Inspirational Diaries: She is a roller coaster ride

Hello lovelies! I am back to my Inspirational Diaries. Today I would tell you about this cute catty Punjaban. Her name is Gurpreet Kaur.

Gurpreet Kaur( Nainpreet Kaur)


Haye Ni.. Punjabi Mutiyaar!!

I met her exactly three years and she was the second person whom I met in the college. She looked sweet with coloured blue top, white jagging, her hair tied up in a pony tail and her hazel eyes was an icing on the cake. She looked amazing. She was a blabbermouth to be honest. I was not used to such people but when I came across her I started liking her. Her daring and casual could be noticed on the very first day as she bunked the most important class, without knowing about it actually. When she came to know she promised that she won’t miss the class. But slowly and steadily or very quickly she became regular in bunking the class. The result was that she became almost out of touch with us and we were just like that there was a girl named Gurpreet who never attended the lectures. We didn’t get the chance to come close. Was it the end of this story of friendship? Umhhh.. this was just one side of her and we were yet to see the other side.


Phoolon ke saath

In second year fourth semester, she came back to class. Her new side could be seen. She started spending time with us and we became her friends. Yes, it was a new start of friendship again. I came across her the first as she needed notes and even she used to drop me home. I realised she was a nice person who was true to me. She was genuine and an amazing soul. Her zeal to look at life and enjoy the life to the fullest inpired me the most. I did all those things which I hated the most. I can’t forget that I went out for a movie that too three people on one activa. I ate those unhealthy gol gappas for her. I ate that spicy food. I just can’t forget how she used to listen my blabbers, tragic stories about my fights with my psycho scentifc friend during her drives. I had experienced nature with her, yes remember when we used to drop Mannu at the highway. In all these how could I forget your Malai sabji that you made for us in the first semester, the very next day of our first day, those sandwiches and the way you used to bring MADDi or Naddi( God Knows whom :p) samosas. Anyway, all were delicious and just can’t get over them. To add more, when you brought tikkis for me in that scorching heat, I love you for that Preet.


best photo

Preet, I love the way you smile, wink and make others laugh. I always admire your bindass attitude and your love for parties, hangouts. I have seen so much on that activa of yours almost the entire Jalandhar. Yami and I will never forget those movies dates with you, those hangouts, those pajama movie attitude of yours, that taking of tiffin in theatres and not to forget our last movie, Angry Birds and after that you came to my place, the way we laughed, made funny faces and clicked loads of pictures. I just can’t forget how many memories you have given me and all those good and best ones.


Last day

There are two things which I hate the most. One is when you forget to return me notes 😛 and the other is your super crazy number changing attitude. I don’t get why the hell you change your number just like changing clothes. You are complete Jhalli. Hehe..




And now I am going to miss you alot. I can’t forget that you were the one with me when I had to visit some places like DAV college and many more. I am going to cherish all those fun moments in my life.




Prem Bhav..:P

This is Surbhi signing off… I will be back with more such people. Till then, stay blessed and keep rocking..:)

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