Generation gap won’t let India to grow

A few days back, I was attending a wedding of a family friend and suddenly my uncle called me. It was a group of like eight people sitting together and discussing something. My uncle asked, “So what about future, what do you want to become?”

I replied, ” Currently, I am meeting and making connections with high profile people. So in that occassion only I want to do a business in future.”
My uncle laughed, “Hahaha!… Why are you studying then?”
Another uncle said, “Nothing is good as compared to government jobs.”
My uncle said, ” Absolutely right, bas sarkari job lag jaye ladke ki, fir to bas aish hai. bas 1-2 ghante kaam karna hai fir ac main bethkar mazze plus job security, fir pension aur life mast”
Someone started another topic and all of them started feeling bad about what is happening in India.
One uncle said, ” India will never rise, ministers won’t let that happen.”
Suddenly I realized something and I left the place.
I realized how can someone expect India to grow when their own mindset is to sit free in government jobs.
Its so easy to sit together after a long time in groups and pity ministers of India but when the question is asked to those groups “beta kya karna chahta hai? and the reply is ” sarkari job lag jaye, aish hai fir toh”
Personal Transformation is National Transformation.
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Yadhuvir Singh is a sales and marketing coach, a motivational speaker, a writer, a lifestyle coach, a spiritual teacher and at last an engineering student.
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