Book Review: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur

The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta can be categorised as Fan Fiction, Historical Fiction,Teen Fiction and even a text under Indian Writing. I have read many stories based on the lives of childhood or teens. But, this one is unique. When I was asked to review this book,I was in a confused state as whether to take it or not, as the title sounded like that it is a horror book. After a deep counting I said yes to the book. Yesterday, I started with this book and completed it in a few hours. The story was so fascinating that I couldn’t stop in between and completed it in one go. So, you want to know how was my journey while reading it? Ofcourse you do! Lets read between the lines:

Cover- The cover of the book is apt. The sketch and the colour scheme arouses interest in our mind.


Title- As I always say, Never judge a book by its title. But this time I did and the author beautifully proved me wrong. Will surely tell you in the other sections.

Blurb- It is the early 1990’s – the ‘picturesque’ small-town of Rajpur is in ‘full summer bloom’ and there is a definite sense of mystery in the air. Amidst its scenic setting each year a group of boy band together to spend their summer vacations – going cycling to far-off forests, sharing books, discussing everything under the sky and ogling at girls… But as youth would have it, their curious minds are more inclined to seek adventure and (hopefully!) uncover some mysterious affair. However, unlike their previous vain attempts, this time certain unusual events and the sudden appearance of a curious case of a ghost in their midst seem to hold the promise of some real adventure. In the pages of The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur rest assured that you will soon be whisked off and plunged into a headlong journey of adventure and romance of your own – on a path of discovery of friendship and brotherhood, of life and love – and, who knows, you might even encounter the Speaking Ghost itself!

Category of Novel- According to my analysis, this can novel can be categorised as Regional Novel( as well as Picareque Novel(

Plot- The plot is gripping and the author has beautifully woven it. There are no cliches or digressions in it. This is a story of a guy named, Shoumo who shares his experience of summer holidays. This quickly transports the reader to their own childhood where they used to go to play, enjoy those carefree times. The era of children story books, especially those ghost stories, games and comics. It fills us with nostalgia.

There is also a highlight on the peer group. In this book, The guy wants to fit himself in the group of notorious boys. He does all those things to fit which includes smoking cigarette.

Characterisation- The characters are carefully chosen by the author. He has done an amazing job in their delineation. There was proper attention given and space given to them to play their roles.

Style- The book is written in a simple, lucid language. We find a lyrical note in it where the imageries and metaphors are beautifully used. The author has beautifully penned down the tale and it sounded like a music being played smoothly. The book is a mixture of first person and third person narrative. It actually refreshes the minds of the reader. And yes once again, the book is opposite to its title so do ponder over buying it.

As we know,” Every coin has a flip side” so this book as have that corner. There were some typo errors which can be easily corrected. I hope the next edition is error free. Kuddos to the author for transporting me to the best phase my life.


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