Surprise Reveal

Hello lovelies,

Here I am revealing the surprise for which I have been talking about since yesterday. It is the first ever cover reveal which is taking place at my blog. Along with it, we are  disclosing the name of our debut cover designer too. So, I am super excited for this.. Here you go 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-07 at 22.48.55

I would like to thank Anuj Kumar, founder and CEO of Kalamos Literary Services for giving me this opportunity..It means alot buddy..:)

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” Intehaan hogayi, intezaar ki. Aayi naa kuch khabar, mere yaar ki. Humko hai ye yakin, bewafa wo nhi. Fir wafa kyu hui? Intezaar ki.”
What if your life end up like the lyrics of a song? What would you do?
What if all you could think of is about the one you gave your heart to?
Would you swing to the ‘let’s move one side’ or wait for your ‘magical’ moment?
Alfisha was a regular happy-go- lucky Delhi girl. The only thing extra ordinary about her was her devotional love towards Rayan, her Ravz.
But would loving someone so close yet so far away be enough for them?
 Is “LOVE” the only ingredient to a “Happily Ever After.”
Book’s name- We Decided on Forever
Author’s name-  Nida Ahmed 
About the Author
Nida Ahmed is the Author of an upcoming novel “We Decided on Forever” – an inspirational Love Story. She is from Delhi and is a Literature Student.
Cover Designer- Yadvender Singh Rana

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