3 Novels which were Banned but are true Masterpieces #StoriesBeyondHatred

Novels, films, poems, paintings, etc are a form of artwork which are bound to depict or portray stories from the real world which is the main reason why we call them ‘Art’. These artworks do receive a lot of love from people all across the globe but also they fall under the prey of criticism and many times these criticisms can get harsh too which can many times turn into controversies. I believe that the more an artwork is criticized, the more it is close to depicting the reality. But it is subjective and it may differ.

But why do we need restrictions in the world of art? We are already trapped with so many restrictions, it is better if we don’t have any in here. As less the restrictions, the more expressive an artist or writer can be. But that’s only an imagination for now. Keeping this in mind, I would like to introduce you to a series named “Stories Beyond Hatred” where we will be discussing novels and stories which landed into controversies and we will be revisiting them with a new perspective altogether outlooking the criticism it faced.

Check out the list:


From an artistic point of view, Lolita is considered to be a Masterpiece. Written by Vladimir Nabakov this engaging story was appreciated by literature lovers especially for it’s dark humour plot. But the novel landed into controversy as it portrayed sexual relationship between a much older man and a teenage girl. Many of the reviews named it “the filthiest book I have ever read,” and “sheer, unrestrained pornography.” But revisiting it from the literary view will make you understand why this is a honest piece of art as well as a mirror to the society.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

This novel by Mark Twain faced heavy criticism as readers felt that the story was too sugar-coated towards Jim, Huck’s family slave. Also Twain was accused of creating racial stereotypes around Jim. But the novel is still loved by many people as they consider it is an important reflection of the social atmosphere of its time. And this perspective can’t be out looked.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee tried to portray the story ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by using offensive language as he thought it will do justice to the story. Also, it openly talked about racism, rape and violence. Back in 1960s, many school boards banned the book for being immoral. But it was the need of a writer and the world he created inspired from true stories, hence the novel also won a Pulitzer award.

So it’s better to reconsider some stories beyond hatred. Share your views in the comment box below and stay tuned for more such interesting write-ups.

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