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Love & Peace by Abhishek Kothari is a romance fiction. This story is about love that makes breaks and makes you something. The story has a simple perspective but the situational delineations makes this simple concept beautiful.


The cover of the book is simple, sober and beautiful. The whote background indicates peace and tinge pink has essence of love. The cover maginificently delineates the purpose of the novel.

The three words sums up the title and its purpose ‘ Love and Peace’. This is an amazing combination as we know that love can melt stones, can stop wars, can make enemies friends and so on. Hence, this love can bring peace and solace to a person’s mind.

Are you in quest of love and peace?
Dear reader,
I have been dreaming of marrying Guddi ever since childhood. No, I didn’t love her back then. I wanted to marry her simply because all my friends were married (child marriage!) and I didn’t want to lag behind.Now, I love her deeply. But for her, marriage is a three-ring circus – engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering. More so, I’ve run away from her a couple of times for my atonement. But every time, life has dragged me back to her. In running after love and peace, I forgot to live! A mesmerizing anecdote about following your heart, Love and Peace is about my fight with fate and life to achieve what I had set my heart on. Come, join my journey and rediscover yourself.
Love and peace,

The plot is crystal clear and intriguing. It revolves around the lives of Raju and Guddi who happens to be childhood friends. This is a journey of love lost and found. They go through a lot of ups and downs which makes their bond strong only.

The characterisation is one of the best elements in the book. It seems as if the author has mastered the art of character portrayal. I felt Raju’s character exceptional. The way he handles the situations is impeccable. Even though the life knocks him down everytime, he comes back with a bang on. His ambitiousness makes him a better man and his lifstyle improves. He is madly in love with Guddi and it doesn’t change till the last page of the book.

Guddi’s character is complicated. Many people might not life it from the start but once we read her side story we surely love her character. She is a confident woman who has her own perspectives towards life. We are more influenced by Raju’s life that we almost forget her existence.

The minor characters also play a vital role in progression of the plot. The way Sanjay, Harish and Raju’s dear ones behave is mind blowing. They are surely the pillers of his success.

The language used in this piece is simple, lucid and clear. There are many witty sentences that makes you laugh. It seeems that the author has balanced the emotions correctly in the novel. The first person narrative with impersonal descriptions makes it understandable. The exchange of letters gives us a glimpse of Epistolary style of writing. There are certain proof readng errors which can easily taken care of. It is quick and easy read. One can complete this book in 2 hours.

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About the Author

Abhishek Kothari, aka Qais AK, wrote his first book A Feeling Beyond Words in 2010 and it became a bestseller soon after. An alumnus of Lovely Professional University, Punjab, Abhishek is an atheist at heart. A deep believer of Humanism, he loves every soul and sees every religion as equal. Born in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, when he isn’t writing, he is sketching portraits and enjoying his pursuit of beauty.

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