we are told in the middle of the story, that too a touch of it. This clearly shows that there is more to it and we will know about in the next book. When NRI Lenish is murdered both these plots come together to give us a proper lead.

Theme- The story of illicit relationships can be focussed on for now. Abinaya is an ambitious lady who falls for Srinivasan, her friend and later on she gets linked to Lenish but in all this she has a dreadful story which may affect the readers. But these things can never justify her actions. Her actions take away the lives of her husband, Natraj, her friend, Srinivasan, her boss, Avinash and Lanish.

The secret bond of Shivani and Arya is shown where they seem to like each other but their love has not been revealed , maybe that is stored for the next book.

The broken relationships is been strongly elucidated. Abinaya and Natraj’s strained relationship makes us pitty her. She is treated like badly and molested all the time. This results in her closeness to Srinivasan.

Srinivasan’s personal life is strained because his wife Hasini ask him get checked as they are not able to have a baby. The male ego comes between and he seeks refuge in Abinaya which results in their illicit relationship.

Shivani’s broken relationship is seen where she lives as a single mother and keeps herself indulged in her work. She has all the hatred for the male sex but when Arya enters her life, her mind goes a change which is not ready to accept.

Characterisation- The author has beautifully delineated his characters. I would add that he has cleverly manipulated his characters according to the story. There were many characters but all has their roles to play and my special favourites were Arya and SHivani. Coming to the negative ones, I felt Natraj was villainous, Avinash was selfish, Lanish was womaniser but Hasini can’t be called as a villain as her actions are according to the situation and Abinaya too comes in that category. But Srinivasan was a complicated character and it was hard to make any conclusions about him. He was a round character. There were other characters who helped these people in the plot progress.

Style- The style of the author is simple, lucid and clear. There were no jargons or poetic structures. The narrative was third person followed by impersonal descriptions. The adding of mystery, suspense sounded flavourous. There were no editing errors just a minute ones which can be easily ignored. I would like to Salute the author for writing this fantabulous novel.


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About the Author

This is the debut novel for the author, Arvind Narsima Mourty. The author lives in the beautiful Pondicherry along with his wife and daughter. He left a lucrative jon to pursue a dream and a quest to become a celebrated writer. His area of interests lay largely in adventures and mysteries. An avid reader and a prolific writer, he has won many prizes and kudos for the creative writing. He has written many dramas, stories and poems that were performed during the memorable years of school and college. ew of his favourite writers include Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, and Amish Tripathi. Other than reading and writing,he loves to cook and extensively travel. The Investigator Series is the outcome of his interest in mystery and detective stories. “Arya – A  New Beginning” is the first part of the investigator series. The other parts will follow soon.




Carnival of Love: A book review

Carnival of Love by Helen Dickson is a part of Lords and Ladies collection. The novel has all the victorian traits like that of love affairs and illicit relationships. Lets analyse it :

Cover- The cover is of dark golden colour that has three chit chatting over something and sharing something. This cover gives us instincts of a Victorian setups where rich ladies gossip and have drinks together.


Title- Carnival of Love is an appropriate title as it talks about love and is treated as an object.

Blurb- Rescuing Lavinia Renshaw from a Venetian canal ws one thing. Accepting her surprising proposition of marriage was quite another! Maxim Purnell thrived on taking risks, however, his situation was complicated enough without taking a wife. To come into her lagacy, Lavinia needed a husband- but what if Maxim decided to take their marriage of convenience the real thing?

Plot- The story starts with a betrayal by Lavinia’s fiance who has an illicit relationship with her sister. The shocked revealation breaks LAvinia which takes a new turn when she gets attracted to a stranger named Maxim Purnell. Lavinia calls off her wedding with her fiance. But to get her property she has to be married so she propose Maxim Purnell and he readily accepts the offer. But Lavinia is unaware of the dark past which MAxim is hiding. the revealation of the truth can break their attraction which has soon transformed to passion and never ending love.

Helen has constructed a very complicated plot which is understood at the end of the story. This plot construction is the backbone of the novel and has made the readers awestruck.

Characterisation- The art of character portrayal is whimsical and above all, Maxim Purnell is my favourite character. He is the male protagonist in the story and is a complicated character to crack. He seems flirty on same but has a different sad story in his heart. He is a sad man who has a daughter but its hard to claim her since his mistress is not a nice lady. When he comes across Lavinia in a party he instantly falls for her and to add more, when she proposes him, he accepts her unaware of the consequences behind. He behaves a rash, rude man in front of Lavinia but in reality he is trying to save her from his evil mistress.

Lavinia Renshaw is a beautiful lady who is unwillingly marrying the guy chosen for her. But soon he finds out that he is after her money and befooling her with her sister. This breaks her heart and she is furious. Then she comes across Maxim Purnell and feels attracted towards him. She is bold and fearless, as the trials and tribulations she faces as a princess and as a wife is commendable. Her love blooms for Maxim and she loves him dearly inspite of all the misunderstandings.

Style- The style of the novel is complicated as many glittered vocabulary is used. the dialogues are perfect whereas the third person narrative along with vivid descriptions serves as a sweet. The use of poetic diction and jargons enthralls the readers. The length of the novel is appropriate and even it is clubed with another novel by a different author. The novel can’t be completed in one day as the rich vocab forces you to consult your dictionary every time.


About the Author

Helen Dickson was born and still lives in South Yorkshir with her husband on a busy arable farm where she combines writing with keeping a chaotic farmhouse. An incurable romantic, she writes for pleasure, owing much of her inspiration to the beauty of the surrounding countryside. She enjoys reading and music. History has always captivated her and she likes travel and visiting ancient buildings.

Slam Books in Convent

The title has surely grabbed your attention and has transported you guys in your childhood or teen times. Isnt it? If not then I have loads of things to share about these Slam Books. Usually slam books are bought so that we can take an autograph of some special people like stars, friends and the ones whom we consider important in our life. It is not easy to take stars’ autograph, though some people manage it. But Slam Books in Convent has always been a tradition. When I was studying there I noticed my fellow mates used to have a book known as ‘Slam Book’ where they used to take information about their friends. I was always fascinated by this Slam Book thing.


I bought my first Slam Book when I was in Grade 5. I went to the market with my grandfather and searched almost 40 slam books and then bought 1. I wanted my Slam Book to be the most beautiful. After buying that I called my friend who was equally excited. And yes, she was the first one to fill that Slam Book page. Coming to stars, for Conventees our stars were our teachers and our dear friends.

When we were in class I noticed a tall didi who was in 10std came to our class with this book. She wanted Maam’s autograph. Maam asked her to leave her book and after that she started filling it. I was so enthralled by this site that I quickly went to my teacher and asked her to fill mine. She declined it which made me sad but then she explained me why she was signing her book and not mine. She softly smiled and explained,

“this slam book is just like a memory book where we store memories not information and for us, its the good luck that we wish to our students when they leave this institution.”

She added when when I would leave then she would also sign it. I understood her point and patiently waited for the day. I kept my Slam book preserved just to get those beautiful words in 10 th std.

But I bought one more slam book which was filled by my friends. And the first one was my best friend who filled the first page of that book actually all the slam books that I bought till now..:p The same happened in my case, I used to fill the first. This meant we both were important for each other. I always loved those special messages and good wishes that my friends wrote for me. The best part was that they used to write with glitter pens and make my slam book artistic.


Finally the day had come. I was in 10th std. I remembered her words and went to her class to get her autograph to which she smiled. She wrote a beautiful message on that slam book :

“Winners never quit and quitters never win. May you get what you want in your life. Good luck for future”

Many teachers wrote on my slam book. Some of them wished me good luck while some of them dropped amazing snippets. One of them wrote what she always told us :

“STeal the moments”

This small message of her is still there with me. I always keep that in my heart and follow it..


And now, when I am writing this writeup all those moments are coming like a train because I am missing them and I want to dedicate this post to all those Josephites who ever autographed their friends and teachers. For us, our teachers are our stars who shaped us and what we are today is just because of them. Thankyou for being Angels in our lives!


Proud to be a Josephite!

