Is it Writer’s Block?

Hello beautiful readers,


I recently realised that I am hardly writing anything. I am not even reviewing books. It is not that I am too busy, it is just that my mind is not working. My mind is running in the Corporate Sector these days but my heart still bleeds for Literature. I still cry when Saint Joan was killed. I still feel loved at John Donne’s poetry. I still wonder about my purpose of life when I think about Waiting for Godot. I want to read so many classics and other latest books but still I am unable to. Although the Canadians teach me the habit of reading everyday still its not happening. When I travel in bus or a train, I see some book Nazis who are glued towards their kindles, ipads or books. They surely inspire me to read while I am commuting and I have started a book too. Soon I replaced that reading time with sleeping as in this country we all undergo lack of sleep.


There are so many things which I want to do but I am unable to. I write small shayaris, snippets, quotes and micro writeups but when I start writing a short story my mind just blocks my way. Everyone just ask me about my stories, and most importantly when I will publish my own book. The question just hovers over my mind every day and night. Still my mind is blocked.

writers-block (1)

Everything is going positive now and ofcourse, I am not in any type of Depression but still when it comes to writing something fictional, I am unable to. Maybe now my mind has taken the attraction towards Non Fictional writing where we just express our thoughts in the plain way. I am learning copy editing, Canadian Style of writing and practising which is used by  journalists, Content Writers, PR Professionals.

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The course inspire me to write but.. yes now this but has taken over the place and I really dont know what should I do to get my short story writing thing back. Any exercise that I should do? I am just clueless these days. Sometimes you feel directionless I guess. I know this much that I am not meant for 9 to 5 job. I know this much that I cannot live without writing henceforth, I write something or the other, either on my yourquote page or on whatsapp status. I need to overcome this writer’s block and I badly need suggestions.

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