3 Novels which were Banned but are true Masterpieces #StoriesBeyondHatred

Novels, films, poems, paintings, etc are a form of artwork which are bound to depict or portray stories from the real world which is the main reason why we call them ‘Art’. These artworks do receive a lot of love from people all across the globe but also they fall under the prey of criticism and many times these criticisms can get harsh too which can many times turn into controversies. I believe that the more an artwork is criticized, the more it is close to depicting the reality. But it is subjective and it may differ.

But why do we need restrictions in the world of art? We are already trapped with so many restrictions, it is better if we don’t have any in here. As less the restrictions, the more expressive an artist or writer can be. But that’s only an imagination for now. Keeping this in mind, I would like to introduce you to a series named “Stories Beyond Hatred” where we will be discussing novels and stories which landed into controversies and we will be revisiting them with a new perspective altogether outlooking the criticism it faced.

Check out the list:


From an artistic point of view, Lolita is considered to be a Masterpiece. Written by Vladimir Nabakov this engaging story was appreciated by literature lovers especially for it’s dark humour plot. But the novel landed into controversy as it portrayed sexual relationship between a much older man and a teenage girl. Many of the reviews named it “the filthiest book I have ever read,” and “sheer, unrestrained pornography.” But revisiting it from the literary view will make you understand why this is a honest piece of art as well as a mirror to the society.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

This novel by Mark Twain faced heavy criticism as readers felt that the story was too sugar-coated towards Jim, Huck’s family slave. Also Twain was accused of creating racial stereotypes around Jim. But the novel is still loved by many people as they consider it is an important reflection of the social atmosphere of its time. And this perspective can’t be out looked.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee tried to portray the story ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by using offensive language as he thought it will do justice to the story. Also, it openly talked about racism, rape and violence. Back in 1960s, many school boards banned the book for being immoral. But it was the need of a writer and the world he created inspired from true stories, hence the novel also won a Pulitzer award.

So it’s better to reconsider some stories beyond hatred. Share your views in the comment box below and stay tuned for more such interesting write-ups.

Is it Pisanthrophobia?

Hello beautiful people,


I have been researching on this word from a last couple of days. I came across this from Kavi Akka’s profile. Pisanthrophobia is a term associated with people who have issues with trusting people. After pondering over for good 50 minutes I realised that I have this issue in me. Either I end up trusting people too easily ot I just end up detaching them by not trusting them.

“Every person is not the same Surbhi,” she said.

What happens when people around you are fake? When people around you just know how to hurt you or torment you. When things are never good around you. When people find ways to misuse your thoughts. When people decide to betray you. When you are surrounded with all the negtativity in the world. How can you take a deep breath and relax in this chaos?


Either you need to stop trusting people or you can keep on becoming a fool. Canadian lifestyle has one main mantra. Never ever trust anyone. First confirm the things and then go ahead with the information. Nobody will be happy by your success so you should better stop sharing your happiness. It will be a happiness for you but you will end up giving others the chance to hate you. Keep the things to yourself.

Do you know why people fool you and why some others are difficult to be fooled? Sometimes you end up giving a clue to others that you are an easy nut to crack while others turn out to be a mystery to be solved. If you plan your life and never share your stuff with anyone then you are an unpredictable person. Nobody will get to know about your intentions and your life. Hence, nobody can assume about you. But if you treat everyone as your friend and end up sharing things then anyone can predict about your behavior, reactions and many more. So, you better start focussing on your behavior and try to be an unpredicatable person.

Confessions of an Immigrant-6

Hello lovelies,

Life in Canada is so hectic and busy that you hardly get time to do your daily routine things. At times you forget to do your laundry or you hardly get a chance. At times you are so stuck with your assignments that you don’t get a single minute to breathe. Last week was a roller coaster ride for me. Can you imagine I was working hard on my assignment even during the weekends. I have not visited or met any of relatives in these past weeks which is really irritating.


Wrote this quote for a contest!

Earlier I missed my Niagara Trip and this time I missed my cousin’s Bridal Shower. Well guys, Bridal Shower is a celebration and Gala time for the bride where they invite relatives and guests, bless the bride and enjoy their heart out. This was a theme based bridal shower where everyone wore White dress and the bride wore a Black dress. I can guess that she might have been looking good. But I missed the chance to see this as in India we never have Bridal Shower. It is the worst feeling when you are close to your family and still not be able to attend it.


Side view of Centennial College

Another bomb that exploded in my Immigrant life apart from these hectic assignments is the mid term. Can you imagine that a teacher walks in the class and suddenly tells you that you have a mid term next week. Then another teacher says and its so hard to digest. Above all, the assignments, group work and everything goes hand in hand. Nothing stops, no prepatories given. Now I realised, this is Canada.


The only positive part was that I met my relative when I was unwell. He gave me the medicines which healed me so quickly. Another thing is, this is June, the month of holidays in India. My mom is in her maternal home and this is the first time I missed being there. The memories I had with them are memorable.


New wind Sheeter!

I don’t understand one thing, inspite of getting so dead and tired how can anyone come up with a happident smile? This thought is so infectious. Some of the people I came across with are great. For the first time in Canada, I celebrated a friend’s birthday. This was something new. I realised that for the first time in my life I will celebrate my birthday without my parents and best friends. This made me nostalgic.


I have started some of the reading but I realised my speed has slowed down. Assignments are the only monsters in my life. But when you get an A or A+ life seems bearable.


Next week Father’s Day is coming and again this time I won’t be with him. Earlier, I used to be in Delhi and now I will be away from him. I miss my dad alot. I love him so much and I wish I could get a hug from him. He is unwell and I will pray that he gets well soon. Stay happy papa. I am your bahadur bacha. I love you..:)

Author’s Note: Sorry for updating so late! I will be back with more such confessions so stay tuned.