Cupid Plays

I wrote this story for a submission of Mocktales under Romance category where the prompt was given by Ruchi Singh but it didnt happen so I am sharing with you guys. I hope you like it and honest feedbacks are needed.

“The new face (male) goes to …any guesses??  Our one and only KEVIN MATHEW”

The thunderous applause drowned her heartbeats knocking against her ribcage, as she watched him walk towards the stage. The tailored black suit moulding his muscled frame caused every pair of female eyes to turn towards him. A sigh here, a gasp there felt like pins piercing her soul. He bowed to the veteran film director- standing here to hand him ‘the black beauty’- in his impeccable, courteous way. She wondered if he remembered her at all in these moments, at the pinnacle of success.

Admiring the award, he took the mic from the stage assistant and faced the audience. For a second it appeared he looked straight at her. Her heart stopped and she shrank back in the crowd. But the next second he blinked, and the moment was gone. She mentally berated herself for the fanciful thought. The stage lights couldn’t have allowed him to see anyone in the huge auditorium, leave alone someone standing at the entrance.

A hand touched her elbow,’ Ms. Kapoor, this way please’

A familiar voice brought her back to reality. She was glued to the TV. She was biting her nails while watching, an old habit of hers.  Every word of him was like a melody to her ears. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him on the screen. She went close to the TV screen and gave a small peck on his face. After that she just blushed like a newlywed bride.

“So someone is busy day dreaming!” Zana winked.

“Zana stop pulling my leg now!” she defended.

Zana entered the room and saw Kaira admiring Kevin, her long lost love. She was mad about Kevin, the hot and happening Actor. She knew him from her school time and after their school they had lost the contact. But she had always loved him in deep hearts. She used to read each and every news about him. They lived in the same city. Though she could have contacted him easily since she was an established author. Everyone was mad about her stories, her blogs and the way she weaved her stories was enthralling. Zana was her best friend and knew about Kaira’s feelings but whenever Zana tried to contact Kevin, she was often stopped by Kaira.

“May I know Madam, what were you doing?” Zana folded her arms and asked in disbelief.

Zana look at Kevin! He looks so changed and did you notice his new haircut? I must say, it suits him alot.” She said in her glittered voice.

“Kaira! It’s enough! You have been doing this from last three years. If you are so mad about him then why don’t you go and contact him? Have some courage and meet him up at least.”Zana reverted back, anger forming on her face.

“We have discussed about it zillion times. I am nothing in front of him. Just an author! Do you know that he doesn’t like reading! He is allergic to authors and I don’t think he even remember me. If he didn’t recognize me, I will be hurt. Nothing will happen to him. So drop it.” She explained in the most peaceful way.

She was afraid of Kevin’s rejection and didn’t even try once to contact him. She thought he never liked her. Little did she know the other side.

“Okay now leave Kevin concentrate on your award function!” Zana said by diverting her attention.

“I don’t need to think about it when I have my super girl, Maritza” Kaira remarked.

Maritza, wheat complexioned, with brown- black eyes, flat face, who had worn a white shirt paired with royal blue skirt entered the room with piles of documents. She belonged to a business class family but preferred to work on her own in order to prove herself. She happened to be the personal assistant of Kaira and handled all the work regarding royalties, events of her books. She was so indulged in her work that she often forgot to eat her food. Kaira and Zana treated her like their friend other than an assistant.

“Good Evening girls!” Maritza greeted.

“Good Eve” The duo replied in unison.

“Kaira I need your signatures on these documents. It’s urgent!” Maritza looked clueless.

“What happened love? Why are you sounding perplexed?”

“When you will come to know the place and about the chief you will surely faint!”

“Maritza break the suspense please!” Zana joined the conversation.

“The next event will be held in VENICE and KEVIN MATHEW will be the other chief guest!” Maritza shouted, almost deafening their ears.

Zana and Kaira were stunned. Kaira had never expected in her wildest dreams that she would share the stage with Kevin and that too their dream place. Well, yes Venice was Kaira and Kevin’s favourite place and it was their keen desire to visit it someday. Kaira just couldn’t control her happiness after hearing this news from Maritza. She hugged Zana and Maritza. Her cheeks had turned pink after this news. She was gone in some trance, maybe in her dreams where the two personas could unite.

