Confessions of an Immigrant- 15

Sometimes your mind and heart are so full of things that you cannot jot down anything and write about it. My mind has been hovering over all those myriad thoughts which I wanted to shout out but couldn’t. So many good things happened all of sudden that I always felt something was missing in my life. Whenever I try to mend the missing pieces, I always end up creating a new situation for myself. Some of them were weird cases for sure.


I am done with my studies and internship. Now I am doing Security Job at Reilly’s full time. The central locations are Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the University of Toronto.


Sometimes I get other locations too when people don’t show up. I have all types of shifts starting from morning to afternoon to night shifts. When I had my first ever night shift, it was for 13 hours, and when I got home, I slept for 10 hours. Even after that, I was so dead. I tried to find out the reason why I was so exhausted after my night shifts whereas other people love to do night shifts. Thus, the mantra to do night shifts is, you should force yourself to sleep for 3-4 hours before you go for a shift. The time 1-3 at night is the time when everyone tends to doze off so if you had a nice sleep, you can utilize your energy during that time.



Recently, we covered an event called Parliament of Religions. I met people from different countries and some amazing figures like Padmanji (Bharatnatyam Dancer), Juss Kaur (Painter), Uma Ji( Member of Chinmoy Community), Binny Sareen (Bhrama Kumari), Anita (Member of Religious Society) and there were many people whom I knew by faces but we shared some unsaid connections. After attending that event, I felt I have some purpose in life. I learned so many different things about Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, and many others.


I felt as if there was an amalgamation of religions. I saw a painting that had paintings of Guru Gobind Singh which was made from the word ‘Waheguru.’ I was sick on that day and coughing a lot. A lady came to me and asked me if she could pray for me. I said yes. She prayed for my speedy recovery. After that, I felt so lifted and confident that I cannot even explain.



You are reading it right, I shifted to a new place again. So, it is a fantastic apartment which I am sharing with four more girls. This sounds messy but honestly speaking, I am in awe with the place as it is decorated, well maintained. I am sharing the room with one girl who is away or at work most of the times so in sharing I feel the ambiance of a private room. The next door room has three girls. They have ample space for storage, so my stuff easily got fitted there. It is not even a month, but I get positive vibes from the house. I am happy and content with my choice.



Since its December and we all know Christmas and Boxing Day are the major affairs in Canada. I am one lazy person who hates shopping from the core of my soul, but my friend Hetal inculcated the seed of online shopping in me which has me completely cut off with the outside stores. I have shopped from Aldo, Walmart, Rickis, Cleo till now and I have loved the stuff so far. To add more, I came across apps like Instacart, Groupon, Shutterfly. Well, Instacart is for Walmart grocery shopping. Those who know me, they are well acquainted with the fact that I am super bad in grocery shopping. It took me precisely 15 minutes to order the stuff, and it was delivered to my place within 2 hours. If you are like me, then Instacart is the best choice. This Groupon is one cool app which helps you to find the best deals in restaurants, fun activities, travels, nightlife, leisure stuff. With this app, I got to know about some of the cool classes in the budget of course. Airbnb is similar to Groupon which you can try as well. And now coming to Shutterfly, this app helps you design and order customized mugs, books, t-shirts for your loved ones. If you are looking for fun stuff this Boxing Day or any other day, then do try these sites and applications for sure.


I did get to know how this year ended. This year had been a roller coaster ride for me. From separation to meeting new people, from changing houses to changing work locations, experiencing good things to frustrated times, weddings to festivals, loneliness to family gatherings, sadness to fun, with not a single piece written to an incomplete Goodreads list, I had it all. I became mature, sensible and evolved as a human being.

I am looking forward to a better New Year with lots of new people in life, happiness, love and many unsaid wishes to be fulfilled.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Will see you in 2019 with new stories!


