Book Review of UNNS The Captivation

UNNS The Captivation by Sapan Saxena is a romantic thriller. This book is multi layered and will surprise you at every moment. The story surely keeps you hooked and I completed it in just 2 hours. Finally, I got a lengthy book of around 244 pages.


The cover of the book is fantastic as it has a white background, a blue royal rose which plays a majot role in the story ad also two people walking together under an umbrella.

The title makes the reader totally clueless but as we progress we get to know the meaning of it. UNNS is a Urdu word which is a stage in love. This stage signifies the seven stages according to a theory in Urdu which you will get to know in the book.

The plot is crisp and neatly woven. The story revolves around the lives of Atharva and Meher who are sweethearts from their adolescence, get separated and meet again with some reason. Life takes twist and turns in their lives.

The setting plays a significant role and can even be used as locations for the movies. The first part is played in India, then it shifts to Germany and then to a town in AMerica.

The story moves slowly as it has time gap and leaps of 15 years. The lovers meet and get separated. Everytime with a new purpose. This reminds of a concept where fate is the destiny. They were destined to meet hence destiny played the role. Though it sounds like character is the destiny but its the other way out.

Sapan has beautifully characterised his characters. Meher seems one of the most complex characters whose actions and thoughts are difficult to understand. Even at times we are at a doubt like whether loves Atharva or not. She is caught in her own demons.

Whereas Atharva is a strong character but comes out to be weak only in love. Love makes us weak and strong at the same time.

The style of writing is simple yet clear. Some historical facts and stories adds flavour to it and surely, doesnt bore the readers. Furthermore, the pace is steady. There were some facts which I didnt like. The start could have been better, plus the middle was totally predictable. Somwhere I could feel I was watching a movie. Yes, I could connect to the story and feel the emotions.

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