Book Review of Sensual Attractions

Sensual Attractions by A.J. Karan comes with a disclaimer that it can be read by children above 18 years of age. This book is a collection of short stories that are intense and maintains a certain level.

Sensual Attractions


The cover of the book is eye catching but still it fails to relate with the themes and the thought process of the author’s point of view which makes it average.

The title is intriguing and gives us a tinge hint that it might have some sensuousness in it.

The blurb of the story actually is okayish and doesnt attract the readers which turns out to be on a negative side.

Since it is a collection of short stories, some of the stories like Friendship Pact, Love Jeopardy, Corporate Espionage, Emotional Conflict, Prodigal Son have been my favourite. I really loved the way the author has used the thought process, mind schemes and also the character delineation. They have been beautifully expressed. The plots have been amazing throughout.

Whereas, Hotel1 and Hote2, Perilious Liasion couldnt catch my attention. I felt the same old love stories and love making which one can notice in those love lorn novels or you can say Mills and Boons. They came out to be overrated for me.

The stories, narration could have been improved and the errors could have been avoided. For me, it was a one time average read.

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