Book Review of Dream Castle

Dream Castle is the most loved anthology. I personally feel the same.This anthology has anecdotes of all the stories related to one’s life. After reading this, one may feel attached to the characters.


The language is simple and poetic. The anecdotes of many learned have been delineated in the book. Mostly we see gap items on the stage. But this concept could be noticed in the book as well. There were some spare stories in the
book that touched the soul of the reader.

The editors seem to have given their best for this piece and this hard work, research can be noticed in their diction. According to Akash Rumade,  Dream Castle is all about beautiful tales beautifully crafted around dreams, passion, love, happiness. Whereas Kavya Shah believes Dream Castle, is a book on reverie, which has also managed to be the book of dreams. It can stir the sleeping to wake up from their coffins, and inspire the rest to strive a little harder for their dreams.

Dream Castle is a collection of 20 stories.
Here is a story wise review:
The Guardian Angel by Ruchi Rai: A perfect blend of emotions which reaches the soul of the reader.

The Knack of Present by Kavya Shah- A story that will make you weep and will strengthen your will power to tolerate the harsh realities.

Breeze of Love by Priyanka Raiyani Bose- A roller coaster ride of love where you will experience eternal peace.

Esperanza by Akash Rumade – A tale with a simple story and unique title. It makes you learn that “life is uncertain”

The New Beginning by Rohit Sukhwani- A cute fantasy that will make you smile in the end.

Dream it, Destiny Will Follow by Isha Sharma – An inspirational saga that will boost you up to fulfill your dreams.

Gateway to Happyness by Swati Chandak – A heart touching story with beautiful blending of words and poetic diction.

Reunion by Aabha Pandey – A story that used flashback technique and has a strong message that one should not judge others.

Light in Nightmares by Vipul Dhingra – A Sweet story that makes you believe ” Good things do happen”

I Wish our Roads Cross Someday by Hemant Shardul – A story that makes you smile, blush, lament and cry. The poetic aura touches the heart.

The Bicycle Ride Moments by Aishwarya Kamath – An inspirational story that makes you feel nostalgic and confident about yourself.

Dreams or Craziness by Ankush Gupta – A story that will make you realize about dreams. They do come true but you have to fight,  struggle and bleed in order to fulfill them.

Love by Chance by Manas Jomraj- A story that shows a different side of love and such sort of love hardly exist now.

A Mysterious Dream by Kajal Lalwani – A story that depicts the bad memories of a child which haunts her in the present.

Gusty “She” by Aditi Shrivastav – A motivational tale that teaches you to struggle for your dreams.

Black and Blue by Anirban Nanda – A perfect blend of stream of consciousness technique.

My Fairy Tale by Dishi Kriplani – It is a truly a fairy tale with amazing pictorial descriptions.

Gap Stories
The Fabler by Akash Rumade- A story that every author should read. Everyone can Co- relate to it.

Reminiscence by Kavya Shah- This story is a dedication to the wives of soldiers who survive in this world.

Anecdote – An Incident of Life by Priyanka Raiyani Bose- An epistolary story that deals with past and present relationships. Past events effect us adversely and it’s hard to live in present.

This book is a strong recommendation from my side..

Book Review of In God’s Wishlist by Pradipta Panda

In God’s Wishlist by Pradipta Panda is one of the unique books that I have come across. The concept of God as a character in the story is one the amazing segements I came across. The book gives us a new vibe about life and imagination. There are many people who will like this book and many will feel it senseless. If you are a romantic person then do read it and if you are a pragmatic person then don’t pick up as it will disappoint you. Lets the analysis in depth :

in-gods-wishlist (1)

Cover- The cover of the book is captivating and it feels us with eagerness to read about the contents. The color scheme is spectacular.

Title- The title in itself is a challenging thing. Nobody can dream of such a title except Pradipta and thats exceptional on her part.

Genre- This book comes under various genres like spiritual, motivational, religious, political, fantasy and many more.

Blurb- “In Gods Wishlist’ is a fantasy that speaks of a whole new world order, where there will be no fear of death. Love and beauty will rule the world and spirits will interact and fall in love with human beings and propagate love. This love will transcend everything and be the panacea to all problems. God has a vision and a mission.
He invites humankind to join active politics as it controls their life. He performs experiments to induct his theory. In one of his experiments, he studied beauty with the mind, and released all the spirits to the world, except for twenty-one top leaders of the world, whose beautiful minds were not mapped and programmed. God’s theory is that the two main things that rule the earth are the ruler and beauty that remains true for all ages. Youth have different aspirations, towards their fantasy, the opponent, and society. To inculcate this God inducted a new theory of love, the love between the spirit and a human being. The love between the spirit and a human being will be the panacea of all and this love will transcend human behaviour. Read to find out how and what is in God’s Wishlist…”

Plot- The plot is intriguing and well crafted. This is a story about God’s experiment with human and angels. It has all the elements starting from spiritualism, fantasy, religion, romance, illicit relationship and many more.

Why I loved this book?

I won’t be talking about the characterisation or the style. I feel the readers need to know what is so special about it. I am person who love fantasy stories and this story is full of imagination. Nobody can even imagine God as a character in the novel. The life after death scene and even the angel being a human’s lover. These are totally fictional. A fiction lover like me would surely love this unique idea of connecting God with humans. The way the incidents are shown gives us a description that the author knows how to connect things with the story.

Why Pragmatic People won’t like it?

No doubt the concept is unique but they will not be able to connect as a pragmatic person believes what is truth and the fantasy might not interest him. He might feel that the author has not done a proper research or might feel totally clueless.Pragmatism search for logics whereas Romanticism search for emotions, feelings and gestures.

Diction- The style of the book was good and the way descriptions were given, it was enthralling. I really loved the simplistic yet fanatastic style of the author. Overall, this book can come under liberal thinking.

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