Masla Sarhadon Ka



Masla Tumhara or humara Nahi Hai

Ye To Sarhadon Ka Masla Hai

Bharat Or Pakistan Ka Muaavza Hai

Jo aam aadmi ne Bhara Hai

Paraye Desh Mei Apne hi Bhai Ko

Anjaan Bana Diya Hai


Masla Tumhara or humara nahi hai

Ye to Sarhadon ka masla hai

Hindu or musalman ka jhagda hai

Jo insaniyat ko bech chala hai

Kadam kadam pe politics ne

Deshon ko loota hai


Masla Tumhara or humara nahi hai

Ye to Sarhadon ka masla hai

Kaun sacha hai or kaun jhootha hai

Ye sawal har mudde se bada hai

Kaum ke naam pe dangon ka bol bala hai

Ye dakiyanusi khayal ne insaan ki soch ko maar dala hai


Masla Tumhara or humara nahi hai

Ye to Sarhadon ka masla hai


~ Surbhi Sareen

Spotlight of The Girl Child by De.B. Dubois


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The Girl Child
De. B. Dubois

Growing up as a strong-headed single child with a privileged upbringing in Calcutta, Devi has learned much from her surroundings. Her childhood memories are filled with mixed emotions – especially as she remains angry with her mother and the hypocrisy of women in India. On an unexpected journey home, she encounters reality – new stories and experiences of strangers, as well as friends. It has been years since she left Calcutta, yet the city’s untold stories haunt her. This time Devi is back in town to solve issues and above all, through some painful and hard revelations, to make peace with those she can.
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About the author


De.B. is an ordinary person with her daily struggles of being fun and peppy; as all those heavy readings on sociology, philosophy, history, art and culture have done her sombre. – Not that she is complaining, – however when things do get too hectic, her escape solutions are: long walks through nature trails with her adopted Maltese, a good glass of absinthe from Val-de-Travers, and creating visual arts. Her friends best describe De.B. Dubois as, – ‘the hermit’.
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Internship-A journey from naivety to maturity

The day I entered the Strategic Initiatives and External Relations (SIER) Room no. C3-04, I was hell scared. I saw Shelly and Jess sitting at the table. They were busy doing something. The moment they saw me, they stood up and welcomed me with there real smiles which made me comfortable. Then came, Charlene, followed by Carolyn (my supervisor). Carolyn and Charlene heartily greeted me, and they walked me through the work. The first day included meetings with Carolyn, Charlene, and Shelly.


Within a week I got adjusted in this environment as it was friendly, energetic and full of life. The morning started with greetings, followed by meetings, discussions and brainstorming sections. Apart from these, I got a chance to meet Manjeet, Tas, Andrew, and Samantha. Mondays used to start with a discussion about the weekend, health tips n tricks and then with the work.

SIER Centennial Nov 1514523

We used to have traffic meetings bi-weekly and every other Thursday we had salad lunches. This post will be incomplete without introducing you guys my mentors who added another level of confidence in me and made me a stronger person.

Meet the Director of SIER Department: Andrew Petrou 

Andrew 1514323_edit

I met Andrew during my third week of Internship as he was away with his family for vacation. When I met him, I never felt like I was meeting him for the first time. His smile and the never-ending energy to handle back to back meetings inspired me all the time. He has always appreciated my presence and made me feel like home. Andrew loves Davids Tea and making coffee for everyone. He takes health seriously, and because of him, I could learn some of the stretches.

Meet my Supervisor: Carolyn Ritchie 

Carolyn 1514283_edit copy

If Andrew is energetic, then Carolyn is the vibe behind that energy. She is a perfect epitome of ‘Beauty with Brains.’ She has given her heart and soul to this office, and I have been lucky to have her as my mentor. She helped me achieve my learning plan objectives. She made me feel comfortable and taught me how I can channelize my energy and excitement. She is a staunch follower of diet, and she never compromises with that, even though the Naan tempts her nerves out. She has exceptional presentation skills, and she can handle meetings the whole day. I admire her hairstyles the most.

