Revival of Comedy : Go Clown

Go Clown # AccheDin for Comedy is written by Shatrugna Vadwlas. By the name only one can make out that this falls under Humor category. I got this book from Author’s Paradise in return of an honest review. To add more, this is my first ever humor read and I am glad that I picked up this book.


Cover- The cover has a boy whose smoking and the colour scheme looks fascinating.

Title- The title of the Go Clown suggests its main purpose that is to make the readers laugh and its sub title ‘ Acche Din for Comedy’ suggests us that Comedy which was long lost is back in action now.

Blurb- When Baby Kiriti arrived in this world, he was like a lost butterfly in a sea of white. A baby who is born and thrust into the huge sea of humanity called India, rides and steers his destiny ship, as he constantly grapples with the Clown inside him, who meanwhile brings out his own set of funny oars in these troubled waters.

The Clown’s journey continues on from a Karma-Guru to a trader of special water from Europe (thanks to his Made-in-China friend!), and from a music director (the Bad-Boy theme!) to the founder of a school, and a dirty sock to a sex-crazed, horny bunch of young fellas. The colors of the Clown’s comedy are different but he always plays to the circus of life. As Kiriti encounters a wide array of characters from the length and breadth of India, a land as rich as its flavours, the carefree years full of joy and young hopes come to an end, with the sweet smell of Ganja still lingering under the starry nights. The philosophy of Meaning is preached, after a session of holy smokes, on the sides of a dusty highway which sees blood and grime daily.

And finally with the Mystical Game which casts a shadow on Kiriti’s life having been won, everything is laid to rest under a blanket of white, only to be stumbled upon by a Sherpa on the peaks of the mighty Himalayas that wakes up something inside of his adorable son!

Is it a Thief, his Dream or the Clown?

Plot- The plot is well constructed and artistically woven. Kiriti is the protagonist whose life has been showcased in a sarcastic manner. This is a story of humor, sarcasm, relationships, friendships, religious aspects and many more segments are included in it.

Revival of Comedy- Since the day I have started reading, I don’t remember I have read any novel that is entirely based on Comedy. Though there were plays written especially those Romantic or Tragicomedy by Shakespeare and many more. Yes, we do have some stories based on humor or mild humor but there is not a single book written entirely to justify this genre. Go Clown is the first Indian book that showcases Comedy with blending of sarcasm. This book makes you laugh and refreshens your mind.

Style- I am impressed by the typical hindi words and some different vocab as it grabs the attention of the readers and the English translation in brackets gives us a lot of help and knowledge about the things. The twists and turns were simply amazing. The epilogue can puzzle you as this sounds like a typical psychological novel where one realises that all that happened was an illusion not reality. Many readers have there own notions about the end and I will not disclose it. Infact you have to read it to know more about it. The subject matter was thoroughly researched. Even there is a game in the end and the rules have been explained beautifully and readers should surely try it. There were no typical jargons and the language was easy to absorb.

Negatives- As we know, ‘Every Coin has a Flip side’, this novel too has another side. Though the author tried to take up a different genre which not many dare to try but still at some point the author could not do full justice to it. I would say it was a good attempt but its not perfect. There was no hidden message. I could just find some psychological gaming. But still I would like to appreciate the author who tried this genre which makes him a hero in my eyes. So, Kuddos to you ..:)

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