Yugen: Universe Is In Your Hands

Magazine  Title : YuGen: Universe Is In Your Hands

Founders: Rishikesh Pande, Saundharya Jain

Editor-in-chief: Akash Rumade

Cover Designer: Aniket Khariwale

When on a whatsapp group Rishikesh asked the members for a review of the magazine, I asked him if I could read the magazine. I have never read any e- magazine so I was so curious to read it. When I got the magazine link, I quickly read in about 20 minutes. Rishi was shocked as he had never expected that I would come up with my feedbacks so quickly. But this written review took me forever as I was clueless what to cover and what to leave. I wanted to make my review live just before the another issue release as I wanted people to talk about one and only YuGen.

It starts with a fantastic ediotial note by Akash Rumade and the way he brief us about the magazine is artistic. The magazine is divided into the following sections:

Fiction: Poetry: Essays: Spotlight: Reviews: Writer’s Guidance.
 The stories just took away my heart. The Artist by Rishikesh Pande is a thoughtful story which talks about an artist whose not appreciated by her father and the way she handles things and finally she gives us. This same happens with us right? We are encouraged at times and at times discouraged. But we should always face the things and NEVER GIVE UP.
Credence by Akash Rumade was there in Turning Point of Life too and I have read this here again. It had the same essence and I really loved it, even after reading it the third time.
Kadimah by Saundharya Jain is under Writer’s Guidance which is beautifully explained. The references and simple examples given are really helpful. Then there was a book review of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five by Anirban Nanda. Anirban has taked about the book in a detailed way by taking some instances from the extracts.
Further, Ekta Ray’s artwork take you to some other world. I must say she has an artistic quality which one can feel in her artworks. The poems by Anmol Sachdeva, Akshata Mahale, Meena Mishra, adds soul to this magazine. I was completely engrossed by the poems of these beautiful poets. Not only this, Mangolia by Pallavi Sareen added another flavour to the magazine. It was a murder mystery which was captivating.
If I am writing about everything, how can I forget Akash’s Haikus. I still remember when he started penning them down, I always appreciated it and now they are in this magazine. I feel proud to have a friend like him with such a deep sense of this type poetry. I wish I could write something like this. The essay by Mudit Gupta on India- A Single Tax Market was really helpful.
Further, the review on Pink Colour of Pink movie and then on the Genes by Sidhartha Mukherjee gave new vibes to the magazine. Paresh Tiwari’s spotlight added positive vibes.
This magazine is for young generation and you can surely read it by requesting the links of the magazine availablity from the owners. Even you can submit your articles, stories or poems. The next issue will be launched on 25 March, 2017. Stay tuned.
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