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Well this is my first horror thriller which actually brought goose bumps to me while reading it. I completely read this book in one go and I had a detailed discussion with the author Mr. Neil D’ Silva who enlightened me about this concept of Aghoris. So, before writing my review I would like to throw light on Aghoris. Aghoris are the people who are devotees of Lord Shiva with a different concept of pleasing the God. They eat humans to satisfy their almighty. They think its a way of worshipping God and are celebates. They live on this purpose. It might confuse you, I know but such practise exists. If you want to know more about them then just google ‘The practises of Aghoris or simply type Aghoris’. To add more check here :

A special warning: If you can’t handle such horror then don’t read it, it might disturb the hell out of you. Heart patients, asthma patients, pregnant ladies should avoid reading this book as it might affect their health. Now I will tell you about the book.


Cover- The cover of the book gives us a glimpse of thriller and horror segment in it as it has a woman whose mang is filled with blood instead of a sindoor.

Title- The title of the book is apt as it perfect suits the theme, Maya’s  New Husband and the whole story revolves around Bhaskar, Maya’s New Husband.

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Plot- The plot is crisp and well constructed. This is a story of Maya who happens to be a science teacher and how she deals with her life after she lose her husband, Samar. Things began to change when she comes across Bhaskar Sadachari, fine arts teacher. There is something wierd about him wish makes others hate him. When these began to spend time, they fall for each other and ends up marrying her. The story proceeds when Bhaskar’s intentions come forward in the chapters.

Theme- There is a theme of love and passion between Bhaskar and Maya. At some point it makes the readers think that one should just love a person and not look at their physical appearance.

The major theme is of Aghoris who eat flesh of humans which is the turning point of the novel and how others become the victims of this practise.

The other theme is of a Matriachal society. Maya lived with her sister and her mother. They were typical Maharashtrians and her mother was the woman of the house, all the decisions depended on her approval.

A minor theme of friendship could be noticed between Padma and Maya. They were inseparable and Juno swans. They used to gossip, shared food and many things. They both adored each other and could go to any extend to help each other. Padma was a confidante to Maya and was very much concerned about her. She even sacrficed her life for her sake whereas Maya could go to any extend to find the culprit behind her abduction and death.

Characterisation- The author’s characters are his best part of his creativity. The way the author has crafted Maya’s character is enthralling. I feel it was difficult to depict Bhaskar’s character who is the antagonist of this book. Its hard to show such an evil and heartless character. I salute Neil sir for bringing such character in light which we all wish to never see again and coming to Maya, all fell in love with her instantly.

Style- The author has used impersonal description and third person narrative. The language of the novel was not so complicated. It was understandable. It even had some typical hindi Indian words like ‘sindoor’ while the mention of their meanings could be seen at the end of the book. Even a non Indian could understand these terms after looking at the glossary. Not only this, but the author has used variety of sentences which makes the book attractive. Yes, there were so many new words and even there were no typing or editing errors which actually brought a broad smile on my face.

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