Book Review of Soulless

Soulless by MV Kasi is a stream of consciousness novel. The book deals with serious issues like child abuse, drugs, alcohol and depression. Since its a serious issue type book but the author has balanced the seriousness with wit and humour.




The cover of the book is dark. The chess game gives us a glimpse that it has mystery and suspense in it. At times, it seems unmatchable with the title and the theme of the book.

The title is Soulless which stands for a person who doesn’t care about anyone and their emotions. The title is apt as the protagonist has heartless traits. Still, there are many reasons behind this title which are uncovered as the reading proceeds further.

The format of the book is an ebook. I wish the author could have converted into a paperback, it would have a different essence.

This novel can be categorised in many ways. It is a social novel as the social issues like child abuse, drug addiction, sex addiction, alcohol addiction are concerned. Further, we can call it a psychological novel as it is difficult to deal with Sia’s psychology who seems addicted to many things and the way she behaves. We need to know psychology a bit if we are analysing her character. This can come under young adult or dark romance category as we say many intense love making scenes. Not only this, it can be further categorised a stream if consciousness novel as we come to know about the thought process of various characters.

They say when you take revenge you lose a part of your soul.

But Sia hadn’t felt her soul in a very long time. She only knew the soul-crushing fear and helplessness. Especially during the nights, when she fought an invisible enemy that terrorized her during the nightmares.
Her days weren’t any better either. She spent most of them trying to desperately gain control of her life while battling her various fears and addictions.
She was only twenty three, but she had resigned herself to live the rest of her life that way. Fearing the unknown.

Until it all changed one day…

Now she knew. She knew that the monster from her nightmares was real. And also that her soul had been ripped apart from her.
The memories had brought in fear, rage and pain, along with a strong craving for a swift payback.
But revenge was a dish best served cold. And it required a complete absence of emotion.
So now?
Now she plotted. And she schemed. She prepared herself in every possible way to hunt and destroy her enemy.
But every mission, however well planned can go awry. Sometimes it’s because even though one can be soulless, there is always the heart. A very weak and desperate heart that was being stolen by a man.
A man who was like a bright spark of vivid colors in her otherwise dark and dreary life.
A man…who was only supposed to be collateral damage.

The plot is neatly woven and is really crisp. The story revolves around Sia, who is a mysterious girl with so many secrets in her bag. She has a big motive of revenge which we come to know at the end of the book. The story is written in her voice and at times we hate her and at times we feel sympathetic towards her.

The characters are beautifully delineated. Sia’s character seeks a lot of attention as she is mysterious, bit cranky, rude and soft at the same time. She wants to avenge someone, for which she plans and plots. During this course she comes across a man who changes her life. She is a tormented soul and when things began to heal slowly, her past knocks at the door. The story ends in such a way that it makes a way for the next part. I feel Sia’s portrayal have been the toughest task for the author as she had to create a heartless character who was soft at some point.

The style of writing is simple, lucid and creative. The thirs person narrative along with vivid descriptions makes it poignant. The way the point of views is used, its mind blowing. The author surely confuse our minds at various points. It further has an episolar as well stream of consciousness technique in it. This book can be converted into a movie and I am sure, it will be a hit. There were minor errors in the editing as I could find some missing words, yet the subject matter cannot be ignored. The author has done a tremendous job in highlighting the serious issues which are often ignored.

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Book Review of Thirty Eight Days by Len Webster

Thirty Eight Days by Len Webster is a romantic fiction. It is the first book in the Thirty Eight Series. The book is just beautiful in its own way as it is perfect in every possible way.


The cover of the book is enthralling. It leaves you in an awe. The cover has a pretty girl who is lost in the fragrance of the flower. The cover surely gives us wonderful vibes. If you are judging the cover then it won’t take you another second to buy this book.

The title is intriguing in itself. Thirty Eight Days keeps us in a confused mode as we are not able to make out like what exactly are these Thirty Eight Days? What the author is going to tell us. These thoughts add curiosity in our minds.

Ask yourself, how many days does it take to fall in love? Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye. In fact, if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan hated every thing about her. They never shared any form of connection besides Alex Lawrence. She was Alex’s bratty sister and he was Alex’s best friend, they never stood a chance. Five years have passed and almost 12,000 miles have kept them separated, both living completely different lives. Unchanged perceptions and expectations should have kept them apart but when Nolan returns, the foundations of their ‘relationship’ is sure to change. Their story was meant to end the day Nolan left for Stanford. But what if seeing each other after five years was the game changer? What if this was their one chance to rewrite their relationship or were they always destined to never be more?

