The Investigator Series- An overview

The Investigator Series  Arya- A New Beginning is a crime thriller written by Arvind Narsimha. In this book the author has used his art of writing magnificently. The way the characters are picturised and woven can leave you spell bound. I am happy to announce that this is the 100th book that I have read and my record to complete 100 books in a year is completed within 7 months. It feels amazing and I am greatful to the author as it was an interesting read. Lets know more about it together :

Cover- The cover of will surely grab your attention and would give a perfect hint that it is story that surely invovles a cop or a detective in it.


Title- This book has a title and a sub title. The title surely says that it is some series which will continue hence its ‘The Investigator Series’ whereas the sub title ‘ Arya- A New Beginning’ tells us that the character involved is surely Arya in it.

Plot- The author has done a tremendous job in the plot construction. The plot has a sub plot where in the middle it gets merged wit the main plot. From the start the sub plot takes over where Abinaya’s life story is being delineated, her struggles and the twists in her life which soons starts with the main plot where Arya’s entry takes place who is a cop and has a dark past which we are told in the middle of the story, that too a touch of it. This clearly shows that there is more to it and we will know about in the next book. When NRI Lenish is murdered both these plots come together to give us a proper lead.

Theme- The story of illicit relationships can be focussed on for now. Abinaya is an ambitious lady who falls for Srinivasan, her friend and later on she gets linked to Lenish but in all this she has a dreadful story which may affect the readers. But these things can never justify her actions. Her actions take away the lives of her husband, Natraj, her friend, Srinivasan, her boss, Avinash and Lanish.

The secret bond of Shivani and Arya is shown where they seem to like each other but their love has not been revealed , maybe that is stored for the next book.

The broken relationships is been strongly elucidated. Abinaya and Natraj’s strained relationship makes us pitty her. She is treated like badly and molested all the time. This results in her closeness to Srinivasan.

Srinivasan’s personal life is strained because his wife Hasini ask him get checked as they are not able to have a baby. The male ego comes between and he seeks refuge in Abinaya which results in their illicit relationship.

Shivani’s broken relationship is seen where she lives as a single mother and keeps herself indulged in her work. She has all the hatred for the male sex but when Arya enters her life, her mind goes a change which is not ready to accept.

Characterisation- The author has beautifully delineated his characters. I would add that he has cleverly manipulated his characters according to the story. There were many characters but all has their roles to play and my special favourites were Arya and SHivani. Coming to the negative ones, I felt Natraj was villainous, Avinash was selfish, Lanish was womaniser but Hasini can’t be called as a villain as her actions are according to the situation and Abinaya too comes in that category. But Srinivasan was a complicated character and it was hard to make any conclusions about him. He was a round character. There were other characters who helped these people in the plot progress.

Style- The style of the author is simple, lucid and clear. There were no jargons or poetic structures. The narrative was third person followed by impersonal descriptions. The adding of mystery, suspense sounded flavourous. There were no editing errors just a minute ones which can be easily ignored. I would like to Salute the author for writing this fantabulous novel.


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About the Author

This is the debut novel for the author, Arvind Narsima Mourty. The author lives in the beautiful Pondicherry along with his wife and daughter. He left a lucrative jon to pursue a dream and a quest to become a celebrated writer. His area of interests lay largely in adventures and mysteries. An avid reader and a prolific writer, he has won many prizes and kudos for the creative writing. He has written many dramas, stories and poems that were performed during the memorable years of school and college. ew of his favourite writers include Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, and Amish Tripathi. Other than reading and writing,he loves to cook and extensively travel. The Investigator Series is the outcome of his interest in mystery and detective stories. “Arya – A  New Beginning” is the first part of the investigator series. The other parts will follow soon.




Carnival of Love: A book review

Carnival of Love by Helen Dickson is a part of Lords and Ladies collection. The novel has all the victorian traits like that of love affairs and illicit relationships. Lets analyse it :

Cover- The cover is of dark golden colour that has three chit chatting over something and sharing something. This cover gives us instincts of a Victorian setups where rich ladies gossip and have drinks together.


Title- Carnival of Love is an appropriate title as it talks about love and is treated as an object.

Blurb- Rescuing Lavinia Renshaw from a Venetian canal ws one thing. Accepting her surprising proposition of marriage was quite another! Maxim Purnell thrived on taking risks, however, his situation was complicated enough without taking a wife. To come into her lagacy, Lavinia needed a husband- but what if Maxim decided to take their marriage of convenience the real thing?

Plot- The story starts with a betrayal by Lavinia’s fiance who has an illicit relationship with her sister. The shocked revealation breaks LAvinia which takes a new turn when she gets attracted to a stranger named Maxim Purnell. Lavinia calls off her wedding with her fiance. But to get her property she has to be married so she propose Maxim Purnell and he readily accepts the offer. But Lavinia is unaware of the dark past which MAxim is hiding. the revealation of the truth can break their attraction which has soon transformed to passion and never ending love.

Helen has constructed a very complicated plot which is understood at the end of the story. This plot construction is the backbone of the novel and has made the readers awestruck.

Characterisation- The art of character portrayal is whimsical and above all, Maxim Purnell is my favourite character. He is the male protagonist in the story and is a complicated character to crack. He seems flirty on same but has a different sad story in his heart. He is a sad man who has a daughter but its hard to claim her since his mistress is not a nice lady. When he comes across Lavinia in a party he instantly falls for her and to add more, when she proposes him, he accepts her unaware of the consequences behind. He behaves a rash, rude man in front of Lavinia but in reality he is trying to save her from his evil mistress.

Lavinia Renshaw is a beautiful lady who is unwillingly marrying the guy chosen for her. But soon he finds out that he is after her money and befooling her with her sister. This breaks her heart and she is furious. Then she comes across Maxim Purnell and feels attracted towards him. She is bold and fearless, as the trials and tribulations she faces as a princess and as a wife is commendable. Her love blooms for Maxim and she loves him dearly inspite of all the misunderstandings.

Style- The style of the novel is complicated as many glittered vocabulary is used. the dialogues are perfect whereas the third person narrative along with vivid descriptions serves as a sweet. The use of poetic diction and jargons enthralls the readers. The length of the novel is appropriate and even it is clubed with another novel by a different author. The novel can’t be completed in one day as the rich vocab forces you to consult your dictionary every time.


About the Author

Helen Dickson was born and still lives in South Yorkshir with her husband on a busy arable farm where she combines writing with keeping a chaotic farmhouse. An incurable romantic, she writes for pleasure, owing much of her inspiration to the beauty of the surrounding countryside. She enjoys reading and music. History has always captivated her and she likes travel and visiting ancient buildings.