Project 1


Solv is a free service that acts as a catalyst between the industry and academic institute. This is the Social Media Plan which I had made during my 8-week internship.

Project 2

Indigo CSR Report

A group project done on Indigo Chapters that recorded its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Project 3

Risk Management Leading Class Discussion

This project involved a Leading Class Discussion on Risk Management prepared by a group of students. 

Project 4

Tools and Technology: Buzzfeed Analysis ​

This project includes a presentation analysing the tools and techniques of using Buzzfeed for business purpose.

My Guest Blogs

Blog 1

15 Best Foot Creams in India (With Price & Review)

“Keep your feet on the ground but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment.” 

Blog 2

20 Best Women Perfumes In India​

Fragrances are personal, and it’s our choice which nobody can challenge. There is an era that has women, princesses admiring themselves with aromatic scents. These scents give us a feeling of sensuousness and arousal.

Blog 3

15 Best Wedding Invitation Card Wordings – Latest and trending

They say marriages are made in heaven, but they are made with catchy wordings on the wedding card in this century.”

After the wedding gets fixed, the most significant part of the wedding card selection. Every family has their taste when they go to select a wedding card. 

Blog 4

The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Scarves & It’s Uses

Your look is incomplete without an accessory. Women and men, these days like to add scarves in different styles, which compliments their looks. They not only add elegance to their look but also showcase confidence to the person wearing it.