Inspirational Diaries: She is poetic

“Kabhi bin kahe sab kuch keh jana

kabhi sunke bhi dil ki awaaz ko unsuna kar jana”



Well, this short shayari says alot about you. Today  I would introduce my poetic friend, Mannu.

Manpreet KAur Uppal( Mannu)


Freshers vali photo..:D

POetry or shayari, she is too amazing with it. I am die hard fan of her writeups. I met this introvert soul exactly three years ago. She entered the class, little nervous, little shy and a lot of questions in her heart. She expressed less but eyes said it all. She wanted true friends and slowly and steadily, she became an important part of my life. The first year went studying, being serious and the next year came with lots of happiness.


Famous Three

We became more close to each other. Those small hangouts, Pizza parties, Chole Bhature times were worth nurturing. Your stunning remark: AAAHOOO always cheered me up. There is alot store in you which took me these years to take out; be it clicking selfies, be it pouting, be it those craziest vibrant poses, be it your enjoyment at HArdys World, be it your first time watching the movie, FARAR. I am glad that I could give you those memories and those experiences which you never had.



The most adventurous one was of Devi Talab’s room visit when we were not allowed to enter there and we faked as researchers. The way we confidently talked to them, could have fooled anyone. There is no doubt in accepting that you visited library more times then me..:P


Exam se pehli vali photo

I still remember the time when I was going through my bad moods and you cheered me up by clicking bundles of selfies. I will always cherish that moment in my life and will love you forever for that. Coming to your smile, you are cute and the way you explain things( padhayi vali :P) is worth appreciable.


girls gang

In all this, how can I forget those tolerable times when I used to experiment my hairstyling talent on you. You have been so generous to me at that time. Remember the time when I got super angry at you that you got your hair cut short. I still forget that face of yours 😉


pagalpanti ..:)

Manu I adore you alot and your charismatic way of accepting the things is impeccable. I will never forget you and your craziness. Just a small message to you that :


Your hairstyle by me:P

“Life is too short to keep things to themselves; open up a little; laugh a little; dance a little; pamper yourself a little..why? The answer is because you deserve all that and you are beautiful. Fall in love with yourself and start loving life.”

More pictures:


pout 😛


chashme baddoor


This is Surbhi… signing off.. will be back with more such updates ..:D

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