Meet my Savior: Charlene D’ Costa

Charlene 1514239_edit

Charlene is a ‘Salad Queen,’ ‘Yoga Enthusiast’ and my savior. She is an alumnus of PR course, and she walked me through everything, be it Hootsuite, scheduling of posts, editing them or guiding me for my personal growth, social media plans or the Brandbook. She always listened and respected my thoughts. She made learn how can I put forward my thoughts. I learned to be organized from her and honestly speaking, her diary and bag make me admire her. She loves to give cards, and she gave me a fantastic card on birthday which brought a big smile on my face. Charlene became my confidante in this 8-week journey.

Meet the voice of SIER: Shelly Gupta

Shelly 1514212_edit

Shelly is the mouthpiece of Solv. service where we act as a catalyst between the industry and the college to bring the best out of them. She handles the internal as well as external relations. Since she is the mouthpiece, henceforth, she is always busy over the phone. I learned how to sell yourself in front of the internal and external team. She walked me through the entire partnership process. She gave me feedback on my social media plan as she was the one who could tell about the partners which I recommended to work with.

Meet the SIER Nightingale: Jessica Vella

Jess 1514103_edit

Jess seems to be an inspirational figure who makes the office environment musical and exciting with her humming, and her hunger pangs can make anyone laugh. She is the first person who comes to the office. She is cute, sweet and adorable. She loved my pasta salad, and for the first time, I felt proud of cooking. She is excellent with multi-tasking, be it admin work, writing minutes during meetings or handling excel sheet during traffic meetings. You say, and she will do it. She is a go-getter, and I will surely miss her Indian food stories. I had never seen anyone so proud of the fact that she looks like an Indian. I feel super pumped up around her.

Meet our Heartthrob: Manjeet Kang

Manjeet 1514162_edit

If you ever need to know Funding Opportunities, then you should go to Manjeet. She is just like that matchmaker who will make you meet your soulmate. But in technical words, she finds the funding opportunity for your firm and suggests you apply for it. While I was working on the Brandbook, she was the one who came to my rescue. She gave me a brief tutorial about her work and the way she explained, she nailed it. She is meant to a career coach, guide. She gave me so many pieces of advice which have been carved in my heart, and I have started implementing them already. She adds lots of Indian touch with her food, and I love the way she makes you feel loved by her Shahi Paneer. You say you miss home, she will bring food for you and pamper you like a kid.

Meet our SIER mom: Samantha Corway

Sam 1514421_edit.jpg

I guess most of the people these days know her because of her super adorable daughter, Delia, who is a star. She is classy, cute and has all the British features one could ever ask for. I met her during my last 2 weeks of internship. I never felt that I was meeting her for the first time. She has that aura in her which makes you intrigued to know her. Our mornings used to start asking about Delia, her picture on the camera. She is a fancy person who brings her super awesome bowls, cutlery and I have been inspired by her teal water bottle. She has given me mesmerizing gifts on my farewell.

Meet the SIER magical cook: Tasnuva Hasan


Tas is known for her khus khus and super fantastic Chicken. She loves to cook and can make any dish out of the given ingredients. I love the way she handles her work and life. When she is around, you always feel elated.


The last day of my internship reminded me of all the sweet memories that we guys shared, be it laughing at jokes, getting sad at my sickness, cheering me up on birthday, appreciating me for juggling internship and security job, making teas, birthday lunch, or potluck. I cannot forget the time I had spent with them, and I am going to miss them a lot.



Love you SIER family (my second home)


Surbhi Sareen 

(Social Media Intern at SIER)




Confessions of an Immigrant-14

What goes round comes back 

I know I am writing after 2 months which is insane. Honestly speaking, I didn’t felt like writing anything during that time. I was so busy in inhaling the activities and events that took place in my life. All were good but time in Canada, I feel runs faster than anything.


Till last time, I was in Brampton. I have moved again to Scarborough now and again back to the same place where I had come from. I got an internship in Centennial College and things got again busy and crazy with internship and my Security Guard job.


The major event being my cousin Varun’s grand wedding. The wedding, my assignments were side by side. It was a roller coaster ride from college to attending functions, managing things. The events were amazing. I enjoyed the time. It was a nostalgic feeling. I was the only one representing paternal side and I was missing my parents there. Here are some of the pictures of the wedding functions.


I have learnt cooking. I knew cooking but now with some enhanced tips and tricks. Thanks to my auntie who taught me those life skills. We learn so many things but life skills is something we learn from implementing and observing. I am glad that I got the chance to learn all that. I can say that now I am an expert in making Bhindi Masala, Veg Biryani, Butter Chicken, Poha, Paneer Butter Masala, Dals, Pasta (red and white), Rajma and many more. But I eat less spicy so my food will not be that spicy. No offense, thats my choice and I love it.


My studies are almost over and internship is going amazing. This is my third week here and I am already learning so many things about social media. My position here is of a Social Media Intern. Working in an office is fantastic where you different set of people who appreciate your work and inspire you at every step.


Coming to job, I am doing Events Security which is an interesting job. Here you not only work but also get a chance to attend the events, though in your break. Previously, I got a chance to cover Taylor Swift’s, Ed Sheeran’s event which was breathtaking. I was mesmerised to see the star and the live event had always been in my bucket list. The locations are different so you don’t feel bored. I got a chance to visit University of Toronto, attend Canadian Fitness Pro Gala, Canadian National Exhibition, Pablo Alto Conference, Zac Brown Event. I met many different people while working and mostly all are different during shifts. Mostly, I work Friday, Saturday and Sundays. But at times, I do weekdays too after my internship. Life is super hectic and I hardly get time to write.


But there are some shifts which are not that hectic where I grab chances to read books. So, far I read four books in this two weeks of my shifts. When you get your paycheck, the feeling is undescribable. You guys would relate to me as I have always updated about my job search, failed attempts, issues and now when things are finally falling to place, I feel contented, motivated. I feel proud that finally I am heading towards positivity and road to happiness.


The happiest segment has been Saloni’s visit this Friendships Day. Though she came 2 days after the friendships day yet it was an amazing feeling. I feel she is a person of promises. Whenever she promise me something, maybe God does some magic that she actually keep thta promise and comes here. I feel Saloni and Surbhi are meant to be together forever. Lol. Sounds so Filmy.


I so want to come back to India once I get a good job here. I just can’t wait to come back and meet everyone out there. I am a part of this country and I don’t want to be treated like a visitor in India. India is where I belong and Canada is where I am now, learning parts and parcel of life. Well, thats me: your Surbhi, signing off. Will be back soon with another amazing life update. See ya!


Confessions of an Immigrant- 13

365 days Theory

I had thought before that I won’t be there at one place for a long time. I had a plan for 180 days theory just like Sachin Garg’s book. But all went in vain. I felt a strong ephemeral connection with the place I was living that whenever I plan to move out, I end up moving in again in that same place. This has happened thrice. And finally, I am leaving the place. Technically, it’s been 358 days since I have been living in this house.


Now I have moved to Brampton, the Minnie India. The relocation is the toughest segment in a person’s life. I felt the same here when I was leaving India. The zeal of emotions overpowered me. A connection theory revolves around this. Whenever I used to plan to leave that place, I had always changed the decision but this time the decision turned into an action. I lived there for one year. The memories that hover over my mind are ethereal. The time spent with roommates, trying different restaurants, shopping, showing dresses to each other, sharing emotions and giving endless advice and at times fighting too. All these became parts and parcel of our life. The separation was difficult but still, it was never a goodbye, but always a reason to talk again and again.


Brampton, the new phase sounded ecstatic but came out to be tough. The same thing, finding the routes were a roller coaster ride. I can’t believe that using Mr. Google can also make me lose my way. The reason being, Mr. Google never tells that the area I am going to have a ravine or a construction zone. Mr. Google will be Mr. Google, isn’t it?

go train

There are different modes of transport here. Zum Bus stops at Zum stops only, whereas for reaching other places or interiors of the area, you need Brampton Transit. If you want to travel Mississauga, then Mi-way or Zum comes to your rescue. Further, if you want to go to Toronto then Go Bus or Go Train is the best. These transits actually baffle my mind as in one day sometimes you have to take all the transits. My travel revolves around two cities: Brampton and Downtown henceforth, I take Brampton Transit, Go Train, Subway and TTC Bus. If I make any passes, then they come out to be a wastage of money, so I use Presto which can be used in all the four places. Now I have connected my Presto with student ID so I get 18% discount.


Talking about the Brampton Transit, the frequencies are much lesser here. One bus comes after every 30-40 mins or even after an hour. If you miss your bus, then you are late. So, it is better to plan your journey one day ahead. Should I boost my reaching college half an hour before in spite being living almost 2 hours away! Most of my classes start at 8:30 so I get up at 5:15 and reach my bus stop at 6:10 where my bus comes at 6:19 and by 6:26 I reach the Go station. From there, I take 6:32 Go train and reach at 7:25. Then I take Southbound subway followed by another Eastbound Subway. I reach Pape station at 7:50 and then the final TTC I take. Mortimer Avenue is just 2 stops away. You can walk too but in mornings, you are sleepwalking, so I take that. I reach at 8:05 and I have my breakfast. This is my routine. The journey is tiresome, but I get some sleep in that time. I cannot believe myself that, I do all of this. I am not a morning person and here I am getting up early and managing everything. Sometimes, I like to give myself a thumbs up for being courageous to do that.


Perks of traveling in Go train can be sleeping, reading and writing your thoughts while experiencing them. I met many amazing people while traveling and got to learn so many tricks.


My uncle is my train buddy. I am almost flabbergasted by his tricks, but I feel they are perfect. He takes the third compartment while going and takes the first compartment while coming back. On being asked, he told me his theory of compartments. He says that the third last compartment opens at Bay Street from where he can take the Southbound Subway easily while coming back, the first compartment opens near the parking side. It sounded weird but when I tried it, made some sense to me. Mostly, students and working-class travel on Go train.


Then I had an encounter with an HR Professional who always takes the fourth compartment from the last. I happened to sit there so I met her. She cleared so many notions about the HR field. My previous course was Human Resource Management, so I was curious about this field and her work culture. She told me that this field involves writing too and I was unaware of this fact. Meeting with her came out to be knowledgeable.



Also, I met this Pakistani lady who told me about her experiences in this country. She told me that she had been in Canada for 45 years and I was wondering how she can live here for so many years. She told me about her family and about her languages. She speaks such an amazing Hindi and Urdu. Despite being 75 years old, she likes to travel. She had come to Brampton to meet her daughter and she was going back to her son. She talked about the people of Canada and how beautifully this country accepted her and her family. The Go train experiences had been fabulous, and I feel that my other write-ups would include Subway and train journeys as my most of the time is spent here.


Talking about the bus drivers, they are helpful. I happened to take Zum bus once where I asked about the stop from the driver. I told him that I was new. He welcomed me and told me about the Zum stops and the helpline numbers where can I call if I lost my way. There was another bus driver who helped me a lot. I was running late for my work in Mississauga. I had to catch another bus and I had missed it in front of my eyes. The driver had no passengers to drop, so he helped me catch the bus. He took me from another side and I could catch the bus.


Brampton city has been friendly, helpful and amazing for me. I never felt so positive and lively after coming here. I feel that my decision of coming here, despite the distance has been fruitful. I hope things go positive this way.