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All Yours, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty is the second book in the Stranger Trilogy. This book has more twists and turns that bring us one step closer to the stranger. The readers are totally glued to this book as every incident is inter related. It focus on relationships, about a person named Hiya Chaudhary and her existence.


The cover and the title is again intriguing just like the previous one. We notice a girl who is in the middle of the jungle. Probably the cover justifies Rivannah’s dream or rather say hallucination where she feel the presence of the stranger. The title is perfect as the protagonist can feel herself close to the stanger. The subtitle is really catchy.


All Yours, Stranger’ is the 2nd part of the Stranger trilogy series, by Novoneel Chakraborty. The plot spins around Rivanah Bannerjee, who is from Kolkata, trying to get a grip on the typical Mumbai life. She has a wonderful boyfriend, yet is obsessed with thinking about her ex-boyfriend. Although he cheated on her, she is ready to overlook that fact. The Stranger is nowhere to be found ever since the police started to hunt for him, though it has been an unsuccessful attempt.

The questions that Rivanah wants an answer for, in this mystery allegory are; Who really is this stranger? What is his purpose of coming into Rivanah’s life? Will he ever be able to contact her again?

These types of questions have been troubling Rivanah continuously. Indifferent about the mystery surrounding this guy, she frantically wants the stranger back into her life.

As the story further unfolds, the true facts that come to light are far from what Rivanah could ever imagine. The story has a vicious and cruel plot with many mysteries unfolding themselves, as the reader divulges further into this tale. This gripping plot has the knack to make the reader bite his or her nails till the very last leaf of the book.

The plot is more dark and complex as compared to the previous part. The previous book left the clue of Hiya Chaudhary and here, Rivannah tries to uncover the mystery behind Hiya Chaudhary who happened to be her batchmate and had hung herself to death. It was believed that she also got such messages. So, a fear of being murdered by the stranger arises in the mind of Rivannah. To add more she struggling with her heart and mind. She is unable to forget her ex boyfriend, Ekansh who cheated on her and her present boyfriend, Danny. She loves them both but life takes a turn when Ekansh again makes an appearance in her life and this time as her rommie’s fiance.

The story moves between Kolkata and Mumbai as Rivannah keeps on coming back to Kolkata to know more about her past, Hiya Choudhary. She tries really hard to find the clues. She even quits her job when the Stranger ask her to do so. She doubts on Hiya’s brother but later she comes to know that he was not even part of it. He was just being used.

The characters seems more developed in this book. Rivannah is struggling and the stranger helps her find out whom she loves but that still remains uncovered till we reach the next book. Further, Danny and Ekansh’s roles keep on shifting in her life. This book has many characters along with the previous ones and together they make an amazing tuning.

The style of writing is simple, clear and lucid. Some of the sentences are just so beautiful that you end up noting down in your diary. The descriptions are fantastic and they just make you more glued to the book. Novoneel has a unique style of writing as he ends up playing with the minds of the readers through his play of words. Once can picturise the whole book while reading it and its an easy read.

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About the Author


Novoneel Chakraborty is an Indian author of fiction. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.

He followed it up with “That kiss in the rain” and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, “How about a sin tonight?” He went on to write commercial bestsellers like “Ex” and then “The Stranger Trilogy”. The first two books of the trilogy- “Marry Me, Stranger” and “All Yours, Stranger” have won many hearts. His recent release is “Forget Me Not, Stranger”, the final installment of the trilogy. His next book,“Black Suits You,” a psycho-sexual thriller is scheduled to release on 15th November, 2016. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for television.

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