Book Review of An Eye for An Eye My Love

An Eye for An Eye My Love by Vibhor Tikiya is a heart shaking novel that can leave you with thousands of questions with no answers to be heard around. The author has talked about the combination of a carefree life with a worst life. This book surely makes you laugh and cry at the same time.


The cover of the book is breathtaking as it has a couple who are lost in each other. This surely gives us a glimpse that it is a love story. The colour scheme is beautiful.

The title is different and highlights a serious issue which we comes to know about once we start reading the chapters. The story is linked to the title somewhere and makes sense.

Dhruv is a vagabond who lives life king size, without having to work for a living. He wanders around the world without a purpose. Life, however, takes a turn when he meets Aisha in Paris and falls heads over heels in love with her. An escapist, he is unable to express his love while his lady love moves back home to India. Dhruv decides to go after her to the country that wasn’t very kind to his late mother. To add to his misery, he loses Aisha in a violent incident. Transformed into the reluctant fundamentalist, Dhruv seeks punishment for the culprit through law. It’s when the loopholes in the system seem to be favouring the wrong side thathe seeks vigilante justice. Aided by two men with their own agendas, he fights to achieve justice and balance. “I want to live” – the last words of a woman who changed India forever – inspire this tale of love, justice and revenge.

This book talks about the serious issue called rape. We are well acquainted with the fact that on December 16, 2012 the whole country was blown by a loud cry. The last words of the victim in the Nirbhya sexual assault case were, “I WANT TO LIVE”. This incident became the inspiration for the author so he came up with this piece. I must say it is really difficult to comprehend such a situation.

The characterisation is marvelleous. It is difficult to delineate entirely different characters with entirely different idealogies. Dhruv is a vagabond whereas Aisha has a father and job to look after. Life takes a turn when they both are in love but a tragedy takes away all the happiness of their lives. This story is serious but the first half can surely make you laugh and smile.

The style of writing is simple, lucid and clear. The way the author has used witty and condensed language is impeccable. The use of quotes is main highlight. The editing seems to be apt. The beginning of chapter has some deep conversation with the mom which makes it stand out and unique.The feelings depicted by adding emotions, pain, drama, suspense and mystery is just perfect. If you want all the flavours of a novel then this book is the best choice.

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