Book Review of 4 am Conversations

4 Am Conversations by Ayushee Ghoshal is a collection of poems and nanotales which mesmerises your mind. Honestly speaking, I am new to this poetry reviews. But when I started reading this book, I couldnt stop myself from drowning in the thoughts poured by the author. She is full of myraid thoughts. I completed this book in 20 minutes.


The cover is black in colour and gives us the vibes of night time. It surely attracts the readers.

The title of the book is intriguing and its sub title surely brings chills to your spines. There is an essence of horror element in it but the insides of the book gives us a complete surprise.

Quickee –

From the Ferris Wheel of Love and anticipation to the Carousel of Loss and despair.
 From the darkness of delusion to the bright rays of self discovery.
 Four AM Conversations with the ghosts of old lovers is a handpicked selection of poetry written for the love that got away and also for you.
 You, who forgot to love the lover you’re meant to love all your life. Yourself.
The poems are divided into parts which have different essence and flavours of emotions in it:
A Fistful Of Love
A World Of Almosts
A Silent Madness
An Irreparable Memoir
Losing A Muse
4 AM Conversations With The Ghost Of Old Lovers
A Brief Affair With Time
A Game Of Silence
What The Poets Never Told You
These categories have different set of poems that take away our hearts. The words poured in each poem are so powerful that you can feel the emotions of broken heart, happiness, seasons, lost friend and many more.
Some of the poems are short, while some are long and also have collection of nanotales. The depiction is simple yet lucid. Further, some of the poems are in verse form while some are expressed in rythmical representation. Not only this, you can feel the characters in the poems hovering in your head. I could feel a lost friend.. I even shed fresh tears for the loss of love. The dedications have been beautiful. The author has done full justice to this poetry book by adding sense of horror and eeriness in it.
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