FRiends are Melody of Life!

It is exactly 11:44 and I don’t know why I am writing this exact time. Maybe because after a couple of minutes a new day would start. What is so special about a new day? This new day is no normal day where I would get up and go with the flow. This day is really special to me and I have been celebrating it from last so many years, maybe from the day I learnt about friendship and friends. Am I going to tag anyone in this post? I don’t know. I am just writing what is running in my head and my fingers are quickly typing them. This day is Friendships Day. When we talk of this day, friendship bands come to our mind. I still remember when I was a kid, I used to buy so many friendship bands for my friends and we used to count how many friendship bands one got. But after so many years, I have realised,that that was just formality. Now what matters to me is a true friend and his or her time.


Time changes, isn’t it? How from materialistic world we enter to a world full of emotions. I still don’t know why I am writing it as my day would go just like another day. But still I have some hopes that it would go well. I personally feel we don’t need this day to celebrate friendship but yes, sometimes these days only bring us close to people. For a second or rather say for the sake of doing we do it and this momentry post or status makes us feel good. Physically nobody can be there with us but mentally they can be. We can be connected to our friends in hearts and spiritually.


Today, I am away from my friends. They are my life and I can go to any extend to make them happy. I miss them badly. I divert my mind by working day n night. At times I need to talk to them, but I avoid talking to them. Why? The reason is they have their own lives and I don’t want to bug them with my thoughts. Sometimes, I yearn to hear their voice or at times I cry like anything just because I miss them. I miss those heavenly times that we spent together.


I remember when I was 5 years old, I gave all my toys to my friend just to make her stay with me for some more time. She was ready to take my toys but was not ready to stay with me all the time. I used to cry after she used to leave but one day I realised that if today she is going to her place then the next day she comes back to me. She will never leave me. This is momentary seperation. Years passed and one day she left me, not only she ,all my best friends left me. I was left alone, in that house, in that room, in that heart. Yes, I am in contact with them, I talk to them, but that separation and that feeling can never be replaced. I feel lonesome. I feel if I make friends they will leave me because everyone leaves you, even this body is not permanent.


You might think that why I am updating this on this day only. This is because I am in a pensive state where I have realised that friendship is a spiritual connection and when we need someone and they are not with you, it feels bad. You can fight with the whole world if you have friends. I am glad that I chose certain bunch of people who always stood by my side. But coming to be present in front of me at that time, they were never there. Some were but some weren’t. All I want to say is Happy Friendships Day, Have a great day with your friends and I miss my friends.

Its 12:18.. I am ending my rant. I haven’t mentioned anyone because I don’t want to. I know they know my feelings and have accepted me with my flaws and strengths. I love them and I badly miss them.

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