Inspirational Diaries: She is simply awesome

I am extremely sorry for the delay as I was really busy but I am back to my Inspirational Diaries. Today I will talk about a simply awesome person who is so good at everything and is the melody of my life.

Yamini Kukreja aka YAmi


You look Stunning..<3

Yami is an ambivert who is a bibliophile and I am in love with her bibliophilism. I got connected with her through notes. We used to interact each other because of notes. I was mesmerised by her thoughts and the way she used to converse in English made me spell bound. The very second day she impressed me with her critical appreciation of a poem. SHe had done a lot of research and work on that. I really wanted to know more about her. After an year, we got the chance to come close to each other. We shared our thoughts, we faught, we saw movies, hangouts, parties and the way she flaunts her newly learnt Punjabi is simply wow. She has always taught me new things be it about life or about looking at people. SHe has a clear cut funda:


Last day fun!!


If someone treats you good, be with that person and if not, then keep yourself away from that person.


Our never ending birthday parties 😀

I really love the way she smiles and the other reason for loving her is that she readily surrenders herself to me when I have to do her hair styling, remember the makeover session at my place? eh! We have such good memories, be it at my place, be it in the park, be it at hooting and taunting Raj :P. be it at mocking Deep’s funniest acts, be it staying strong for Shiv, be it guiding our friends. You have become an integral part of my life and yesterday’s meeting was the last where we wished good luck to each other in our hearts. I promise to meet you soon. I will cherish all these memories. My parents and dadima will miss you and so do I . Just wish you good luck and stay blessed.


Girls Squad..;)


look what I found 😛


Cute vali photo..;)


This is Surbhi, signing off and will be back with more writeups about gems like her. Stay tuned 🙂

She Swiped Right into My Heart : A special Review

She Swiped Right into My Heart by Sudeep Nagarkar has become number 1 bestseller in just a couple of days. The author has done an amazing job in delineating his characters and the way he tells his story surely reaches the hearts of the readers. His popularity has made him the heart throb of young generation.  Well, I ordered this book for the first time in pre orders and the happiness doubled when I saw his sign. Lets get into the technicalities and know more about this book :


Cover- The cover of the book is light and dark blue which gives a soothing effect to the mind.

Title- The title of the book ‘SHe Swiped Right into my Heart’ is unique and has a lot of store in it which we come to know when we read it.

Plot-  The plot is really intriguing. The story is of Geet who is an unpopular girl and ends up making Rudra her fake boyfriend in order to play cool. Shibani and Tushita are her darlings who are always with her in her thick and thin. Tushita’s accident brings a shock to all of them and series of events take place that makes their friendship go through ups and downs.

Tushita’s love affair with Vivaan after her breakup with ANdy serves as a sub plot which meets with the main plot in the end and makes the novel fascinating.

Characterization-  Sudeep knows perfectly how much space is to be given to his characters and very well manage it. Geet’s character goes through a roller coaster ride. SHe is depicted as a dull, underconfident, victim of bullies but after she comes across Rudra she becomes preety, bold and confident which makes the readers love her character.

Shibani’s attitude and her love for bikes makes her stunning but her evil act makes us hate for sometime and in the end she undergoes a change which makes us like her again. SHe is shown as the mouthpiece of Sudeep who takes to a different side which most of us are aware of it but we never pay any heed to it.

Tushita is treated as the princess character and her accident brings tears in the eyes of the readers. But when Vivaan brings positivity in her life, makes the readers relieved. Vivaan is shown as an introvert character who hides his feelings for Tushita and later on when he says his heart out, this leaves us in an awe.

RUdra is shown as the victim of his own issues. He sounds cool and carefree but in his deep, he is a tormented which is delineated perfectly bye SUdeep.

Andy plays a cameo role in the novel and his evil acts make us hate him. ANd those girls who used to bully GEet, adds hatred in our hearts for them. But as they say,” Without Villains a hero is incomplete so they all complete each other.

Theme- The major theme is of friendship. SUdeep highlights the trio Geet, SHibani, Tushita who love each other unconditionally and grow through a lot of mess but still stand together in the end. The other important theme is of love. Geet and Rudra’s love story is super fantastic. One can feel living those lovey dovey moments. Further, TUshita and Vivaan’s story is really cute and has a lot of struggle in it. Last but not the least, They are the significant themes in the novel, bullying and Lesbianism.