Kaira and Kevin hadn’t met from past 8 years. Still it is believed that they used to meet in their dreams where their personas would share their heart outs. Was Kaira’s meeting with Kevin a coincidence or a cupid play?

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Four years ago

“Kevin we have got her traces”, Jayden informed.


“Tell me Jayden, where is she?”

“She lives in Melbourne”

“One more thing, she is an author of Unsaid Truth”

“Oh fish! How could I miss such a clue!”

“I didn’t get you Kevin, please elaborate!”

“Kaira Kapoor was a bookoholic in school and one could find her with her books only and she always wanted to be an author. I just missed this information. Had I read some novels, I would have come to know about her”

“Holy Cow! How can you be such a dumbass?” Jayden remarked.

“Well yes! I am” Kevin laughed at his own folly.

“I have got her book, read it and maybe you can enter her mind through her works” Jayden advised.

“How can I enter her mind? Do you think she has written the truth?” Kevin asked in surprise.

“Yes! The story is about a guy whom she admires and has never told him about her feelings and from her descriptions it is crystal clear that that dream guy is none other than you, KEVIN MATHEW. Now will you bother to read it?” Jayden smirked.

“Have you lost it? How can she love a rich brat like me?” Kevin thought to himself.

Kevin read her book and he understood her feelings. Kaira had narrated their childhood memories and about their separation. After reading this, he began to read her works and then started stalking her, he knew everything about her, where was her event and all about her book. Not only had this he made sure that her books got sold. He even started promoting her books in front of his fans which made her the best seller. Moreover, she got the Pulitzer Award for her works. He began to love reading and was touched by her thoughts. Whenever he thought of meeting her, he stepped back because of his rich brat type nature and Kaira’s words stopped him. “I hate actors Kevin. They all are fake.”  He was going through tabula rasa and could never jot down the courage in these years. But when he got the new face award for an epoch making movie, he mustered all the courage and planned an event with the head of a University in Venice, as he knew she was in love with Venice.

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“I don’t want to go to school momma”

“What’s wrong with you, my skylark?” Mommy enquired.

“Kevin calls me a Geek” Kaira cried.

“And what you think?”

“I think so! I am always into books while others enjoy life,” she uttered.

“Awww..My poor little sweet pie! Kaira do you know why Kevin calls you a Geek?”

“Yes, because I have engrossed myself in these big, thick books which he hates the most!”

“ Kevin wants to be your friend Kaira and when he sees that you spend more time with those books, he feels jealous” Mommy replied.


Kaira was bewildered by the words of her mother. She had never seen this perspective and was curious to know about Kevin. She used to think that Kevin was a rich brat who would never befriend her. So, she used to keep herself away from him. She went near the lake to have a self introspection. An awkward half-minute of silence had passed by. The sky had turned more menacing. Thunders were quite visible everywhere. The breeze became windier and the lake’s waves were now stronger than ever. It was time for her to get home, she was thinking. Actually, if she had been alone all that evening, she would have left a while ago, but her incandescent thoughts had made her delay a bit longer than she had imagined of. Moreover, because Kevin was literally standing in front of her waiting for God knows what to happen at any moment, it was just mere impossible to leave. She didn’t think he cared about the weather though, because he was wearing his black, cosy leather jacket all the time. Was he going to do anything or just stare at her while she froze in this weather?

Raindrops were beginning to fall, incrementing their speed as each second passed by. Soon it would be pouring rain above them. She watched how his eyes were slowly shutting as he was approaching and ending just inches from her face. Finally, just when his lips were about to touch hers, she immediately came to her senses and took action by pushing him on the chest with her arms for him to get apart from her. There was a bizarre tension at the sight.

Finally, Kevin broke the wall and said,” I want to be with you all the time like the way you are with your book. So let’s be friends?”

Kaira’s cheeks had turned red with happiness. After a long time she was making a friend and for her it was a heavenly feeling. After that incident something was blooming between the two. They had started spending time with each other. The barriers began to break. Things were going on a smooth road until they meet the diverging side.  What happened next was the phantasmagoria of strangeness.

“Kevin what are your plans for your future?” Kaira asked in excitingly.

“I want to be the most loved actor!”

Kaira’s expressions had changed and she seemed to regret her question. Kevin’s wish reminded her of a catastrophe that had changed her mother and her life.  She quickly got control of herself and tried to avoid the eye contact.

“What happened Kaira? Are you okay?”

“ No. I am fine.”

“You are a bad liar Kaira so just blurt out what is bugging you!”

“I hate actors from the core of my heart, Kevin. They are big cheats. My father was a brilliant actor who just broke off his wedding in order to get into this field and told everyone that he was single.”


A drop of tear trickled down from her cheek. Kevin was shocked at her revelation. He didn’t say anything and hugged her tightly. He changed the topic and asked her about her future plans to which she replied that she wanted to be a writer. He told her that he didn’t like novels and was allergic to reading. He could hardly get a good score. Their revelations left a deep remark in both of the minds. Soon they got busy with their finals and later, both shifted to University. At first they were in touch but after Kaira’s shifting to new city their contact lessened and finally, it broke off completely. They were separated. A lot was unsaid and unheard between them. They missed each other but their revelations and their steps in opposite directions always stopped them to contact.

In psychology, it is termed as Anthrop phobia or simply social phobia. They both were going through this.

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When Kaira reached Venice, the city of her dreams, she got ecstatic. Maritza and Zana didn’t accompany her because they wanted Kaira to face Kevin and say her heart out. On the other hand, Jayden also didn’t accompany Kevin. Maritza and Jayden had taken a pledge to unite these secret lovers to which Zana also joined them. Infact the trio met at Melbourne.

“Ciao Pauline! La prego di prendere in camera mia?” Kevin asked. ( Hello Pauline! Could you please take me to my room? )

“al suo servizo Signore!”, gestured Pauline. ( At your service sir!)

Kevin was a multilingual and a regular visitor so he knew the staff of the hotel. He spoke very good Italian and Pauline was always ready at his services. The event was to be held at night. Kevin reached the venue an hour before. He ordered the staff to arrange a candle light dinner after the event.

Kaira was unable to select a dress for herself. She rejected almost 20 dresses which were given to her by the designers. Then her eyes got stuck to a black short dress which got fitted to her slim body. She looked dazzling in that dress along with a pearl necklace to match with, followed by black stilettos. When she reached the venue, her eyes searched for Kevin. When she saw him, she just froze there. He had worn a dark black suit paired with a red bow. He looked out of the world. Both were engrossed in the process of admiring each other.

After some nanoseconds, their eyes met each other and they both were searching answers for their unsaid questions. The event started with Kevin’s speech in English since most of the guests knew only English including Kaira.

“ Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! We are here to honour that person who has given her devotion and time to literature and writing. Honestly speaking, I never thought in my dreams even that I would be here for an event related to literature since I had always been inimical to the literature. But when I heard about Kaira Kapoor and her works, I really can’t express how badly I wanted to know about her. But one thing I haven’t told anyone about this person.  I have known her since eight years. She was a very good friend of mine. But after our high school we never got the chance to interact, maybe we had some notions about each other that always stopped us to meet. Somewhere in my heart I wanted to meet her and tell her something which I haven’t confessed to myself even. Kaira, you have been an amazing friend to me. I was unknown to literature but since the day I read your works I have fallen in love with literature. Your novel connects directly to my soul. And you deserve to be loved and appreciated. Kaira, please accept this token of love from our side.”

Kevin was over with his speech and on the other end Kaira was speechless. She just froze to the ground. She was in tears. She had never dreamt off that Kevin would read her work and appraise her so much. She just wanted to hug him at that very moment but she stopped. She stood up and accepted his token of love. She was on could nine. Nobody had expected such a response from Kevin. Then Kaira took over the stage and spoke about her feelings.

