Book Reviewof Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb

Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb by Mirabelle Pereira is a collection of 25 anecdotes that surely has essence. This book has a limited range of characters with wide range of thoughts. In short, this book takes up microcosm and reaches the macrocosm.


The cover is not that impressive as I feel the author mainly focussed on her thoughts. It is simple and sober which surely matches the title of the book. The title ‘Black Sheep Caught in a Cobweb’ has a deeper which we come to know once we are done reading the book. The headings of the chapters is unique and makes sense completely.

There is no such plot. Infact, it revolves around the author and her family. These 25 stories are just like normal stories and can be narrated by a person. It seems as if someone is telling us the stories face to face. These stories gives us warm and homely feeling.

The author has taken up her own family as characters. It includes her grandmother, grandfather, mother, Jasmine( The aunt), Keith( The Uncle), Sid( brother), Zara( cousin). Even she herself includes in these stories. It is strange that the author has herself given the character sketches of her own family members and we surely do not need to make any picture in our minds as it is already crystal clear.

The narrative style includes first and second person narrative. It is difficult to incorporate two different styles altogether but the author has managed themvery well. Further, the descriptions used are fantabulous. The witty sentences and references from important people adds flavour to it. EVen the author has used her own quotes that can be made as axioms in near future. These stories are full of incidents, anecdotes, sarcasm, wit and humour.

The quality of the book surpasses everything. The pages are fine and one surely falls in love with the soft pages. The book is an easy read. It is thin and has just 94 pages. Some pages are left behind if someone wants to make notes or write something.

Some of my favourite quotes include:

“All happy families are alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Leo Tolstoy

“Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed”

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