Confessions of an Immigrant- 16

“Happiness comes in the name of MOM”

MOM is a magical word that brings joy to your life. That’s what happened this year. I got a chance to call my mom to Canada. I really can’t tell how happy I was. When she came, I just embraced her in my arms. I felt I badly needed that hug from her. My heart was racing in excitement. I just couldn’t wait to show her my new life which I wanted her to be the part of. When we reached my place, I just couldn’t wait to talk to her. But I had to calm my nerves because she had traveled a long distance of God knows how many hours. When she reached home. She looked at my place and also I showed her my happy place, i.e. our Balcony where we can see CN Tower. She was elated to see the sight. She said this house has a lot of positive vibes. Also, she asked me if she could cook some food for me. I just couldn’t stop admiring her as she had just come from a tiring journey and all she wanted to do was feed her daughter. Mothers are like that, isn’t it? I told her that I have made dal, rice for her and also I have some ready-made rotis. She said she would eat that. When she ate the dal and she was like, “Dal achchi hai!” Let me tell you guys, she is the best cook, I have known till now and getting this remark from her is a big thing for me. She said, ” Now, I can say that my daughter won’t starve for food.”


We both tried to sleep and my mind was dancing with excitement and I just couldn’t wait for her to get up. After 2 hours we got up all of sudden. I asked her if she was okay. She said I just can’t wait to hug you again and talk to you. We had 2 years of life-changing events to share. I just ran to her bed and hugged her and I didn’t stop hugging her. I asked her to pinch me as I couldn’t believe that she was there with me at Nanak House.


The next day she was wide up, ready to take over the kitchen. Luckily, I had 4 day offs so I spent most of it with her. In that entire 1 and half months, I spent those missed 2 years which I had craved for her affection and care. I made sure that I take her to shop, ask my friends to pamper her, take her out and also many more cooking discussions.


She came for my graduation and on that day, I saw her graduating. I couldn’t stop clicking pictures with her. I made her meet my friends, classmates and some Centennial colleagues. I could see her happy and proud of me. The fun part was, my friends thought that I got someone special in my life as they saw me so happy. I told them that my someone special is my mom, who brings the best out of me. Her presence makes me look beautiful and that glow is because of her.



When anyone used to take her without me for more than a day, I so wanted her to stop her. I always had this feeling that she is here for me and she cannot go anywhere but in all this, I was becoming strong and strong. I cannot explain how I always wanted to come back home just to see her waiting for me. She made my apartment a home. My roommates became her friends. I used to get to know about them through her. Life became super easy because it was just her. I learned so many new things from her. This time she met me as my best friend, where we shared our heart to heart conversations, we hung around and did so many fun things together. I wanted to give the best to her. I cannot say if I made her proud or not but I tried the best I could and I never had to think twice before buying a single thing for her or anybody. I just thank God that he sent her to me when I could afford to give her happiness in all the forms.


To add more to my happiness, came my niece Sanjana. I had never been so excited to see her. She is not my niece but I treat her like my own sister. She is the first child of Sareen khandaan afterol and she deserves all the love and pampering. It is believed that the first and the youngest child gets most of the love. I met her once but that meeting was worth remembering. I had never thought that the girl who is brought up in my hands is a grown-up, mature lady. I see myself in her, who has been treated like a princess. But here, I saw her chinned up, struggling, learning new things and adjusting to this stupid environment. This is how people grow up.


I gave a lot of space to myself. I learned new things. I went on vacation and explored new places. I tried new things like volunteering for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Garba. I saw different colors of festive. I met new people, made friends and life became worth living.

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For the first time in years, I got some special people who made my birthday remarkable. I had never expected that my roommates would throw a birthday party for me. I never thought I would organize a house party with somebody. It sounded like a fairytale to me, but it all happened.


Coming to friends, if they leave you at some point, they do come back if it’s meant to be. I got some of my long lost friends back. One of them is Asha, who is back with her two cute cats  Skylar and Leo. I am in awe with them. I am not sure if I love her more or her cats. With all these additions, I made new friends and this added great connectivity in my life. These honorable additions are Harsha, Zarna, Sneha who are part of this newfound girls gang.

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Ganu bhaiya has always given me positive energy and the best of the vibes. Ganpati Bappa Morya !

In all these, I have got an elder sister in Hetal, elder brother in Ronak, Sagar. Above all, got a darling dolma Harshiv, who is my heartthrob. I am so blessed to have a new family in all these friends with whom I can share my happiness, sorrows and all the funtook fataak stuff. Though the year is going to an end, yet I have life lessons to share which I shall share in my next confession coming next month. I shall post soon. Stay tuned 🙂ed1d9b03-2967-42ec-9ae3-a205846ea588


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