Book Review of Rearview: My Roadies Journey

Rearview: My Rodies Journey by Raghu Ram is an autobiographical book. Usually I don’t read biographies and this is my first attempt to read such a genre. I was recommended this book by a booktuber, Manpreet. I am glad that I picked up this book as it changed my views about Raghu Ram.


The cover of the book is intense as it has an intense figure’s face on it. Raghu Ram is the man behind the Roadies show. Hence, his picture is just take away the hearts of the readers.

The title is just to the point and the author has done full justice to it as it is actually a journey about Roadies.

Rearview: My Roadies Journey: 0 was published on 17th November, 2013. This book written by Raghu Ram and gives us an idea of what goes on in the minds of the contestants. The whole audition process and how the contestants are mentally and physically put to test by the judges in order to qualify and become a Roadie.

This book tells us about judge Raghu Ram was bullied as a kid and how he got over his fears and is who he is today. No one would have ever thought that he could have been a victim of bullying. He is a tall, built, bald and muscular man that stands tall and confident and has hydrophobia and acrophobia. He is a part time singer, full time producer, editor, etc.

Raghu wrote Rearview: My Roadies Journey: 0 to help everyone see the world through his eyes. He is known to be the rudest man on Indian television, but this autobiography of his helps us understand why he is the way he is today.

This autobiography is an insight into his life. Who he was and who he has become. What changed him and what made him. From personal photographs of his childhood till date, you can find it all in this autobiography. The book is available in paperback.

Key Features

  • The book is an insight into the life of the man who has inflicted fear in the hearts of many in India, on the show Roadies.
  • Personal details as to who the man Raghu Ram truly is and his life from when he was born till date, from the man himself.

I learnt a lot from this man and his book. The way he has written his heart out is remarkable. I always had a feeling that autobiographies are boring but after reading this book I realized that how motivating they can be. We see the stars their wealth and then read the stories. We see them outside but through this book I came to know that what Raghu is, just because of his hard work. The way he worked day and night without sleeping and eating. It has given me positive vibes to such an extend.

Honestly speaking, I have never seen Roadies seasons and I am not Raghu’s fan but after reading this book I have started respecting him as a person. The way he handled his professional and personal life is impeccable. We all have seen his arrogant side but to see his real side we need to meet him but I have a better option, Read his book. He might not be a hero for anyone but he is a Hero of his life.

The style of writing is simple and lucid. The way he has expressed his emotions, one could feel them. The narrative style is first person and the descriptions are personal as well as impersonal. The pictures in the middle of the book makes it lively. This book deserves appreciation and if you hate Raghu then surely read this book and I challenge you, that you will end up falling for him.

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About the Author

Raghu Ram was born on 15th April, 1975. He has an identical twin brother Rajiv Laxman. Raghu was born in Andhra Pradesh and initially started his career on television supervising shows with Malaika Arora Khan and Cyrus Broacha in MTV Love Line. Now he is the executive producer of reality television shows like MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla.

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