Book Review of It’s All About Mahi


He is a die hard fan of the most successful captain of the Indian Cricket team. She doesn’t like cricket itself. What shall the destiny unfold? Read this heart-warming tale of a fan.



My Review

This book is a true tribute of a fan to his super star named MS Dhoni. It reminds me of a one act play where the fans wait for the stars and after getting the autograph they boost about.. Well, coming back to the story, the author has highlighted two segments.. One is his own love for the cricketer and other is his love for a girl named Barkha. The story is beautifully narrated but the mere descriptions of cricket matches and the other struggles makes it sound genuine but it fails to grab my attention at times. I may not be a cricket fan but I very well understand the emotions related to someone. The way Ankit has expressed his love for both the characters is impeccable.

The title and the cover perfectly matches the story. There is sense of alacrity in it. Further, The characterisation includes very limited characters which helps in the plot construction. It is a to the point story and has many factual information about MS-Dhoni.

The writing style is simple. Since its a pocket book, one can finish this book in 5-10 minutes. The third person narrative is just fine and yes, I can finally relate some good parts from a movie named FAN and MS Dhoni- The Untold Story..Not only this, the autobiographical theory makes it more realistic and eloquent. Kuddos to the author.

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