Book Review of Super Women





REVIEW- This book focuses on the inspirational stories of female entrepreneurs. It contains 20 inspirational stories of super women who has done amazing job in their respective fields. Mrs. Garg has done an amazing job researching about them and writing about their professional and personal lives just enough that readers would find them attractive. There are some known names among them. But quite a few unknown names whose work feel very important, very passionate, very deserving to be in the spotlight that this book puts on their stories. Language used in this book is easy to understand. Vocabulary of Mrs. Garg is impressive. All the stories are toned well. Writing style of Mrs. Garg is impressive and together with language it made this book a perfect page turner. Book Cover is simple and apt. I loved the way it compliments the title. Pages and font both are good to follow the book.

Verdict- Overall this book is for everyone and is surely inspiring and must read for those who wish to become future entrepreneur. Go for it, you’ll not regret this one.


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