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Hello readers, Today we have a dazzling person with us, Ruchi Rai who is a very dear friend to me. Our journey of writing started together only and when I asked her to write a guest post, she willingly gave me her entry which is a short story. Thanx a tonne Ruchi baby, AMito Bhake Bhalo BHashi..:)

Title: Faded Love

She drank, one peg after another, wondering about the meaning of absurd life. And by the last peg, she had decided what she had to do–give up.
And what other option was she left with? Enough was already enough. It was time for some action or I must say reaction.

She struggled to move, her mascara smudged and kohl streaming down with tears. With her favourite whiskey, she had so many a times tasted the saltiness of her tears. Rubbing her pink nose to cease the irritation due to over crying, she gripped the bottle of the neck and pulled it close. It was one-fifth full, she gulped down the neat whiskey that went down her windpipe burning it; but the burning sensation abated as the whiskey dripped down inside her. It made way through the middle of her lungs, inside her chest where breathes the demon of pain making it hard for her to live. The demon was anaesthetized for few moments by the whiskey. This was the moment that she garnered the courage and got up. She faltered, crawled and reached for the phone. Blinking back tears, she dialled the numbers like she was accustomed to it. She could not even think straight; but she dialled the number easily and made a the decision or may be she always knew what she needed to do and alchohol brought down the barricades of soberness.

Phone rang.
There was no answer.

Tonight she was determined, so, she called again.

“Hello” said he softly.

She gasped for breath and silenced her cries by pressing palm on mouth.

A deep breath.


“See, I’m in office. Cant talk right now. Please understand. Bye! Don’t call me again. Take care”

“Beep beep beep”

He disconnected the call, once again.

Living in the same home, it seemed as if she was in a relationship with voidness, married to the beautiful chandelier, imported furniture, the best paintings of the world, the bungalow that worth crores, the sedans and all other luxuries in life. But, there was no him, and sadly, this is the only thing she wanted. She was tired of being in relationship alone, putting all the efforts to save it when he was already gone.

Once again, she cried out loud with no one to hear her painful howls. She walked down the memory lane of their togetherness, courtship, marriage and swift drift.

She wrapped her arms around herself like hugging own self and rested on the floor near the phone.  she said to herself like always, “I will end it tomorrow” and slowly the tears dried up making way for some sleep.

About the Guest


I believe that there is a depth and beauty in everything and every person and I strive to give words to these. As much as I love to watch infinite stretch of flickering lights from cliff, I love watching sea waves hitting the shore. There’s not a particular type or particular genre I write about, I am a free spirit and exercise the same freedom while writing. An amateur writer at heart, poetry is just a way to articulate my feelings. I have worked as an editor for the anthology- ‘The Turning Point Of Life’ and a novel- ‘Love life & Marriage… In a metro’. As an author, I have contributed short stories in anthologies-‘Strings Of Love’, ‘The Turning Point Of Life’, ‘Love A Sweet Poison’, ‘The Unbreakable You’, and, ‘Dream Castle’. My articles have been published in few websites- Campus Diaries, Caleidoscpoe, Inside Stories, etc. I have have also been published in an international journal- ‘Langlit’ in February’2016. Apart from these, I am working as a freelance content writer in Guwahati, Assam.

Instagram- ruuchiiii
Twitter- @RaiRuchi67

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