The plot is neatly woven and it revolves around Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence. Both are childhood acquaintances. Clara is the sister of Nolan’s best friend, Alex Lawrence. This is story of their childhood bond which they realize when they meet again after 14 years. Heartbroken Clara finds solace in Nolan. The twists and turns makes this plot more interesting.

The book follows a theme of brother sister relationship where we notice Clara and Alex being the best brother sister. The way ALex pamper his sister, Clara gives us a homely atmosphere. Further, The theme of friendship is really strong in this book. Annie, Josie, Stephie have been fantastic friends to Clara whereas Rob, Alex and Nolan are inseparable. The love theme is the main one which takes away our hearts. Readers instantly fall for Nolan and Clara.

The characterization is the strongest segment in this book. Clara is heartbroken after Darren’s betrayal and Nolan enters her life like a wind. The beauty of Clara and her features are appreciable. Further, Nolan Parker comes back to Melbourne only because of his best friend, Alex who wants him to look after his sister. Alex plays the role of a true supporter and a caring brother blended with a confidante for Nolan.

This book surely gives us the glimpses of life in a Foreign land. The use of descriptions and lifestyle are impeccable. Since the author is from Australia so we can find some native touch. The style of writing is simple, clear and bold. The way the author has used point of views and chapter names with the names of characters, Clara and Noel, is just perfect. The use of wit, humor, drama and thriller part makes it stand out. The end is written in such a way that it can be connected to the next book in the series, Thirty Eight Reasons.

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About the Author


Len Webster is a romance-loving Melbournian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ She calls Australia home, but secretly wishes a man with a beautiful accent would whisk her away. She’s been called a hopeless romantic and a firm believer of happily ever afters, which she doesn’t object to. Having just completed her Bachelor in Business and Commerce, Len can be found daydreaming of her next Europe adventure or swooning over Mr. Darcy. Her best friends are a hot cup of tea, red velvet cupcakes, a warm jumper and her MacBook, ready to write to her heart’s content.


Book Review of Evil Twin

Evil Twin by P.G. Van is a Young Adult novel. This book has tragedy, drama, romance, comedy as well as thriller. In short it is a perfect package. The author has used almost all the elements of novel writing and makes this book a hit.



The cover is erotic as it has a couple who are intimately connected with each other. This surely gives us an idea of a young adult or an erotica.

The title is skillfully chosen by the author. The whole story revolves around a mystery which is unsolved in the mid chapters somewhere and this title is the clue of that hidden mystery.

Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and lives in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. She never expected a simple act of kindness would be life altering. Reyan comes into her life threatening to shake up her focus and challenges her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals. 
Will he crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds? 
Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before. Does she have a doppleganger or a twin? 
Follow Vinnie’s and Reyan’s love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.

The plot is intriguing and is linked with subplots. These subplots takes us back to the main plot line. The author’s plot construction keeps us hooked till the end and one cannot leave this book in between. The strong force that binds a novel is its plot and the author has done full justice to it.

The author seem to have mastered the art of character portrayal. Reyan is an extremely hot guy who tries to woo Vinnie who seems to be indulged in her family. The quick connection between the two bothers Vinnie, for which she tries to ignore to him. Later, both ends up falling for each other and even after trying harder to control their wildest desires. Both are equally complex characters and have hidden secrets which are revealed while reading the chapters.

The friends and family and amazing role in their lives. The way they turn out to be fabulous confidantes is impeccable. I must say, Reyan and Vinnie make a hot couple.

The style of writing is poignant, lucid and beautiful. The author has placed correct words at the correct situation. The use of third person narrative and vivid impersonal descriptions of the places, nature of people makes it interesting. The use of point of views, stream of consciousness, drama, epistlary style, dialogues add flavors to it. This book surely touch the hearts of the readers and has a quality in it. Kuddos to the author for this piece.

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Book Review of Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini by Kavipriya Moorthy is a romance fiction and in some way is related to social issue which I shall uncover in the upcoming paragraphs. This book is an exceptional book and in my reviewing career, I have not read such a book. This might highly impress a person and even depress a person, depends on their view points.


The cover is eye catching and this is enough to lure you to buy this book instantly. The kohl on the eye and the black thing reminds you of a Muslim lady as this sort of eye makeup can be seen their but I say, Don’t judge a book by its cover. This cover surely makes you think of some erotica or some crime. But yes, all these notions are wrong which are uncovered once we start reading the book.

