Book Review of Confused Bastards

Confused Bastards by Manav Vigg is youth centric novel with new generation thought process. Manav Vigg has sorted the confused minds of three friends Akash, Jai and Vivek.


Cover- The cover of the book is confusing and we can notice some lines in multicolour and that signify something which we can track once we read the chapter.

Title- The title of the book is apt as the whole story revolves around it. Confused Bastards is a tricky title that says a lot in just two words.

Blurb- What happens when three entrepreneurs initiate a start-up which shocks the nation?

Aakash,Jai and Vivek are mostly usual in their ways,except for some.Struggling qith their own inner conflicts as well as tje cruel world outside, they decide to show the world their true potential. To make it big. But how?
They become the voice of the nation by starting up an online platform where people can upload unbashed, unapologetic videos, venting out their angst against people, politics,bosses,lovers, taboos, or just anything. Even the founders themselves.
The platform spreads like wild fire. But when has fire doused without burning a few! Confused Bastards is not just witty, gritty, fast-paced journey of three friends, it’s also an intolerant story for a tolerant country!
Review- There comes a time in one’s life when he wants to do something but ends up doing nothing or doing something remarkable. So, Confused Bastards is about three friends who want to do something so they come up with a startup which is the strongest point in this book. It adds a new wave in the youth centric generation. This book teach us that everything comes for a price. If we gain something, it is the result of tremendous struggle, suffering and many more. The plot is gripping and one can read the book in one go. The characters are pretty impressive. All help alot in the plot construction. The style is simple, lucid and pithy. The story is in third person narrative followed by amazing descriptions.THis book is a guideline or rather say, motivation for people who want to start something new. The wittiness, bromance adds flavour to the book. The novel is neither fast, nor slow.The only drawback of the book is the font size which is too small and it really effects one’s eyesight. But that doesn’t hamper the quality of the book.

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