“Thankyou so much Kevin. I never knew that a person like you would ever read my novel. I am obliged. I don’t have words to express what  I am feeling now. Sometimes we have boundations and we stop ourselves for a long time but one day when we are free of those chains, we feel like a bird. I heartily accept this token of love, Kevin. I would dedicate this award to you Kevin, because you have been my inspiration since last eight years. You would be happy to know that I have started loving movies since the time you entered this industry. I have seen all your movies, especially ITALY DIARIES. And yes, even I have fallen in love with the movies but only your movies.” She ended her speech by winking at Kevin making him blush.

After the event Kevin visited Kaira in her room. When Kaira opened the door, their eyes met each other. Their eyes had said all the unanswered questions. At that time their were no boundations. They knew they were in love yet were reluctant to accept. Kevin embraced Kaira and they both were tranced in heaven.  Later Kaira broke the silence and thanked him for reading her works whereas Kevin thanked her for watching her movies.

“Kaira, there is one more thing which I haven’t confessed in these eight years!”

“Whats that?”

“ I am in love with you, Kaira, since the day I saw you. I am in love with your big beccy spectacles that looked cute on your face. I am in love with your soft blonde hair which I long for even now. I am in love with your soft cheeks that become red when you hear my name. I am incomplete without you. Will you be with me so that this incomplete story can be completed?”

Kaira’s eyes became moist. No! No! These were tears of happiness. Their damaged life had become beautifully repaired. Both complimented each other. Kaira hugged him as tight as she could and blurted out,

“ I love you Kevin, not from today but since ages.”

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A Perfect Detective Novel

‘Was it a Murder?’ by  Anuj Singhal and Ritika Singhal is a perfect detective novel as this piece has all the traits that a Sherlock Homes novel have. While I was reading this book, I was reminded of a detective short story by Graham Greene that was full of suspense till the end. I can happily say that this book is an interesting read. Lets analyse it critically :

Cover- The cover of the book is white in color and has a woman whose lying on the floor and besides her their is a bottle of poison. This gives us an insight of a murder mystery.


Title- The title ‘Was it a Murder?’ is more than perfect as the whole story revolves around it.

Plot- The plot is constructed artistically. This is a story of a detective, Abhay Savarkar, who solves the mysteries of two murders taken place at his friend, George’s mansion. A series of events take place and a big doubt is built whether it was a suicide or a murder. The twist and turns in the story is the strongest point. The plot is gripping and bind the readers to read it till the end.

Theme- The whole story focuses on the theme of murder which happens in a mysterious way and that leads to another murder. These murders sound natural but have some hidden facts which Abhay Savarkar with the help of Inspector GopiNath and his assistant Yash tries to find out. There are other themes which are minor and are not much of importance.

Characterization- The portrayal of characters is impressive and all the characters are different. The main protagonist is Abhay Savarkar and the whole story revolves around his verdict on these murders. He is a complicated character and not an easy nut to crack. He do everything for a reason and he could sense people’s mind by their behavior. He is a caring friend who went to George’s place and helped him till the end even though George couldn’t trust him for long. He is a true friend indeed. He has a sharp brain and even was a kind master as we see the relationship he had with Yash. Both were ready to help each other.

Whereas Ms. Rose is a mysterious lady who had lots of secrets stored in her heart. Even she is considered as the suspect because the clues are against her. She is a caring sister though yet she is a neglected soul. She had the motive to kill her mother and her brother’s wife yet it wasn’t proved that she was the culprit.

Ms. Laranya was a tough nut to crack. She was a mischievious lady. Even her mother tried hard to support her. She was beautiful and had a lot of attitude. She was indeed a round character in the novel.

Style- This is a detective novel with impersonal description and third person narrative. The sentences had variety in it. Whereas the language was simple, lucid and clear. It had brevity in it. The way authors have described the surroundings or the scenes is impeccable. The authors wrote to the point and were not digressive.

Error- There were no major errors as such just a minor ones and some words were missing. There was one scene which sounded off scene : chapter7; in this scene Abhay is in a hurry to reach Granny’s room and he notices all the surroundings. I personally feel when a person is in a hurry he doesn’t get a nanosecond to check the surroundings. This scene could have been added a bit later. This is my observation but I do respect author’s point of view as I had a word with him. He said he wanted to show the presence of mind of the character.