The title is inspired from a drink  named Dirty Martini which in itself is a diverging part as the story is nowhere related to the drink or based on it. But still, once we read we come to know the knack from where it has come. Then surely, this title makes sense to us.

The plot of the story revolves around the lives of two people, Preethi and Raghu. The story is mixture of past and present events which have been beautifully conceptualised in the book.

Some things to talk about

Every woman has the right to live and take her own decisions. Nobody can force her for that but according to this book, women who take their decisions are judged, be it taking a drink, be it smoking, be it living alone, be it moving in with someone or be it expressing your sexual desires. If a man has sexual desires he is considered cool but if its about a woman she is called a ‘BITCH.’ This book talks about Gender Inquality where women are judged for their decisions or being independent.

This book talks of a stupid notion about a few NRI’s. Who are these NRI’s? The people who can’t find a girl in their own country and come to some other country. They fool a girl of their good status and take them. After taking them to their land they treat her like a slave. And what we so called stupids do? We get in their traps and end up ruining our lives. We are ready to compromise everything be it his age, his looks or thoughts. WHy? The answer is, he is a NRI. Does it give him a license to betray you and crush your heart into pieces? Does NRI means that he can rule you? This dirtiness of so called NRI idealogy is clearly shown in the book.

The author has beautifully delineated her characters. Surely Preethi, is the protagonist as well as the mouthpiece of the author. She is bold, independent,confident and fights the society alone. Whereas, Raghu is the most loved guy and the reader might surely fall for his behaviour and traits. Both are perfect for each other but destiny has something else in store for them.

The story moves in a steady pace. The way the author use past and present technique is impeccable. The use of social media is the key point. The way the first person narrative blended with point of views is depicted adds essence to it. The wit, humour, sarcasm are like jewels of this book. The editing is beyond perfect and the editor’s note is just loveable. This book can surely end up into a movie.

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About the Author


Kavipriya Moorthy was born in Chennai, India. She did her Engineering and MBA, and is now working as a business analyst at GAVS technologies. “I don’t wear sunscreen” is her first published novella, and she runs her own blogs. is her micro-niche blog and is her personal blog where she shares about her works, reviews other books, and writes about the process of publishing.





Book Review of A Sip of LOve& A Sip of Coffee

I was eagerly waiting for the book and when I got the book I had my exams.. so finally got the chance to review here.. Thanx to Ganga and Vipul for giving me a chance to review the book.. I have read 2 books by Ganga and this is one of my favourite one now..why? Because I have fallen in love with the new concept she had introduced in her book : Involvement of author in the story. Want to know more about it? Lets start then:

Cover-The brown color cover with coffee beans is a perfect combo and suits perfectly with the title of the book.


Title- The title is amazing ‘ A Sip of LOve & A Sip of Coffee’, it makes you feel like having coffee and a keenness to read about love. It drifts your mood and makes you feel comfy.

Plot- The plot is simple yet unique as it talks about a teen love, yes that lovey, dovey one, but not so cheesy one. It is about Avanthika and Gautam who are in school and experience a skip of heart while seeing each other, yes that is love. Avanthika is a one man woman, oops sowie* , one man girl, whereas Gautham can’t stay with one girl. Both have different notions about love and they stick to it. But soon, they both realise that they are not meant to be together. Gautham don’t want to break her heart. What happens next is unexpected but for the betterment of their life. Will they forget each other or stay together forever is the main suspense of the story.


Theme- The theme of LOVE is the key point of the book. The story revolves around Gautham and Avanthika. It is all about those cute times which they spend with each other. This sounds like a cute teenage movie.
The theme of FRIENDSHIP between Srinivas and Avanthika is fantastic. The way Srinivas risk himself in order to help Avanthika is remarkable. Readers would surely wish to have such friends in life.

Diction- Author surpasses the writing technique. The unique concept of writing is enthralling. The way she includes her family and herself in the story, it seems so lively. The interaction with the characters.. I have never had such an out of the world reading. The language is simple and lucid. I could find brevity in it and there was use of simple sentences more than other. It makes the flow of reading easy and makes the reader connected to the chapters. Above all, it is a delight to read this book with a cup of coffee in hand. Not only this, the combination of third person narrative and personal conversation with the authors are the main highlighters of the book. Just, can’t get over it. the name of the chapters were simply awestruck.

Favourite lines- ” A writer ho writes about terrorism is not a terrorist”
“Every dialogue should not sound like you, but as the characters themselves. My characters are living here in the book; they don’t and needn’t reflect me.”

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