Book Review of Never Let Me Go By Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg’s Never Let ME Go was a random pick up as I never decided to buy this one at the station. Actually when I was at the station I got puzzled with books and my eyes looked at this book and I quickly bought it. I completed this book in my journey only and I was filled with loads of emotions. Let me analyse this book for you :

Cover- The cover of the book is interesting as it gives us vibes of loneliness, solitude but still it doesn’t reveal the things.


Title- The title Never Let Me Go is a plea to the lover that he should not let her go. Bingo! The whole story revolves around this concept and is a perfect one for this book.

Plot- The plot looked simple yet it was twisted and complicated. This is a story of Samar and Kanika who happens to be great friends and lovers. Life sounds a bed of roses for them until Roy’s breakup who is Samar’s roommate and a very dear friend of Kanika and Samar. Things take a drastic turn when Samar misunderstands Roy’s act as an affair with Kanika. He leaves the house and goes away in search of peace and serendipity. He ends up at Goa where he learns so many things and series of events take place. Will Kanika and Samar be united remains a mystery till the end. Sachin has done a tremendous work in his plot construction.

Theme- The main theme is of love. We have two main couples and one is the not so important couple yet they play a significant role. Samar and Kanika’s love story is the main. They share a fairy tale kind of love. The way they take care of each other and do everything to make each other happy is astounding. But a small misunderstanding takes their happiness and they are separated.

Roy and Maansi are idealistic lovers who value other things more than their love but soon they realise each other’s worth after separation and are back together. Maansi’s entry in Roy’s life brings a positive change in him.

Zeeshan and Arshi are soon to get married but Zeeshan seems nervous during his engagement and decides to take a break from his life and visits Goa. The bad experiences in the town forces him to go back to Delhi.

The other theme is of friendship between Samar and Roy. They share a healthy relationship. Both try to help each other and even Samar tried to help him arrange a date. But things get strained with one misunderstanding and their friendship loses its essence. Further the friendship of Navya and Samar is also elucidated. Navya and Samar are really good friends which they came to know when they were separated. They supported each other and shared their heart outs, had fun and cried. For Samar she was really special and for Navya too. But the mystery of Navya remained a mystery . Maybe she came as a catalyst to make Samar strong to face the truth.

Characterization- The author has mastered the art of character portrayal. I really loved Kanika’s character and Navya’s character. Kanika is a transparent character who is the apple of everyone’s eyes and her asthma always grab others attention. Her soft spoken, adorable nature attracts others. The way she lies to her warden with ease for her boyfriend is appreciable and shows her bold instincts.  Whereas Navya serves as a foil to Kanika. Navya is a reserved person and is a complex character. The way she hides things and keeps on blabbering shows her nature being a spoilt brat but in real there is a big reason behind it. She wears a mask of cool girl who isnt affected but in the end she gets. She is a complete mystery which remains a mystery till the end of the novel.

Coming to the male characters Roy is my favourite because he is cool, charming and just like those typical boys who check out girls and ask others to hook them but are transparent people who never have malicious in their heart. When he finds true love in Maansi he changes for good and also discovers his hidden talent of writing. THough Samar is the protagonist here but his error of judgement makes him a villain in my eyes. The whole story revolves around him and his reactions are obvious but when he behaves rude with Kanika in Goa he actually goes down in my eyes.

Style- The author has used first and third person narrative with impersonal descriptive language. The variety of sentences add essence to the book. Some sentences were heart touching. The use of flashback technique is marvelous. I really loved the way the author has given justice to this novel.

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About the author 


Sachin Garg is known for writing stories which not only ring a chord with the reader but also leaves him with a long lasting thought.

Described as an author worth checking out (MTV), A must read (Red FM) and a writer who will be enjoyed by all (Times of India), he continues to write stories which redefine numbers in the India Publishing Industry.

In his novel ‘I’m Not Twenty Four’, released in 2010, he has written an unusual story of a Delhi girl who landed in a small village in the middle of nowhere. The book received widespread commercial and critical acclaim and enjoyed prolonged stay on Bestseller lists.

Sachin is an Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and did his MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Apart from books, he has a keen interest in strength training activities and travelling.

In 2011, he quit his day job to start his own venture in print media.

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