Book Review of Unconditional

Unconditional by K.S. Kamat is a collection of short stories that are life changing and gives you some important lessons to learn. It is a self published book on amazon. Lets get into the details :


Cover- The cover of the book is simply beautiful. It can be said that their is a girl who wants to say something.

Title- The title is intriguing and fills us with curiosity to read more.

My Review:

The collection of short stories gives us phases of life be it sad or happy. One can live his or her whole life in these stories.

Scarlet: The name of protagonist is unique, Scarlet. This is a deep saga where she is kidnapped and treated as a submissive or rather say slave by a cranky guy, Maddox Taylor who is the Mafia and comes in her life to avenge the death of her mother. Scarlet is treated badly and the way both of them struggle between love and hatred is the rest of the story.

Unspoken: This is one of the cutest story romantic story where Grace falls for a guy who can’t speak and hear. It takes the wholes story to realise this fact. The descriptions are amazing along with the way they chat.

Tormented- A distrubing tale that can bring goose bumps while reading. It highlights the issues of domestic violence, pain and agony. It also talks about extra marital affair but this sounds good as the way the Doctor helps her overcome the trauma caused by her husband. This story has high voltage drama and lots of suspense element.

Hope- The story moves in a first person narrative. Rachel and James are tormented souls who get connected by destiny or role play. Rachel is a raped victim and James is the sufferer. There are alot of emotions in the story and one can feel the pains they both undergo.

Soulmate- The title of the story is fantastic.This story is a high school romance that starts from hatred, bullying and the way the characters hate each other, we are sure that they would never come across each other until an incident brings them together where things change for good.

All the stories by K.S. Kamat have some incidents related to romance and social issues like domestic violence, rape and bullying. The stpries are powerful with a greater impact on its readers.  I got the ebook version of the book by the author in return of an honest review.

Warning : Novella contains strong language and violence.

About the author

Unconditional is K.S. Kamat’s debut novella. She is an independent writer, and enjoys writing contemporary Romance and cannot resist the temptation of a good Horror novel. She has a B.A degree in Social Science and a keen interest in Psychology. When she is not reading or writing you’ll mostly find her watching cheesy Romance movies, Anime or painting away on a canvas. She was raised and currently lives in Muscat, Oman with her family, but wishes to travel to all countries and visit the United States to meet her favorite writers.




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