Color Me Rich by Mohandeep- A Review

Color Me Rich by MohanDeep is a sensitive love story that is a blend of love, friendship, pain, agony, passion, lust and a suicide. Well, it is a high profile story where we find action, drama, tears and many more.

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Cover– The cover has manipulation touch which makes it look dazzling.

Title– The title ‘Color Me Rich’ is an apt one as the story revolves around different shades of a painter’s life.


Plot– The plot of the novel sounds enthralling as the protagonists play a vital role in it. It is a saga of Akash and his passion for paintings. During the quest to prove himself he works really hard and during his path he comes across a rich lady, Zenobia Taraporewala who instantly falls for him and teh series of events takes place which leads to her death. Akash is accused of her muder. Thus, the story binds us till the end and we are more interested in knowing about the progress of the novel.

Theme– The main theme is of passion. If we have passion for something then nobody can stop us from success but when other things overpower us, we tend to lose our passion and suffer from a block where our ability to imagine things fades away.

The next significant theme is friendship. Suma and Pran have been friends till the end of the novel which makes it appealing. Suma sacrfices her dress from Akash’s suit which he later witnesses and realises her worth.

The other theme is love. We notice unconditional love of Suma and Akash who didn’t need to say those three words. There care and love for each other said it all which in the end jealoused Zenobia and became the reason for her Nadir. Further, an instance of conditional love is seen between Akash and Zenobia. It is noticed that Zenobia knew very well that how passionate Akash was for his paintings so she targeted that point and won her heart. She thought the fame and name would make him fall for her but after the wedding, Akash felt gloomy as he was not used to the luxuries and missed his greed to work hard. He went through a block which made him irriated all the time. After marriage he had lost his peace of mind.

Style– The style of the novel is simple, straightforward and moves in flashback technique followed by a third person narrative. The news reports sounded telegraphic. Further, we find glimpses of Hindi, French languages and use of some jargons makes it appreciable. The highlighter is the perfect editing and some lines.

Spoiler– Well, I felt the name of chapters could have been better instead of todays and yesterdays. And the spacing between different chapters was not symmetrical. It could have been arranged in a systematic way.

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