About the Authors

Anuj Singhal


Anuj is the author of “Was It A MURDER?” which is a detective fiction published by Authors’ Ink Publications. He is also a contributor in the anthology Crush 2 : An incomplete Heartbreak. He is currently pursuing his BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Ambala college of Engineering, Ambala. His interests include creative Writing, poetry and reading novels. Currently, Anuj resides in Ambala Cantt with his parents. Apart from being a student and an author, he loves poetry and won various prizes at school and college level.

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Ritika Singhal:


Ritika is MTech in Computer Science Engineering and is currently working in an MNC in Bangalore. She has been a gold medalist throughout her education. Her interests include technical paper writing, writing stories and Reading books. Currently, Ritika resides in Bangalore with her husband and daughter.


Book Review of She Ekla Cholo Re

She Ekla Cholo Re is a short book written by Dr. Shayan Haq and Santosh Avvannavar. I got the copy through goodreads giveaway contest. This book has left a deep remark in my heart and has a whole lot to think about. Let us go in details :

Cover- Well, The cover of the book is simple and might not appeal to people since they are in habit of seeing stylish cover. But I could relate to the authors as they want to make it look simple and to the point.


Title- The title SHe Ekla Cholo Re is apt as She stands for a woman and Ekla Cholo Re is a bengali song which means If no one answers your call then go on your own way. This story revolves around the title and makes it impeccable.

Plot- The plot of the story is complicated written in a simple way. It is a story of Kusum who goes through trials and tribulations. The way Kusum struggles to find her own identity seems a roller coaster ride and the way the readers witness her follies, sorrows. She is being exploited and the way she is treated by her family could shock anyone. This is the story of her undying passion for life, her love and aspirations.

Characterization- Frankly speaking there are only two main characters who are present in the story while the others are part of main protagonist’s story. Kusum is a she male who comes across Dr. Rajendra Mukherjee on a highway. She takes lift from him and the journey of their life starts. They start discussing about things and slowly KUsum reveals her dark past and the struggles she went through. She is a complex character who is in search of her identity.

Whereas, Raj is a flat character who is a good listener and could feel Kusum’s sorrows . he ends up falling for her and is ready to accept her despite of her being a transgender. He respects her which makes him a hero in our eyes.

Through the story, we comes across Debu who happens to be Kusum’s lover. He is a round character who changes with change in time. His love is not pure and is biased. He is selfish and chooses his reputation and career. He abandons Kusum which brings a void in her life.

Style- The story is slow paced and it gives readers time to absorb the events. The best part is, it is a novelette which can be read in one go. The use of poetic and musical diction is an icing on the cake. The authors have used impersonal descriptions which raise appraisal. Furthermore, the dialogues are powerful and the conversational style of writing takes away my heart. This book leaves a very important message in our minds : No matter what a person is, one should be respected.

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About the Authors



Santosh Avvannavar: Santosh started his career as a consultant and Soft Skills Trainer. After his college education from NITK, Surathkal, he worked as a researcher at University of Eindhoven, University of Twente, and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was also the Placement President while working at IISC, Bangalore. He has over twenty-five publications of mostly research documents in national and international journals. He has also authored sixteen conference papers and regularly written articles for a national and worldwide daily paper. He also works as an advisor for different organisations.

He also dabbles in fiction writing and is the author of Adhuri Prem Kahaniya; Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero, Second Heart and Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview; Be A B.A.; Surrogate Author; Title is Untitled; Black, Grey and White; The Departing Point; God’s Table and Umbilical Cord.

He likes to devote his personal time in writing for a website, namely the Amrita Foundation for HRD ( He has conducted seminars and training sessions for more than 45,000 people in India and abroad over the last seven years.

Dr. Shyan HAq- Shyan is a medical doctor and cosmetologist by profession working at Bijapur, KArnataka. He is born at Gaya, Bihar and spent his quality time at West Bengal and BIhar before he moved for higher education. In his free time he loves to drive, read, watch and discuss on movies, and a gadget freak.

