Confessions of an Immigrant-10

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you guys are having a great time in your life and you might be waiting for my confession so I thought before I get busy with my life I should update you about the vacations. Well, vacations in Canada are short and we had just two weeks break. Apart from my job search mission I went to Stratford to meet my other set of relatives.


I have so many relatives that I always get confused where to go and when to go. So, I went to Union Station from where my relative picked me up and then we went to CNE Exhibition for picnic. Those who are not familiar with CNE, let me update you with some information. Every year there is an exhibition near CN tower hence its known as CNE exhibition. The place has so many rides which is made keeping in mind the kids, youngsters and the older people. Due to this exhibition many people get a job. There is a special area for the food court where you will find foods from Indian to Chinese to Thai to Italian and many more brands.


The mains being Harveys, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Pizza Pizza, etc… We had three families with us and kids to accompany us. Trust me it is difficult to be with kids and especially when they are toddlers. We spent almost 10 hours there and it didn’t feel like we spent so much of time. We reached Stratford around 9:30 at night. Stratford trip has been amazing. I got the chance to taste homemade food prepared by my relatives and dishes were Lemon bars, roasted chicken, lemon chicken, pizza, zuccini, Mutter Paneer, White Chana, eggs etc. Stratford is a peaceful place and it has a town named Shakespeare where every other shop starts with the name of Shakespeare. I need to mention something special about the working style here. The people here are hardworking. They go to different places to set up their markets and it is not anyone’s cup of tea. They get up at around 4 O’ clock to start up their work and it takes almost 2 hours to set up their market.


The last day of my vacation was super amazing as I went to Eaten Centre with my another folks. We watched a hindi movie, sorry I am bad with remembering names of the movie. But it is the latest movie by Ayushmann Khurana and the girl who was in Zor lagake Haisha. You guys can make your guesses. We had ice- cream and some food. We even went to buy some winter clothes and I really loved the ambience their. It was a perfect ending to my vacation. I also got 3 books in an amazing deal of 10$. Since my birthday is coming so my relatives thought to give those books in a present.


Now its been a week since my college started. Things are changed now. Earlier we were enthusiastic as we knew nobody but now we know everyone so there is nothing new to discover and just the teachers. The teachers are pretty cool and I am looking forward to something new.


I was in Brampton, yet another weekend with the family. My cousin told me that they were waiting for my confession and reading them is a ritual in the family. Things have been in settling mode. I am still learning new things.


I met two of my old friends here and it was fun catching up with them. There was a time when I was looking for my ways and now I was the one guiding them what to do and what not.


Everyone who comes here, get to know the reality of life. The first reaction is where I have ended upto. Second is the never ending homesickness. Third is, you miss the good and bad times. I miss my butterfly and Krishna’s growing up times. I wish I could see her new developments and Krishna’s new discoveries. I miss being with my friends when they are going through hard times and all you can do is just message them or call them. Next is, you miss your favourite places which used to give you peace. Here I couldn’t find a single place they can give some solace to my heart. my search is going on. I hope I get something.


This segment I am writing after a month. The previous part I wrote before and now I am combining the two sets of emotions. The good part is I have got a job finally. Things are coming on a track. The new semester is a roller coaster ride for all of us. The new SAP programming has taken away my mind. The assignments only make me realize how easy it is and I learnt about snipping tool for a change. Not only this, last week we gave a small team presentation which gave me loads of confidence and I realized I can speak in front of 30 people. It was a good experience. I am liking the new semester though it is crazy. These days I am in love with the subways and TTC buses. I am completely used to the day to day travelling here. Now summer is gone and winters are knocking the door which is the toughest time. Now this calls for Winter Shopping.


I recently volunteered for the Job Fair and made many friends. it was an amazing experience and I can say that I made lifelong friends in one go. Even the teacher Sevana was nice with all of us. We got lunch and even got a special chance to interact with companies like Walmart, Costco, Tim Hortons, The Body Shop, TD Bank, Hudson bay, McDonalds etc. The people who were with me were understanding and very accommodating.


In all this how can I forget about Karan and Riya. they have been the pillars of my life recently. Karan and Riya recently came from India. One is a junior and other is a class buddy. I can’t believe that destiny had planned all this. I have been trying to meet Karan from a long time and we ended up meeting in Canada at Tim Hortons. When these two came to my life, I made sure I guide them so that they don’t end up making any sort of mistakes and I am glad to see them happy. We guys can easily co relate to each other and I feel strong and positive when I am around them.


The major segment that went by was my BIRTHDAY. I was sad as I was missing my majors. But life has to go on and my roommates made my day so things were pretty cool. I had a sudden realization, Festivals, Seasons are passing by and I am in this country all alone missing my loved ones. With every passing day, my urge to meet my family keeps on growing. I wish these years quickly pass by. Then again I ponder over, I am missing those moments in my life which were mine before. I am missing my dad’s growing age, my mom’s never ending hope, my dadi’s wrinkled face, butterfly’s naive age, Krishna’s study moments, Saloni, Alpa and Tanya’s never ending talks. Above all, my Honors Gang, the all time blabbers and what not. Okay, so before I end on a teary note, I will wish you guys Happy Diwali in advance as I will be having my exams at that time. Stay tuned for my next updates and forgive me for being so late in updating this. I love you guys a lot and you know it.


Author’s Note: I will be back with brand episode..till then Smile and keep Hoping for the Best!

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