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Hello Fellow readers! Its been a while since I have posted guest post so here I would like to talk about the youngest guest whose work speak more than her. Lets read together what she has to say :

Fall in Love…with your heart!

“It wasn’t long ago when he decided to give up on me, he didn’t have enough words to justify his deeds neither do I think that he wanted to, but he simply preferred to walk out of my life, just as quick as the snap of my fingers.”

 What I do not understand is, why have people stopped confronting their own deeds. They prefer walking in and out of your life as if you’re a doormat at their service, as if they never thought of you to be anything more than a lifeless entity which will never question them no matter what you may do and so is why they think that walking out is okay, and walking out without an explanation is perfectly alright as it will not matter much to you.

For what they aren’t aware of is the fact that you aren’t them. It might not matter to them, but it does matter to you as you witness sleepless nights, late mornings and a non existent lifestyle for months to go from there. What they do not know is the fact that there are things you keep on asking your soul, lost in those unanswerable questions for it’s only them who could answer them. Questions which land up being a question mark on your personality.

“Was it you who could not make them stay? Was it all your fault? Did you do something which made them walk away? Or was it that they find someone to be better than you could ever be?”
Such questions gift you these nights where a million thoughts cross your mind where you think you’re unworthy of anyone, or anything which surrounds you, but what you should know is the fact that nobody has the right to make you feel unworthy.

A betrayal shouldn’t make you question your existence, for the someone who left doesn’t define you. Your soul, your heart and your personality does so. A person can never be in control of another, and one should not hold out their control to someone for you may never know when they might think that it’s unnecessary for you to be there with them and they walk away with your control, do not let that happen for it’s then when you have no clue why things change in you, your stay a lot less happier and chirpy. Nobody seems to set things straight for you as you made that one mistake to give up on your control over yourself, smile through the waves of betrayal for what’ll reach the shore later will be a stronger version of you who’ll know how to set sail in the storms and fall in love with the hurricane which might visit you soon after.

A simple thing which has to be looked over is the fact that you must rule your own heart, you must fall for yourself in order to love another and you must know how it is to walk away for you may not walk over someone, specially without an explanation. Hurting someone does not lend in peace, it only devastates the remains of the peace you thing exists in you.

About the GUest


Manvi Singh is a 17 years old, passionate soul who’s one and only dream is to make this society a better place to live in. Being a wordsmith, she believes that her words will definitely change the mindset of the people someday.
Apart from being a creator of a dreamworld, she’s also an avid reader, from Sudeep Nagarkar, Novoneel Chakraborty, Sachin Garg to Paulo Coelho, Roald Dahl, and Jhumpa Lahiri everything resides in her and her bookshelf.
She loves to dance, paint colors in her life and also, in between all these things she often tries her hands in culinary arts.
She visualises that she owns the spark of achieving the impossible and she believes that someday, she definitely will. She has penned herself with the name ‘Maisha’ on her blog Maisha “A Voice Within” and many other such platforms.

A Perfect Crime thriller

Ganga Bharani’s A Minute to Death is a perfect murder mystery which keeps you stunned throughout the reading. I read this book when I was travelling and trust me guys, this was a perfect read and I completed it till I reached the destination. Lets analyse it together:

Cover- The cover of the book is simple and colour scheme was light. But I would say,” Never judge a book by its cover.”


Title- A Minute to Death is an apt title as the whole story revolves around it. Nothing could have been better than this.

Plot- The plot of the story is simple yet complex. The story opens at the death of a teenage girl and series of events takes place. There is also a sub plot of the investigation officer, Rohan and his girl friend, Riya who seeks his permission to be with him throughout the case so that she can write a book on it. Both the plots have great connection and meet in the end where the subplot overpowers the main plot. Ganga has done a tremendous job in her plot development. It is one of the crisp plots that I have read so far.

Characterisation- The character portrayal is the most applauding point of the book. Ganga has beautifully portrayed her characters especially Riya’s character who comes out to be the round character.

Style- I would like to highlight this point as I have read all her books and I have found out that Ganga always surprises her readers with variety of techniques. And this time, the impersonal description and third person narrative  with lots of twists and turns makes the readers admire her more. The sentences are simple and do have some poetic touch. She has carefully chosen the words to show the progress of her story.

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