Book Review of Voicemates

Voicemates by Anamika Mishra is a musical journey of two souls who are connected by the knot of music. We all know music has no boundaries and it can reach everywhere. It is a solace for everybody. These days reality shows have taken a new turn. Many lives are changed by these reality shows. A zero can become a hero in just a few months. I am a lover of music, hence I picked up this book.


The cover of the book is intriguing and has two people who are singing  on mike. This surely gives us a glimpse of a story of a singer. The black and pink ode reminds us of Aye Dil Hai Mushkil movie’s font style. But guys, this book is not connected to that movie by anyway.

The title ‘Voicemates’ is really beautiful and it reminds of the movie that I had seen ages ago, named ‘Sur’. Well, this title is taken from a fictional reality show in the book named Voicemates.

The plot of the book is mind blowing. It revolves aroun two teenagers Tulip and Sam who are from different backgrounds but share a same dream of winning the reality show named ‘Voicemates’. The way they handle their struggle is the rest of the story.


The characterisation is the soul of the novel and the author has done full justice to it. Tulip and Sam are obviously my favourite characters. The way they meet and get clicked all of sudden is impeccable. Tulip belongs to a high class family whereas Sam is not well off. But children connect them the most. Both are ready to help each other in the competition for which they could go to any extend. Sam was ready to make a stranger his partner whereas Tulip was ready to lie to her parents for the sake of singing.

The style of writing is simple, lucid and clear. The author has used witty sentences. The descriptions are impersonal while the narrative technique used is that of third person. The use of lyrics makes it more lively. This book gives us the touch of friendship, love and music ofcourse.

Some undigested Facts:

It is a reality show but there was no strong competition in the show. The matter of Cyrus got resolved so easily. It could have been extended and this would have added some more drama. Further, reality shows have voting systems,how come it got missed by the author? Not only this, the other contender Seema, what happened to her remained a mystery. We can guess that she got eliminated but in reality shows, runners up are there so that could have been talked about. The suspense part seems missing as all could be guessed but still we love this book because of its unique concept.

Lesson Learnt:

Unknowingly this book teaches us an important lesson about our family. We all know that what our parents say is always right but at times they are over protected towards us. It is we who needs to break the shield and talk about our dreams. Parents are not bad and talking about your dreams is the best way to make them aware about yourself. Thankyou Anamika for teaching us this beautiful lesson.

This book is a treat for all the music lovers and a must read if you want some different story.

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Book Reviewof Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb

Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb by Mirabelle Pereira is a collection of 25 anecdotes that surely has essence. This book has a limited range of characters with wide range of thoughts. In short, this book takes up microcosm and reaches the macrocosm.


The cover is not that impressive as I feel the author mainly focussed on her thoughts. It is simple and sober which surely matches the title of the book. The title ‘Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb’ has a deeper which we come to know once we are done reading the book. The headings of the chapters is unique and makes sense completely.

There is no such plot. Infact, it revolves around the author and her family. These 25 stories are just like normal stories and can be narrated by a person. It seems as if someone is telling us the stories face to face. These stories gives us warm and homely feeling.

The author has taken up her own family as characters. It includes her grandmother, grandfather, mother, Jasmine( The aunt), Keith( The Uncle), Sid( brother), Zara( cousin). Even she herself includes in these stories. It is strange that the author has herself given the character sketches of her own family members and we surely do not need to make any picture in our minds as it is already crystal clear.

The narrative style includes first and second person narrative. It is difficult to incorporate two different styles altogether but the author has managed themvery well. Further, the descriptions used are fantabulous. The witty sentences and references from important people adds flavour to it. EVen the author has used her own quotes that can be made as axioms in near future. These stories are full of incidents, anecdotes, sarcasm, wit and humour.

The quality of the book surpasses everything. The pages are fine and one surely falls in love with the soft pages. The book is an easy read. It is thin and has just 94 pages. Some pages are left behind if someone wants to make notes or write something.

Some of my favourite quotes include:

“All happy families are alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Leo Tolstoy

“Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed”