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Dirty Martini by Kavipriya Moorthy is a romance fiction and in some way is related to social issue which I shall uncover in the upcoming paragraphs. This book is an exceptional book and in my reviewing career, I have not read such a book. This might highly impress a person and even depress a person, depends on their view points.


The cover is eye catching and this is enough to lure you to buy this book instantly. The kohl on the eye and the black thing reminds you of a Muslim lady as this sort of eye makeup can be seen their but I say, Don’t judge a book by its cover. This cover surely makes you think of some erotica or some crime. But yes, all these notions are wrong which are uncovered once we start reading the book.

The title is inspired from a drink  named Dirty Martini which in itself is a diverging part as the story is nowhere related to the drink or based on it. But still, once we read we come to know the knack from where it has come. Then surely, this title makes sense to us.

The plot of the story revolves around the lives of two people, Preethi and Raghu. The story is mixture of past and present events which have been beautifully conceptualised in the book.

Some things to talk about

Every woman has the right to live and take her own decisions. Nobody can force her for that but according to this book, women who take their decisions are judged, be it taking a drink, be it smoking, be it living alone, be it moving in with someone or be it expressing your sexual desires. If a man has sexual desires he is considered cool but if its about a woman she is called a ‘BITCH.’ This book talks about Gender Inquality where women are judged for their decisions or being independent.

This book talks of a stupid notion about a few NRI’s. Who are these NRI’s? The people who can’t find a girl in their own country and come to some other country. They fool a girl of their good status and take them. After taking them to their land they treat her like a slave. And what we so called stupids do? We get in their traps and end up ruining our lives. We are ready to compromise everything be it his age, his looks or thoughts. WHy? The answer is, he is a NRI. Does it give him a license to betray you and crush your heart into pieces? Does NRI means that he can rule you? This dirtiness of so called NRI idealogy is clearly shown in the book.

The author has beautifully delineated her characters. Surely Preethi, is the protagonist as well as the mouthpiece of the author. She is bold, independent,confident and fights the society alone. Whereas, Raghu is the most loved guy and the reader might surely fall for his behaviour and traits. Both are perfect for each other but destiny has something else in store for them.

The story moves in a steady pace. The way the author use past and present technique is impeccable. The use of social media is the key point. The way the first person narrative blended with point of views is depicted adds essence to it. The wit, humour, sarcasm are like jewels of this book. The editing is beyond perfect and the editor’s note is just loveable. This book can surely end up into a movie.

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Kavipriya Moorthy was born in Chennai, India. She did her Engineering and MBA, and is now working as a business analyst at GAVS technologies. “I don’t wear sunscreen” is her first published novella, and she runs her own blogs. is her micro-niche blog and is her personal blog where she shares about her works, reviews other books, and writes about the process of publishing.





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