Candid Talk with Akhil Rajurkar

Its being a long time since I updated any interview. So, today I would interview Akhil Rajurkar, The author of Made in Heaven. Lets start the session:


1. Tell us about yourself?

I am a normal middle class next door guy, born and brought up with ambitions and dreams of doing something different. I did my chemical engineering from Pune and now working in Gurgaon.
2. When did you realise you want to pen down your thoughts?

It was in the back of my mind for quite some time, I was motivated by my friend and wife, who used to love the narrations of my various encounters. Someone once jokingly said, “you should write a book ” And post marriage my wife made sure I did not lose focus on the book.
 3. Was getting published in your list?

Yes, definitely. Writing and making the book known was a long awaited thought.
 4. Why you took up “Marriage’ as a topic for your novel?

Well as its said, its not the destination, but the journey which is most interesting. I felt that this was a journey, each one of us undertakes sometime, and hence I wanted to narrate mine, so that it would make the married people remember theirs and make them smile, or inspire the ones who are in the process of searching for their soulmate, that they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel !!
 5. What is marriage according to you?

Marriage is like enrolling in a long drawn degree course, the only difference is that your room mate is your spouse, you have multiple headmasters (in-laws and parents), and  though there is fixed syllabus but the pattern keeps changing every year !! What does happen is that in the process of graduation, you come to respect and love the values of each other and learn to put someone else above yourself.
 6. Do you think marriage is an important of one’s life?

It is a journey that helps you discover yourself ! Its a personal choice, but as generations evolve, time and again in India the concept comes back in vogue. The reason I say it is because, I have seen the trend changing from early marriages (21) to getting married after settling down (after 28-30) to back. Nowadays Graduates who joined in my company 3 years back are getting married and many already have kids by the age of 26 !!
 7. What all research you did while writing this piece?

Well observation and talking to people was what helped me .

8. Is this book inspired by anyone?

It’s everyone’s story !

9. Is this book autobiographical?
Maybe and maybe not !
 10.Do you have any plans of trying anything different from this topic?

Writing helps you discover yourself more and I hope to continue this journey ! The next one is already out from the mind and on the paper…

Thankyou so much for your wonderful answers!!

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