Book Review of Never Let Me Go By Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg’s Never Let ME Go was a random pick up as I never decided to buy this one at the station. Actually when I was at the station I got puzzled with books and my eyes looked at this book and I quickly bought it. I completed this book in my journey only and I was filled with loads of emotions. Let me analyse this book for you :

Cover- The cover of the book is interesting as it gives us vibes of loneliness, solitude but still it doesn’t reveal the things.


Title- The title Never Let Me Go is a plea to the lover that he should not let her go. Bingo! The whole story revolves around this concept and is a perfect one for this book.

Plot- The plot looked simple yet it was twisted and complicated. This is a story of Samar and Kanika who happens to be great friends and lovers. Life sounds a bed of roses for them until Roy’s breakup who is Samar’s roommate and a very dear friend of Kanika and Samar. Things take a drastic turn when Samar misunderstands Roy’s act as an affair with Kanika. He leaves the house and goes away in search of peace and serendipity. He ends up at Goa where he learns so many things and series of events take place. Will Kanika and Samar be united remains a mystery till the end. Sachin has done a tremendous work in his plot construction.

Theme- The main theme is of love. We have two main couples and one is the not so important couple yet they play a significant role. Samar and Kanika’s love story is the main. They share a fairy tale kind of love. The way they take care of each other and do everything to make each other happy is astounding. But a small misunderstanding takes their happiness and they are separated.

Roy and Maansi are idealistic lovers who value other things more than their love but soon they realise each other’s worth after separation and are back together. Maansi’s entry in Roy’s life brings a positive change in him.

Zeeshan and Arshi are soon to get married but Zeeshan seems nervous during his engagement and decides to take a break from his life and visits Goa. The bad experiences in the town forces him to go back to Delhi.

The other theme is of friendship between Samar and Roy. They share a healthy relationship. Both try to help each other and even Samar tried to help him arrange a date. But things get strained with one misunderstanding and their friendship loses its essence. Further the friendship of Navya and Samar is also elucidated. Navya and Samar are really good friends which they came to know when they were separated. They supported each other and shared their heart outs, had fun and cried. For Samar she was really special and for Navya too. But the mystery of Navya remained a mystery . Maybe she came as a catalyst to make Samar strong to face the truth.

Characterization- The author has mastered the art of character portrayal. I really loved Kanika’s character and Navya’s character. Kanika is a transparent character who is the apple of everyone’s eyes and her asthma always grab others attention. Her soft spoken, adorable nature attracts others. The way she lies to her warden with ease for her boyfriend is appreciable and shows her bold instincts.  Whereas Navya serves as a foil to Kanika. Navya is a reserved person and is a complex character. The way she hides things and keeps on blabbering shows her nature being a spoilt brat but in real there is a big reason behind it. She wears a mask of cool girl who isnt affected but in the end she gets. She is a complete mystery which remains a mystery till the end of the novel.

Coming to the male characters Roy is my favourite because he is cool, charming and just like those typical boys who check out girls and ask others to hook them but are transparent people who never have malicious in their heart. When he finds true love in Maansi he changes for good and also discovers his hidden talent of writing. THough Samar is the protagonist here but his error of judgement makes him a villain in my eyes. The whole story revolves around him and his reactions are obvious but when he behaves rude with Kanika in Goa he actually goes down in my eyes.

Style- The author has used first and third person narrative with impersonal descriptive language. The variety of sentences add essence to the book. Some sentences were heart touching. The use of flashback technique is marvelous. I really loved the way the author has given justice to this novel.

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About the author 


Sachin Garg is known for writing stories which not only ring a chord with the reader but also leaves him with a long lasting thought.

Described as an author worth checking out (MTV), A must read (Red FM) and a writer who will be enjoyed by all (Times of India), he continues to write stories which redefine numbers in the India Publishing Industry.

In his novel ‘I’m Not Twenty Four’, released in 2010, he has written an unusual story of a Delhi girl who landed in a small village in the middle of nowhere. The book received widespread commercial and critical acclaim and enjoyed prolonged stay on Bestseller lists.

Sachin is an Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and did his MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Apart from books, he has a keen interest in strength training activities and travelling.

In 2011, he quit his day job to start his own venture in print media.

P.s. also read book review of We Need a Revolution –