Bullying is the act of teasing a person and humiliating him by reminding his follies. This act makes a person depressed and lose his confidence. Geet is the victim of this act and readers end up crying when she goes through this.

Lesbianism is an act in which a female is attracted towards a female. In this context, Sudeep has made Shibani his mouthpiece. Sometimes, it is not easy for a person to identify his gender roles. Everyone has their own preferences and its normal to be a lesbian. But Shibani struggles herself and ends up doing those things which she was not supposed to do. But in the end, she accepts herself and even her friends accepts her which goes in a positive way.

Style- The language is simple,lucid and clear. The author has used epistolary technique through Tushita’s diary entries. The narrative is impersonal and a third person narrative. The sub headings are unique. The author has done full justice to the novel.


Others Reviews-

ABout the Author


Sudeep Nagarkar is an author of 6 Best-selling Novels. His books are inspired from true incidents. His book “It Started With A Friend Request” is the most popular fiction book of 2013. He was awarded 2013 Youth Achievers award for being one of the best-selling Romance Writers in India.

He Quit his Managment job in 2012 to become a full-time writer after the success of his second book.

More pictures of Sudeep Nagarkar’s book




Will post the interview soon.. Stay tuned to more updates ..:)



Guest Post by Inderjit Kaur

Hey fellas, I am going to introduce Inderjit Kaur today, the author of Kaleidoscope Colours of Life. I would like to thank you for taking out time and saying your heart out.


Write about anything that you have never tried. Say Fashion or some Light mood lifting topic.

Hi Surbhi, I don’t think I will be able to say much about this, to be fair enough for me now my life is dedicated to my children, and my readers.

But yes I would like to share I do love music and that keeps me motivating on and on as if  healing me! I do read and write a lot and feel awesome when I read my readers drawing inspirations from A living series.And as far as Fashion is related I am very simple person just wish abundance of life to everyone. Writer, blogger, Book reviewer, Mom, and adventurer on life’s creative high and lows with a graceful smile. Self-confessed book-junkie, music lover and peruser of bookstores.

I spend time with my kids and we make sure we eat together at least one time of the day together due to my elder Son who keeps himself  occupied with his work.I try to write weekends, with blogging, social media etc. on top of that, I’m very much disciplined to follow my morning walks and love for music would be another point that keeps me going.

Apart from cooking and other house chores my day is filled with my younger Son Arjun’s queries who is a grade 6th student, his studies and school projects are the one that keep me busy too and Indeed I do enjoy his talks as well which are mostly on new ideas innovations and research.

And he is an avid reader as well like me!

ABout the Guest :


Inderjit Kaur is an author, motivator with a powerful voice of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and inspirational guide who with her tag line ‘Keep smiling, keep shining’, has brewed up with the original concept of living through her books of A living series.

That’s News to ME- Journey of a Presswallah by Manju Lal



Kurious Kind Media Private Limited
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Phone: 9910648886

That’s News To Me!: Release Document
: Fiction – General MRP: INR 275 ISBN: 9789385854071





Dogs can be trained to fetch newspapers for their masters. Should a journalist be treated as a retriever of news by his masters? Told with verve and wit, this is the story of Manush, a talented, independent-minded journalist who tries to stick to the core values of his profession while keeping body and soul together. Out in the field, he enjoys the adrenaline rush of getting scoops and the challenge of solving real-life mysteries. Back in the office, he has to tackle toxic bosses who don’t give a toss about talent and are insecure about their own jobs. And at home, there is emotional distress from a marriage only in name. As the action shifts from a magazine in Noida to a newspaper in Delhi to a website in Gurgaon, the world around Manush changes while he continues his dogged pursuit of career goals and fascinating women. Will forces out of his control make him go into a free fall? Will friends and family give him the respect he deserves? Or will he realise redemption lies elsewhere?


About the Author

Manjula Lal currently works as Dy Editor with Tehelka. In a career spanning 30 years, she has worked for Economic Times, Pioneer, The Times of India, Indian Express and a host of smaller banners.


Born in Ballia, a remote village of Uttar Pradesh where her father was a district magistrate, the author spent 11 years in a convent boarding school in the hill station of Nainital. After attending college in Lucknow and getting her master’s in political science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, she went to Pennsylvania State University as a teaching assistant. Her stint as the first columnist of foreign origin for the local newspaper gave her a taste of celebrity that made her impatient to return to New Delhi and plunge into journalism.