A Perfect Crime thriller

Ganga Bharani’s A Minute to Death is a perfect murder mystery which keeps you stunned throughout the reading. I read this book when I was travelling and trust me guys, this was a perfect read and I completed it till I reached the destination. Lets analyse it together:

Cover- The cover of the book is simple and colour scheme was light. But I would say,” Never judge a book by its cover.”


Title- A Minute to Death is an apt title as the whole story revolves around it. Nothing could have been better than this.

Plot- The plot of the story is simple yet complex. The story opens at the death of a teenage girl and series of events takes place. There is also a sub plot of the investigation officer, Rohan and his girl friend, Riya who seeks his permission to be with him throughout the case so that she can write a book on it. Both the plots have great connection and meet in the end where the subplot overpowers the main plot. Ganga has done a tremendous job in her plot development. It is one of the crisp plots that I have read so far.

Characterisation- The character portrayal is the most applauding point of the book. Ganga has beautifully portrayed her characters especially Riya’s character who comes out to be the round character.

Style- I would like to highlight this point as I have read all her books and I have found out that Ganga always surprises her readers with variety of techniques. And this time, the impersonal description and third person narrative  with lots of twists and turns makes the readers admire her more. The sentences are simple and do have some poetic touch. She has carefully chosen the words to show the progress of her story.

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Availability of the book- http://www.amazon.in/Minute-Death-Ganga-Bharani-Vasudevan/dp/9384315079



ABout the Author

ganga bharani

Ganga Bharani can be reached at : http://www.gangabharani.com/

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